💲Top 10 States with the Worst Property tax.  Some states are really bad and border on offensive.
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💲Top 10 States with the Worst Property tax. Some states are really bad and border on offensive.

What is going on everyone? Welcome back
to the world according to Briggs a channel that tells you about places in a
list format almost everything we do can be put into a list form what you need
from the store is a list things you need to do on the weekend sometimes can be
put in a list your favorite movies and TV shows can be made into a list some
people have lists about the times they’ve been arrested called a rap sheet
others list how many times they’ve been married sometimes you can list how many
times you’ve been divorced my cousin is divorced but tells everyone
he’s widowed because someone dropped a house on his ex when you want rid of a
house and don’t have the luxury of letting a twister take it away you have
to do what they call listing your house listing it for sale when buying a house
they list all the fees and whatnot you’ll have to pay one of those whatnots
is property tax most of the time it isn’t terrible but there are some states
that make it terrible by taking too much in property taxes and that’s what we’re
listing today the states that stick it to you when you’re buying your dream
home so let’s find out which ones do in my top 10 states with the highest
property tax number 10 Rhode Island for such small state Rhode Island has a very
large property tax the property tax rate in Rhode Island is one point six six
percent and the median home price is about two hundred forty five thousand
much higher than the national average this equals out to the average resident
pain a little over $4,000 a year in property tax for a lot of Americans
that’s more than a month of take-home pay for a worker at the Amazon
Fulfillment Center just outside of Providence that is about a month and a
half of pay and for Jeff Bezos the guy that owns Amazon that’s how much he
makes before I can say the words Rhode Island actually he probably makes a lot
more than that in the amount of time you could say Rhode Island number nine New
York as if everything from a soda to a back-alley pharmaceutical purchase isn’t
already overpriced in New York you have property tax the property tax in New
York is about one point six eight percent this is much higher than the
country’s average of about 1.1 percent this combined with the median home price
of about one hundred ninety three thousand in the state makes the average
resident pay about five thousand or more depending on where in the state they
live if you live in New York City it’s a lot more I’d like to tell you how much
it is but my calculator doesn’t go that high yeah really though
New York City is so expensive that nobody lives there probably ever watches
my videos they can’t because they have three full-time jobs just to live in the
city with their four roommates in a two-bedroom apartment it’s crazy out
there but it’s worse than San Francisco be honest
number eight Nebraska Nebraska isn’t the first place you take your family on
vacation it’s probably not the 37th place either and to take it a step
further not many people voluntarily move to the Cornhusker state that may be a
good thing too since Nebraska is boring and has one of the highest property tax
rates in the country at 1.8 0% the median home price here is lower so
that’s good it still seems ridiculous to be paying $2,500 a year for a cheaper
than average home for a state that doesn’t have many people and is putting
a lot of effort into bringing people and companies into the state that tax rate
isn’t helping their efforts at all number seven Vermont Vermont is the
happiness state and no that isn’t their nickname the Green Mountain State is but
a study was done where Vermont was found to be one of the happiest states in the
country the sugar maple is Vermont state tree and everything in this state seems
to be flavored with maple it’s a big deal to them I think all that happiness
comes from a constant sugar high one thing that’ll ruin any high is will a
finding out someone stole your xbox and be paying taxes the average resident
here pays four thousand dollars a year on property taxes alone the property tax
rate here is one point eight three percent it is a nice state but that
property tax rates getting kinda up there and it turns a lot of people off
number six Texas everything is bigger in Texas
including property taxes Texas has a lot going for me
good people great economy awesome barbecue and killer tacos what else is
killer I mean besides having someone drop a house on you is paying taxes like
Vermont the property tax rate in the Lone Star State is one point eight three
percent the average Texan pays around thirty three hundred dollars in taxes a
year luckily once you get outside the big city you can find relatively
inexpensive homes with a lower mortgage which means you can find much lower
taxes the rate stays the same but since the calculation of taxes comes off the
value of your home it’s lower now that is common sense to ninety percent of us
but I’m sure at least one per what’s going to make a comment about how
is it going to be lower if that stays the same I guarantee someone was gonna
tell us that it’s called math number five Wisconsin the Badger State is good
state so in a way it’s almost acceptable to pay high property taxes the average
property tax here is just under two percent at one point nine four percent
now thankfully the median home price in Wisconsin is about $170,000 which is
much lower than the national average but the property taxes will still get you
for about thirty three hundred a year the thing about Wisconsin is this it’s a
really good state if you don’t mind the cold
almost all the cities are decent or great Milwaukee is probably the only
negative in the state and when you compare it to other quote unquote bad
cities in other states it’s really not that bad the people are down-to-earth
and nice to each other in the Badger State so like I said the property taxes
are high but it might be worth it number four Connecticut now unlike Wisconsin
most of the cities suck in Connecticut Hartford has a special level of suckage
which leads me to say they have some nerve having one of the highest property
taxes in the country Connecticut has a property tax of two point zero seven
percent the average resident here pays about fifty six hundred a year in
property taxes seeing that the median home price is higher than average at
three hundred thousand kind of explains why it’s so high I explained in another
video a couple weeks ago how most of Connecticut is bad but it still has a
couple of the wealthiest counties in the country between those counties and the
rest of the state there’s a world of difference the Constitution state is the
state’s nickname and I you know I really wanted to tie in some joke about taxes
in the Constitution and I came up with nothing if you think of something leave
it in the comment section below anyway it’s the Constitution state doesn’t just
stop at high property taxes they stick it to you again with the fourth highest
vehicle tax in the country it’s like a hustle in this state and the residents
are the suckers number three New Hampshire New Hampshire has the third
highest property tax rate in the country at 2.20% kind of steep the median home
price here costs about two hundred and forty five thousand dollars which is
higher than the national average this combined with the property tax means the
average resident pays about fifty four hundred dollars a year on the cheaper
property trust me there are some people paying a lot
more in these states they have the higher end properties New Hampshire has
to have high property tax they don’t have sales tax and they don’t have a
real state income tax I mean they only tax interest in dividends not actually
people’s hourly wages or whatever so they’ve got to get the money someplace
it’s either the high property tax or maybe I don’t know a giant statewide
bake sale it is a beautiful state so they kind of get a pass on a lot of
these things like when you tell someone but good thing you’re pretty you know
that type thing number two Illinois the property tax rate in Illinois is two
point three one percent with the median home price throughout the state being a
little under two hundred thousand dollars this would make the average
resident pay property taxes of about forty five hundred a year now the
average home price is really cheap in Illinois that is until you get to
Chicago with the two point three one they have to be raking it in with
Chicago alone Chicago’s in Cook County and holds 40% of the state’s population
and 50% of the crime here’s a good one just last week man caused chaos in the
Woodfield Mall in Chicago by driving his SUV through Sears and into the rest of
the mall nobody was killed thankfully but oddly enough he’s facing terrorism
charges but they say when the 22 year old Javier Garcia stands in court legal
experts feel the Terrorism charges will be dropped but it’s just they got a lot
of weird crime going on in Chicago maybe they do need those tax dollars to combat
stupidity and number one New Jersey ah New Jersey what can be said about the
Garden State that hasn’t been said by a man with Tourette’s that’s been doing
some heavy day-drinking and stubs his toe New Jersey has the highest property
tax in the country and I don’t know why normally when you pay top dollar for
something it’s something that’s really good the property tax in New Jersey is
two point four four percent the state’s median home price is just over three
hundred and twenty thousand dollars this makes the annual tax on a medium valued
house over seven thousand dollars a year that’s almost two thousand more than the
next on the list it’s like they’re trying to win a competition or something
like that who can gouge the residents the most it’s like them in Illinois
struggling battling for number one but New Jersey’s kicking their butt
congratulations New Jersey you’re number alright so that is my top 10 states with
the highest property tax hope you guys enjoyed it hope you got some information
out of it I hope you’ve learned to stay away from New Jersey don’t forget all
the links below buy a t-shirt subscribe if you haven’t everybody have a great
day be nice to each other you you

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100 thoughts on “💲Top 10 States with the Worst Property tax. Some states are really bad and border on offensive.

  1. Nebraska's property tax is off-the-chart as neither the socialists (aka Democrats) or the we're-here-for-the-beer (aka Republicans) want to address the fact that Omaha and Lincoln (via their obscene property tax) pay for all the local services in the entire state and the only way to fix that is to get rid of the farmer's agricultural exemptions/write-offs so they pay their fair share too … like that's going to happen.

  2. The average property tax in Nassau County, New York is over $10,000 per year. We also have high state income tax, and salses tax. Stay out of New York. In addition they fee you excessivly. The politicians are out of control.

  3. 4:27 I am that one person. But I'm not even in 8th grade yet so does that matter? Is that normal? Someone please help me!

  4. In PA one acre of land with a modest 3 bedroom rancher can cost you 3,000 and 850 for real estate. That's almost 4 grand while our cities fill up with overreeding mooches that suck off the state's teet….

  5. Just avoid the whole northeast. In fact the biggest magaloplis region is from Boston, MA to Alexandria, MD and is the worst part of the country to live in.

  6. I'm really surprised that California didn't make the list. Love your channel. I will be looking fiwsrd to the next one.

  7. New Jersey has us all fucked. It’s like a whirlpool- trying to get out is messy, complicated, and impossible to do while trying to hold onto your family.
    Never. Move. Here. Unless you plan to make 150k a year and don’t expect to live like a rich person.

  8. I knew my home state was going to be #1 THAT is the reason why none of my family live there anymore. But once a Jersey Girl ALWAYS a Jersey Girl ❤

  9. CA is playing esua against me so I gave up all their lent all's of Medicare medical and use only God to heal me or kill me and refuse to give up my Beast namesake cause I am not esuabbut a worm of God I am.

  10. Surprised Michigan is not on here, I’m paying almost $4,000 a year for prop taxes on a house assessed at $200K. And I’m in a rural area……..and yes this is my homestead rate

  11. You are such an idiot! I mean, how's it going to be lower if it stays the same?

    All right, there is your canned gratuitous dumb ass comment. Carry on Sir.

  12. I live in Illinois and my property tax went up over $700 this year. From $2400 to $3200. I am a bottom feeder and don't eat a lot of meat but if you work for the state you can retire a millionaire. We need sensibility in our world.

  13. Louisiana has homestead exemption up to $75K since I paid $12K for my home 3/18 well below threshold, if I lived out of town I would pay nothing. But this town has a municipal auditorium for all of the snooty people to hold their Mardi gras balls. So we got to pay $53 a year for the upkeep.

  14. Nebraska taxes are high because the farmers are subsidized. So the country can have cheap Doritos and Taco Bell ground beef.

  15. 10. Rhode Island
    9. New York
    8. Nebraska
    7. Vermont
    6. Texas
    5. Wisconsin
    4. Connecticut
    3. New Hampshire
    2. Illinois
    1. New Jersey

  16. I’m not sure where you got the property tax information for Texas, because if you live around 1.5 to 2 hours from any of the 4 big cities of Texas you’re paying more that 3.2 to 3.6% per 100k. So the average Houstonian pay between 6-10k for a median and mean priced home. Also the house I’m renting is appraised at 110k the owner paid 3600 in total property tax, because this state has a county property tax, city property tax, school property tax, Mud property tax, flood control property tax, Harris county dept of Edu tax, and a community college property tax. So although the Harris county property tax rate is 2.18 it quickly turns into 3.3% like in the case of the house I rent.

  17. Sisters Oregon is inundated with wealthy Californians who have jacked up property taxes to an unbelievable amount…Good old Californians that we all hate

  18. This video gives the impression that tax rates are set on a state level. I think that's incorrect. Tax rates are set by each "tax authority", such as a city, county, or school district. Am I right?

  19. To be fair NJ and Massachusetts are the states with the best public schools in the country (in general). Some of the best public HS schools are also in the Chicago suburbs with the higher property taxes. Granted there are also great high schools in Texas (which also does have higher property taxes but no state income tax) as well but usually higher property taxes go towards better services and public schools.

  20. Illinois is around 49th or 50th highest overall tax. Our new governor is trying to fix this, he's shooting for 51st place 🙄

  21. When you make your list of states with high property taxes, tell us which states also have a penalty tax for selling your property. Not only do they kill you with the high taxes up front, but it's even harder to sell and leave the state because of the abusive tax.

  22. I live in El Paso. I think the 1,83% refers to state property tax. We pay 3.25% (2018). Our tax includes community college, public transportation, city and county tax and public school tax as well as state tax. Our property valued on the rolls at about $280,000 is a little over $6,000. We do get an allowance on some of the taxes for homestead, over 65, etc. but it’s still a big nut.

  23. Wow, I wouldn't want to live in one of the Top 10 States with the Worst Property tax, I would just settle for one of the 10 States with the Worst Property tax — simple enough.

  24. I live in Columbus ohio home in good side of town property taxes are about 10000 i live in Worthington ohio I pay 1800 in property taxes for 830sq foot condo

  25. Realize that property taxes, like all taxes act as consumption taxes. I live in one of these and my property taxes are much less than the average because I built a smaller home in a rural area. It's a bargain.

  26. With higher property taxes come better and safer neighborhoods, good schools, rich residents, uncorrupted police etc. Therefore I find it worth paying what I pay.

  27. I don’t know about other states, but in Pennsylvania the property taxes are set at the local level, not the state. So property taxes can vary widely depending on where you live.

  28. My freak’n property tax is 1.82% living near Valley Forge PA (Phoenixville) about 20 to 30 minutes west of Philadelphia. Love it here but my freak’n property taxes are a ridiculous $10,500k. 😡🤬. One town over the tax rate is almost nothing because of the King of Prussia Mall. So this list is meaningless depending on what town you live in.

  29. Not sure what is the point of this video as property tax is collected by county and the largest part goes to city school system and county in most cases. I own properties in FL OH & TX and as far as I am concerned my 4.1 % tax rate in a suburb of Cleveland OH is insane! In Round Rock TX, a suburb of Austin its 2.6%. In Estero FL a suburb of Ft Myers its little over 1%.

  30. New Jersey has the highest property taxes and average home prices because people who work in New York City can't afford to live there so they cross the Hudson River and live in northern New Jersey which drives up property costs. Likewise, LOTS of the welfare bums and illegal aliens (sometimes the same people) who can't find housing in the Big Apple migrate to New Jersey to freeload off the taxpayers in the Garden State. Southern New Jersey has the beaches and ocean properties so that waterfront property goes for big bucks and big taxes. Presto, New Jersey is Number 1.

  31. I don't know where they get their information from. I don't know any place in Texas with a 1.83% property tax rate. In most cities the tax rates start around 3.00% and the property is assess really high. In Austin many half decent homes are assessed at close to $1,000,000 and result in a tax bill starting at $15,000/yr. Houston and Dallas are not much cheaper, and when you consider that a majority of the people in Texas live in these three metro areas, I don't know where the 1.83% tax rate comes from.

  32. Got the Funny quote you were looking for reference Connecticut. “Paying taxes in Connecticut is like taking a Constitutional”!

  33. Um…Have you even looked at LONG ISLAND NY???????

  34. I live in New York and this info is very misleading and incorrect. You cannot clump New York State into New York City/its 5 boroughs. NYC is a separate entity from the State of NY. The average home in the surrounding counties of NYC ranges about $500k (needing alot of work), while NYC starts at $500k for a very small 500 SF co-op. Now, if you analyze homes upstate, the average home price is probably about $350k. Taxes where I live average about $15k a year. Many people pay close to $20k in taxes. So, I think a bit more research needs to be done. The average rent for a 600sf apartment in the suburbs is about $1,600 for a small one bedroom. This is not in NYC. You would pay about $2,100 a month for a studio or one bedroom apartment in the Manhattan.

  35. One of the things that you left out about Texas is the Local Property taxes that increase the amount folks pay Add in the Local Hospital and School taxes, it really drives the amount folks pay.. I know you were only including the State Property tax. Those are additional taxes that most states don't have.

  36. Property Tax is only one tax element. How about a video on the states with the worst total taxation, including: Income Tax, Sales Tax, Gas Tax, Cigarette/Alcohol taxes, DMV Fees, State Park Fees, Road Tolls, Construction Fees… and of course Property Tax.

  37. That must be why they have so many crooks you have ro be a crook to pay the taxesand to fit in with politician from there

  38. Almost 4,000 property tax annually on my 30+ year old condo, valued at 279K in NH. They are voracious in collecting it, too.

  39. Show all ten together!! And you'll see how lopsided it is, and these have lots of undeveloped areas that could used for housing, you know to bring down the mill rate but nope, open spaces are protected.

  40. State/Tax Percentage/Average Home Price if given/average amount paid

    10. Rhode Island 1.6% 245,000 4,000
    9. New York 1.68% 193,000 5,000
    8. Nebraska 1.8% 2,500
    7. Vermont 1.83% 4,000
    6. Texas 1.83% 3,300 no state income tax
    5. Wisconsin 1.94% 170,000 3,300
    4. Connecticut 2.07% 300,000 5,600
    3. New Hampshire 2.20% 245,000 5,400 no state income tax
    2. Illinois 2.31% 200,000 4,500
    1. New Jersey 2.44% 320,000 7,000

  41. Maybe these are some kind of average tax rate. But, if you live in the city limits, your tax rate is almost 3%. Your property market value is reassessed every year and by legislation must be within 10% of actual market value. A $300,000 house in Dallas or suburbs would be taxed $7000-$9000 per year. Lower priced homes are available, but less desirable neighborhoods.

  42. Property taxes in Texas are ridiculous. It's like a second mortgage that never goes away even when you pay off the house. Figure 2.5% or so in Harris County.

    "It's lower when it stays the same" due to a ~50K homestead exemption by most taxing entities (and we have a lot of them).

  43. And I can probably bet most of the cities here talkin about, Democrats running it into the ground, I know for a fact because Jersey taxes are ridiculous and there's no reason is there even planning on Jack the gas price taxes for next year, I guess somebody's going to pay for them Democrats to sit on their asses, cuz they don't do anything productive that's for sure. the taxes to be high just FYI. They just control manipulatepeople into believing the taxes have to be hi I wish people would wake up and stuck loading for these damn pain in the ass's. And they are corrupt.. but I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would look for for them for the cause of inflation.

  44. Now you should do a list on who actually pays the highest taxes because while California did not make this list our home prices are so high that we end up paying just as much as someone who lives in a highly taxed state. I live in Long Beach California and we have the highest taxes in the nation I would like to see that on the list of the worst cities to live in

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