2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series In Depth Tour Interior and Exterior
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2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series In Depth Tour Interior and Exterior

Hey, guys, this is a walk around of
a 2019 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 70 SERIES. I’m sorry for the background noise, reason being
because this dealership is quite busy today and the radio’s playing in the background,
so I do apologise. Anyhow, let’s get straight into it. Towards the front you’ve got some
halogen headlights, as you can see. They’re nice. Got some nice chrome
towards the grille there. Nice little detail. Toyota badge. This whole plate on the front, this textured plate,
I think could be used as a step. I’m not too sure. So, I find that really interesting. So if you do know, feel free to let me know
in the description below. Got some fog lights. And you got some more chrome
as well, you can see here. Nice detail. Intake. Now, there’s no fuel consumption sticker,
so I’ll leave that in the description below. Got a snorkel here,
with the LandCruiser logo embossed there. Now, if I’m correct, the snorkel, what that does is
when you’re going submerged partly in water, helps bring air to the engine,
so it helps it breathe better. So, I believe that’s what they’re for. So I’m not too sure. I may be wrong,
so feel free to correct me in description below. So, yeah. So pretty cool stuff. You got 16-inch wheels here. Tyres are Dunlop. Grandtrek tyres. Grandtrek AT1. So proof they’re 16-inch. And they are made in Japan. So, all four disc brakes,
which is pretty cool. That’s proof. Lock, Auto. Very solid. See that tread here. Very nice. You can see the side steps here as well.
Very solid. LandCruiser. I like these side-view mirrors.
They’re very cool. I haven’t seen this sort of textured finish
in cars in years. So, very, very nice detail.
Quite like that. Have a little glimpse of the interior as well. So, old car, updated interior. Love these things.
They’re really awesome. I think that’s extra ventilation, I believe. Show you the rear
of the 70 Series LandCruiser. Standard tail-lights. Indicator and brake lights
integrated into the rear bumper there. Single exhaust. Got leaf spring suspension. Some more chrome here.
An additional step here. It’s also fitted with 4-wheel-drive, obviously. And this is the GXL version. Got a full-size spare tyre. Love these handles that the old Toyotas have.
I love the sound it makes. Let’s listen to it.
(CLUNK!) That. It just feels so satisfying
when you’re opening them. So to open the second door compartment
you pull this toggle. Opens up nice and wide. They don’t lock in place,
but… doesn’t matter. Even the handles here,
very well made. These are built in Japan, obviously. Also got vinyl here.
Got rubber handles. Nicely carpeted. Some more vinyl here. Unlock this, you’ve got a toolkit. And if I open this, you’ve got… your wiper fluid reservoir. Nah. Like that. Oh, yeah. Seats do fold down. There’s a toggle there.
And this folds down the seat. I don’t want to do that,
’cause I’m not too sure how it really works. Got two additional speakers here. Third brake light. It’s a lot of room, so it’s really good
for when you’re chucking in, like, let’s say even your dog is there,
pets, you know. It’s really, really good
for outback sort of driving. Nice and wide, nice and tall. Lots of glass, so good visibility all round. I love the sound.
It’s like a gunshot. Watch this. (SLAM!) (SLAM!) Just that solid feeling. There’s nothing like it, really. Now, you might’ve seen that, you may have
thought this is broken, but it’s actually not. It’s actually slightly opened up.
You can actually open it to get more ventilation. So it’s a good for when you’re having
small pets and stuff like that. It’ll bring more air in the cabin. So it’s opened.
And you see the clamp inside, that’s it closed. So, pretty cool. I think cars actually had better visibility back then
’cause you didn’t have stuff like airbags and that sort of protection,
so obviously you’ve got a lot more glass. So, I guess as time’s gone on
it’s hard to incorporate those things. So if I open the handles here… See, that springing… Old-school handles, I just love the sound of this.
That quality is so nice. So here’s the interior
of the 70 Series LandCruiser. Hear that gunshot sound again.
(SLAM!) So here’s the interior
of the 70 Series LandCruiser. A little bit updated, obviously,
for today’s standards. So you got a little bit of
some modern gauges. So you got your speedo towards the left… Sorry, your rev counter towards the left
and your speedo towards the right. You also got a oil gauge,
as you can see. An oil gauge, a fuel gauge…
temperature for the engine and a voltmeter. Now, it’s funny, ’cause you never see voltmeters
or you see oil gauges anymore. So I find that a little bit interesting.
Very old-school. You’ve got a rubber steering wheel. It’s got pretty standard bolstering. And you can actually move the whole wheel,
which is pretty cool. So you’ve got wiper controls to the left,
all modern switches, as you can see. Feels very solid and well made. And towards the right,
which is a bit hard to see, you’ve got… your indicator and headlight controls, and you’ve got cruise control,
which is a nice feature. So you got these vents,
very easy to open and close. Got an additional airbag there too. Some storage. Differential lock. Got a clock and lap timer. You can use
the stopwatch too, which is pretty interesting. Standard head unit. Pretty old-school. Feels very well made.
Hands-free telephone, voice control. Seek. Seek through the radios. USB. Aux port.
You can see the aux jack there. Very nice, well made.
Don’t have the key to actually show you. Now, here’s something I haven’t seen in years,
and that’s old-school air-conditioning controls. So, face direct, face and feet, feet only. Whoops. Demist and feet,
and you’ve got your demist only. Love the clicking sound it makes
as you’re cycling through. Then you’ve got this one here,
where you got choice of recycling or fresh air. Then you can actually
adjust temperature cold to hot. And then you’ve got your high and low,
and then your fan speeds. You got low AC, turn off. Pretty cool. You got a single cup holder. Holds one drink. Old-school cars,
they never cared about cup holders back then. You got 12-volt / 120-watt power outlets. There’s actually a story about the cup holders,
in case you’re wondering. It was actually ’cause in the ’90s
American cars had cup holders, ’cause everyone in America buys cups, drinks a lot of cups and drinks in the car,
drinks coffee on the go. So what happened was a lot of cars
went down in sales ’cause of that. So because of that, all the manufacturers,
all the Americans made cup holders. So they start incorporating cup holders in cars, and that’s how the story, we got lots of cubbies
and storage spaces, all because of that. So, interesting story. You’ve got… cigarette lighter,
for cigarettes and stuff like that. Got some additional buttons,
demist, rear demister. Some of these buttons, I don’t really know,
so feel free to let me know what they mean. Got a low-range over here,
and you got a 5-speed manual. It’s also very nice. Got a vinyl shift boot. Handbrake. Storage here. Plastic. Really comfortable seats. They’re very nice,
you can see here. Very nice. Got this rubber-vinyl sort of headrest. Love these switches. Very nice. Card holders. All hard plastics here, obviously. This is obviously a car
you’re going off-road, so… All your warning labels. Got modern features like electric windows. Got some map pockets,
for putting maps and things like that. Also have the same treatment over here
with the same cloth. Also a very nice detail. Very, very cool stuff. Let’s jump out. Obviously the seat does recline forward and back.
It’s not that dated, which is also pretty cool. All manual controls. All carpeted. Here’s the rear seats. So, same as the front, you’ve got the…
got the same rubber seats. I’ve moved this seat a bit more forward. You actually do have good leg room. I’ve just, again, moved it.
They’re both moved pretty far back. But there’s good leg room.
Got good pockets here. Got a relatively flat transmission tunnel. Centre transmission tunnel. So I’ll show you the dashboard
from the rear seat. Sorry, it’s a bit hard with the light in the way.
It’s kind of giving me different colours. Very cool. So, again, lots of visibility. I mean, different era, so you didn’t have
airbags on the side and stuff like that, so obviously you’re gonna have much more room
and much more better visibility. Lots of glass, so it’s really good.
Pretty cool stuff. So you don’t have any little things on the side
except for a cigarette tray. Got some modern-day switches. Same sort of treatment on the sides. (KNOCKS)
The whole metal chassis. I haven’t seen these in years. Look at that.
Very old-school ’80s-like. I did already show you the lighting here. It’s got some handles, for going off-road. Very cool. I did mention the seats do fold down,
so if I pull this down, these do come down, and you can see
the seats are relatively flat. Obviously you got a bit of a ridge,
but it’s more for cargo and stuff like that. Different era. But very cool stuff. I want to see what the engine looks like,
a car this age. I’ll do that just to see how much… This is gonna be a bit hard because
I’m gonna be doing it with one hand, so I do apologise in advance. Oh, wow, this is heavy. Very heavy. Oh, for God’s sake. (STRAINS) Oh, wow.
Forgot how heavy bonnets were back then. So these are built in Japan, of course,
in case you’re wondering. I think I might’ve said that already. The cooler. Very cool stuff. Probably straightforward to service as well, ’cause of how old-school
the nature of these cars are. How easy is that to repair
the starter motor just right there? Diesel fuel filter,
very easy access point right here. Very, very cool. I might just use this opportunity
to quickly show you the rear again. You can see from in here
the storage with the seats down. Well, that’s my little walk around of
the all-new Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series. I’m sorry for the mistakes during the video.
Um, yeah, a little bit busy today. This car is for sale at Ferntree Gully Toyota.
I’ll leave the description and details below. And thanks for watching. Cheers.

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100 thoughts on “2019 Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series In Depth Tour Interior and Exterior

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    Leave the car reviews to people who know about them.
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