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19 thoughts on “A MIAMI REAL ESTATE TOUR 2019 (Brickell, Downtown, Wynwood, Overtown)

  1. I am interested in Colombia Cartgena and Medellin and the rural areas where you may have a ranch if possible. I diffently want gain more knowledge about my interests of Colombia.

  2. sam, medellin is becoming very popular for nomads and pensioners. It would be very good that likewise you have made it invest and generate progress in the economy of the country. it's a suggestion. cheers

  3. What's up Sam, it's not good that you keep slapping the camera every time you finish a video, it's a not very professional attitude. I live in Canada and my wife is a Polish and travel agent and we are seriously thinking of doing business with you, but our clients, I am sure, would not like to see your videos the way you finish them. Please let me know if you can change that attitude, for the rest I love your videos, my wife made the same comment even before I told her something about it. I am Colombian and as such you will have noticed, manners are very important for us. You are a great person but certain phrases and attitudes do not benefit your company at all, take it as a good council and not as a destructive criticism. A hug.

  4. I kind of grew up in Miami. People often call L.A the Latin American capital of the world but its Mexican and Central American populations are far overrepresented there as far as Latin America is concerned, it also has a huge Asian, White, Black and Jewish influences making it more of a melting pot than a truly Latin capital.

    Miami is something else, you truly can without a doubt survive without speaking a word of English. There are cities where more than 95% of the population speak Spanish in their home (Hialeah) I think it'd be safer to call it the South American and Caribbean capital of the world as Mexicans and Central Americans rather stay on the West. If you wanted a city where you'd find all Latinos look into New York, although New York is also the city of many continents so it's not exclusive of Latin Americans. Miami is hot, humid and quite flashy. Your car and your appearance dictates a lot about yourself and how you get viewed by society. Although that's inherently how the Western world sees people, Miami takes it to a whole new level. Spectacular looking woman, who aligned with the mindset explained above for the most part. Outstanding place to go to the beach and enjoy yourself, unwind, hang out with the lads to a tropical climate without having to leave the U.S. It is also the gateway to the West Coast of Florida, the Park themes in Orlando and the always awesome Florida Keys. Yes nature can be harsh, hurricanes, humidity and reptiles roam the state and did I mention it is quite really really hot? Florida in a sense is like a part of Australia that was put in America.

    Different stokes for different folks, that being said Miami would be a cool place to scape the winter months if you live in the North. But if you want to invest your money to move to a new place check out Colombia if you are into a more low key lifestyle, weather appropriate for human life or just more a green, cheaper place that will give you more for you buck.


  6. Great format- the interviewer let you talk, and also I was impressed by the way that you did not avoid talking about some of the negatives about Miami. No city is perfect, but not many cities are as exciting as Miami!

  7. Its so difficult as an Realtor to talk about neighborhoods like Overton and Opa-Laka. They are great for investing because the land is inexpensive. Thats about as much as you can say.

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