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100 thoughts on “A TYPICAL Day In The Life Of A BUSY Real Estate Agent

  1. Honestly, Ash should go with the 2nd one due to the fact that she has a huge job and she's a YTber, but I love the last one! so cute

  2. Hey there. I'm from Ashley's channel. I'm a junior in college, majoring in Accounting. I am glad to see young people who I can look up to and get great advice from while attending school and after graduation. Look forward to more videos !!

  3. My moms in real estate & you seem like a great agent that really cares ! I loved the picks for Ashley, my favorite was the first W residence that was unfurnished !

  4. Ashley should choose apartment option 2: by the way I'm looking to move to the dfw area next year and am looking for a family friendly neighborhood not to far from Dallas possibly north of Dallas, I'm a nurse so being near hospitals are imperative I look forward to working with you

  5. Hey Chastin! First, I've gotta give you your kudos for being a dope professional, in your industry of real estate of course, & wanted to encourage you to keep up the amazing work and providing the unforgettable client experience you seem to deliver!

    Secondly, Ashley D. is BAE, so relative to her apartment/condo hunting, I think she should pick Property #2 (especially b/c it has the double vanity + walk-in shower + traditional bathtub + reasonable guest bathroom space, which I imagine would be perfect for Ashley's sleepovers/hangouts, etc. w/ her family/friends) OR Property #4, especially b/c the natural lighting within the space is also perfection & I imagine ideal for Ashley's day-to-day adventures + living preferences! Whatever property she ultimately chooses: I know it'll be "done up" Ashley D.-style and that she'll pick what's best for her!

  6. I REALLLLLY HOPE ASH goes with the one that was unfinished all that space and all the windows so beautiful amazing!!! ❤️

  7. I think Ashley should go with option 3. That bathtub was amazing. It has a lot of potential when it gets finished.

  8. I live in North Dallas Im looking into real estate now that I'm out of school do you have any school suggestions out here and mentors I can contact?

  9. Which is best preferred a college or real estate school. If college which class did you take. I'm really looking forward to become a real estate agent I have a passion for houses and I'm quit a communicator. I been with this dream since young so any educational suggestion would be nice from you or anyone in these comments. Thanxx

  10. I'm a truck driver wanting to turn real estate agent. Is this a crazy idea or a bad one per say? I'm great with people, but does that mean I'd be successful at it? I'm very interested and curious.

  11. Hii brother I want to become a real estate agents i want to work with you can you please tell me how can I get a licence ?

  12. As a retired Realtor myself, I hope that you have your best sales year in real estate for 2018 Chastin. Go for it.

  13. I’m in school for real estate and I’m excited!!! It’s my first year of college and I’m just ready to get out there!!

  14. If you need coffee in the morning, that means you haven't gotten enough sleep. My advice…sleep for an extra 2 hours more…

  15. Hey I am looking to move to the Dallas area. I would appreciate your help in finding a place! Thank you! Much love ❤️


  17. This is awesome video. I love these videos because here more information about reality.also i provide design service to promote the real estate business. here link-://bit.ly/2OtoUq2 ,,https://bit.ly/2AkpSlA

  18. I know real estate agents get payed based on they’re performance , but in your opinion what is the bear minimum and highest amount you could get payed per year ?

  19. My first time seeing your video. Thanks for sharing what it's like to be a real estate agent. Looking forward to seeing more. New subbie ☺

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  21. did you really just record the most piercing, painful microwave beep ever, and then expose an unexpecting audience to it?! I don't think you're an asshole, but THAT was a fucking supremely asshole move.

  22. My cousin wanted to see my day as a realtor. First let me tell you this that when I became a realtor, everyone was dissing me. After I was a success and bought a home and range rover, they wanted to see what I did on a typical day. I wake up at 5 am and go exercise. I make it to the office at 0730. 0730 to 1000 hours, I am in my office. From 11 am to 2 pm I am on the go for all my appointment then back to the office and then back on the road. 50 percent in the office and the other 50 percent on the road. That's my schedule and I love the rush. I am looking at the 20k commission check right now.

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