Afterlife Sessions | A Haunting at the Malvern Manor
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Afterlife Sessions | A Haunting at the Malvern Manor

(tense, eerie music) – Did you know that sensory deprivation and telepathy coexist? Are you aware that your third eye can see as well as those you are familiar with? Sit back, relax, and understand how this is possible. – So we’re headed to Malvern
Manor in Malvern, Iowa. I’m super excited to do the concept of sensory deprivation at this location. Why am I excited? It’s because sensory deprivation not only deprives your senses, but
in the paranormal field it is believed that it can
conjure up more activity. – I know right now that I
am going into a scenario with multiple personalities,
fear, anxiety, sadness, bouts of extreme happiness,
and every time you go to these places you remain so vulnerable. And you almost become one
because you truly understand. The Malvern Manor is 10,000 square feet. Anything could happen, and
I can’t wait to get started. (eerie, tense music) – My name is Josh Heard. I am the co-owner of Malvern Manor. As far as the history goes, kind of the broad stroke version of this, we know it was built in the 1860s, functioned as a hotel all
the way up until the 1950s. At that time it kind of takes an odd turn and becomes what we would consider to be like a nursing home type setting. And then in the ’70s
became what I consider to be like a group home for
mentally handicapped people. As far as paranormal activity, you have, it pretty much
runs the gamut, honestly. So physical manipulation of objects, physical manipulation of people,
definite physical touching, disembodied voices, disembodied footsteps, shadow figures, I mean
pretty much anything that you can imagine, honestly. What would merit a haunting? And I know like the one thing
that I keep going back to as to why this place could
potentially be haunted is I know the one thing
that was a constant in these people’s lives,
especially when it was like the group home setting,
in a very chaotic life, mindset, what have you,
this was the constant. And whether or not you got along with the guy across the hall or not, you were still waking up at the same time, going to bed around the same time, eating your meals together. There’s family with that. You know, like there’s
camaraderie in that. And the sense of family. So I keep going back to that. It’s no matter what,
at the end of the day, this was home to them so
that’s honestly what I believe. I would say the majority of activity here is more positive than anything. There are a few things
that are going on here that would suggest otherwise. However, the majority of the activity that I’ve personally experienced seems to be more on the
positive side, for sure. A lot of the activity for me, personally, will happen one of three places. The nursing home wing is a
hotspot for me, for sure. The attic is another
active location for me. Even when I’m just here by myself and I may be sitting in
the side room over here, just hanging out doing nothing, I’m hearing running up
and down the hallway. Especially, it always seems to be coming from the curving hallway, but I always kind of attribute that to the possibility of who we call Inez. Inez is kind of the
biggest unsolved mystery that we have here. So we know it was December 21. The year was 1900, right
around Christmas time. We know 12 year old Inez
Gipson was outside playing with her eight year old brother, Otto. So she was either cold or bored, but she says I’m going upstairs. Otto says I’m right behind you. And we know 10 minutes pass. After this 10 minutes,
Otto comes upstairs. He finds his sister hanging by
her jump rope in the closet. It looks like a suicide, it
kind of smells like a suicide. These kids had had a very rough go of life up until this point. I don’t necessarily buy
that it was a suicide. But we do know that Otto
tries to get her down. But he can’t. He’s just not strong enough. He’s only eight years old. He runs to the grocery
store where aunt and uncle are currently working. Now aunt and uncle are
also adopted mom and dad to these kids. This was a very new living situation for all parties involved. He grabs them. He grabs two doctors as well, which seems like just
complete dumb luck to me. They race back. They get her down. They try to resuscitate her, but obviously way too much
time had passed at that point. This is a story that absolutely
shook this entire community, even so much as one of those doctors that was trying to help her committed suicide 10 days after the fact. This gets messy. You know what I’m saying? Now what I can 100%,
definitively tell you, is one of the most active
spirits we have here is a little girl spirit
claiming to be Inez Gipson. You’ll hear her running
up and down the halls. You will hear her call you by name. She will ask you to come and play. But what I can 100%
tell you is Inez Gipson never died here on property. She died a block and
a half away from here. But why would she be here? I have three possibilities, right? Either one, in 1900 this
was the place to be. Like, for sure. This was the hub of the whole community so maybe she was just
attracted to the location. Maybe it’s something else that makes you wanna think you’re
addressing a 12 year old girl, maybe not with the best
of intentions, right? Nothing malicious has really happened to suggest that any further so that’s kind of where I just leave that. I don’t really know. Or maybe it’s possible
that I have told that story so many times that I created a ghost. That I spoke it into existence, that I created a thought form. Like there’s so many different potentials that could be going on with this. So I have no idea. Sit back, let the house do its thing, and really try to communicate
with you for sure. Have fun with it, watch your back, you guys, this is definitely
not your first rodeo so I don’t think you’re
gonna have any issues. (eerie, tense music) – Earlier when we interviewed Josh Heard I had the idea of trying something new, using sensory deprivation to gain insight on if Ouija boards work. When we blindfold ourselves, we’re only lost within ourselves. We remain on auto-pilot. We may have answers with
an external persuasion. This might be our way
to prove the afterlife, to prove that Ouija boards are,
in fact, tangible and real. Right now I am waiting for Josh Heard to make it back to Malvern. It’s been six hours. It’s dark. We’re gonna go in the nurse’s wing. We’re going to set up our experiment. And we will make progress in this field. (foreboding music) Thank you, Josh, for joining us again. – It’s my pleasure man. I can’t wait. – It’s been six hours
since we saw you last. – Yeah, right. – And we’re doing something
a little unorthodox. We’re using sensory deprivation and a very occult form of investigating. – Right. – So let’s put on the
blindfold, conduct a session, and see if an external source
can guide us to answers. And you say that the rule of thumb when doing this is to use your left hand. – That’s what I was taught, yeah. Left hand would be something
like receiving or whatever so use the two fingers on your left hand. We’ll go three circles
around when we start. It’s gonna be hard because we’re not gonna be able to see anything. – Of course. – And then we can just start
asking the questions I guess. – It’s gonna be really cool
to see if we can actually, since we’re depriving our vision that we actually experience
out of body response to where since this is
embedded in our head that we can actually see the board. – [Josh] That’s interesting. – We may have an out of body experience. But you don’t know unless
you try so let’s do this. – And already scared, all right. I’m gonna feel like I’m– – I’m putting this on
because my head is cold. (laughs) I feel like an egg in a fridge. – Okay, I’m just trying to kind of feel – The hard part’s finding – The part of the board. – The planchette. – I’ve got my fingers on it. – [Zach] All right, you
ready to go in the circle? – [Josh] Yeah, let’s do that. – [Zach] Is there a rule of thumb to go clockwise or counter-clockwise? – [Josh] I think we are
gonna go towards you. – [Zach] Okay. – [Josh] One, two, three,
bring it to a stop. – [Zach] Okay. – [Josh] All right. – This is your baby. You’re the co-owner. You spend a lot of time here. I would like you to
ask the first question. – Okay. If somebody is back here with us, – [Zach] It’s already moving. – [Josh] It’s already moving. I’m barely touching this. – [Zach] I’m not even touching it. – [Josh] All right, so I’m
gonna kind of redirect. – [Zach] Guys, can you
tell us what letters are happening as we do this? – [Nash] C. – Okay. It’s moving. I’m not doing anything. – [Nash] You guys, our light just dimmed. – I was just gonna say like guys, like something feels really,
really strange right now. – As I’m standing in the
nurse’s wing with the guys and I’m filming Josh and Zach do their Ouija board
experiment my back is turned to our main camera with
our external light. And as my back is turned
and I’m filming them, I noticed that the light,
the external light next to our main camera, dims
down like as if somebody turned the knob on the left side of it. Now, Zach and Josh can’t see that because they’re blindfolded. But to us, we didn’t think anything of it. We just thought maybe it’s just the cold dimming the light from our camera. – [Zach] I feel like
something’s on my left hand and it got really cold. Touch my hand, guys. Touch my hand. My left hand. – [Connor] Oh yeah, dude,
you’re freezing cold. – [Josh] Oh, this here? – [Zach] Oh my god. – [Connor] We had our light dimmed. – [Zach] It’s moving. Do you feel it? – I do feel it. – [Zach] Feels like it’s on a rope. – Yes, it’s really weird. – [Zach] Lightly being pulled. Where is it? – [Josh] Oh my gosh. – [Connor] It’s in between
the O and U of the Ouija. – [Zach] Okay. – [Josh] Wow. – It’s still a letter, okay? I feel like it’s moving so
hard that if I lifted up it would go flying. Why is it moving without asking questions? – [Josh] That’s what I wanna know, man. – [Connor] It literally
centered on no, perfectly. – This feels super strange, man. Like it really feels strange. – [Connor] It’s on V. – Does your name start with a V? – [Josh] It fall off? – [Nash] Yeah, it fell
off like right above yes. – Oh really? – Let’s take it back
to, oh no, it’s moving. Never mind. – Oh my god. Dude it’s like trembling. You can feel like– – It’s like a hoverboard. – Guys, you just went on H and I. – Hi. – Hi. – So when we did this Ouija board session it was the idea to use a blindfold because subconsciously you would see it and you would just go
towards a certain letter. And you would spell a certain thing. And you would try to communicate
with a certain someone. So we knew that if we took our sight away, we were puppets. Anything could happen to us. And although we didn’t
get a lot of responses, we landed on the letter V. – It’s on V. – Does your name start with a V? It meant to me that
something with the name V, whether it was Victor, Vicky, Vance, like any V name that you can think of, was there with us. And at this time, the planchette
just starts going crazy. And from this moment on, it’s
just unreal what happens. – [Josh] Are you a male? – [Connor] Guys, it just went on yes. – [Josh] Did it really? – [Zach] Is your name Victor? – That’s kind of what I was thinking too. – [Zach] It’s not moving. Does that make you believe that it’s yes? – Oh, because it’s already on yes? – [Zach] Yeah, exactly. – Interesting. Maybe, I mean that could be. – [Zach] Victor, are you
protecting this place? – Dude. – It went on no and went off the board. – That like moved my body. – It was a force. – Dude, I tell you what. Like, it’s super weird. Like it feels, like you
can feel the tremble in it like a, like a, I don’t know how to even– – I literally feel like
there’s a lasso around my hand. – Dude, it’s weird but it
does feel like a string is pulling it but it’s almost like a– – [Connor] Whoa, our main
light just shut off on us. – [Zach] What? – [Connor] Don’t move, don’t move. – [Josh] Okay. – [Connor] Don’t move. Hands on the board, don’t move ’em. The lights are shut off on us. As a few minutes passed
from when the light dimmed, Josh and Zach started
feeling cold and they started feeling a little bit
different than what they did when they first started doing
the Ouija board experiment. As I’m standing there and they’re talking, the light literally just turns off on us. Completely dead, black. Can’t see anything. We don’t have any night vision. At that moment, I knew
that something external caused the light to turn black. The feeling of anxiety just
came over me like crazy. And I couldn’t see anything. And I told them not to move. Don’t move, don’t move. – [Josh] Okay. – Don’t move, hands on the board. Don’t move them. Keep your hands on the planchette,
on the board, don’t move. So we go over there to our main camera and we flick on the light and we notice that the external light that
we were using originally to light up the whole area of the hallway was completely dead, which is absolutely insane
because this battery’s brand new. We just put in this battery and we’ve only been filming about five
to six minutes into it. We were already filming all day with that battery, filming B roll. And we had no issues until now. What can be causing the light to turn off? – [Josh] Victor, was that you? – [Zach] No way. – [Josh] Oh shit. – [Zach] Oh, feel that cold breeze? – [Josh] Dude. – [Zach] Feel it? – [Josh] Dude. – It’s right here. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Josh. – Dude. – [Connor] Guys, the thing’s dead. – [Josh And Zach] Oh my god. – Okay. – [Connor] Is there really a cold breeze? – [Zach] Yeah, dude it’s freezing. It’s on my back. Something’s touching my back. Something’s touching my back. Keep your hand right there. – [Connor] Guys, the light
died and it was a good battery. – That’s so, man. – [Connor] Because we’ve barely used it. – [Josh] That’s so weird, bro. – [Connor] It flickered and
then it totally shut off a few minutes later. – Our original plan with the
sensory deprivation concept was to do the Ganzfeld experiment. It was to use stimuli and
blindfolding ourselves and running frequencies through our ears for up to 30 minutes with
a red light in front of us. What this is believed to do
is create ESP and telepathy. And we didn’t quite get there. We had this idea in Josh’s office. I was like Josh, I’ve got this idea. And it’s something that Connor and I have kind of talked about in the past. But I was like you know
what, I’m feeling strong. Like this is something that I wanna do. So we do our Ouija board test. Things just went crazy. Are you trying to make sure
that none of us see anything? – [Josh] Yes. – [Nash] Guys, it went to yes. – [Connor] It’s perfectly on yes. (dramatic music) – If I relax my body
you can see my hips move with this planchette. – Yeah, dude, that’s just it. Like it’s almost like I don’t even know. Like I’m trying to barely
even touch the damn thing. – You know like when you’re a child and your parent has your hand and they– – [Connor] Hi. – [Zach] guide you to go a certain way? – [Josh] Again? – [Nash] Yeah. – Oh my gosh. This is intense. – What message do you have for us? When you take your sight away, you become a marionette. – Absolutely. That’s precisely how I feel right now. – We are persuaded by something greater than we can even understand at this point. And the fact that light went off, and that that cold breeze
was felt by all four of us, makes me believe that
there is a new entity, a new spirit, a new human here. I was truly within the
occult at that time. I was experiencing something
way greater than us. This was a way of saying
I am here with you. I can manipulate your equipment. And I’m about to manipulate you. Do you enjoy the fact
that we are down here communicating with you right now? Are you lonely? I just had my first hallucination. – What’s that, bro? – Of a white swirly
corkscrew in the right eye exactly right where my hand is, guys. I saw it like right in this general area. I’m just trying to distract my right hand and not think about this and it’s still, excuse me, still moving. – This feels so strange. (coughs) – I feel like I’m being choked. (coughs) – Are you okay, bro? – Yeah, hold on. (coughs) What the? – Do you wanna take a break for a sec? Are you sure? – Yep. (clears throat) It’s like it just squeezes your (clears throat) your windpipe, man. – Right. – [Connor] We’re gonna step
it up a little more, guys? Nash, IR, kill that light. – [Connor] I can’t see. – Man, that was weird. – [Connor] I can’t see you guys
so the only thing I can see is what’s literally– – Oh, what’s on the board, right? (tense, dramatic music) – [Connor] M, it looks like. – [Zach] What’s wrong? – Nothing, dude. Like it’s absolutely impossible. Like what just happened to me? I don’t even know. My eyes are closed
underneath this thing, too. So I’m like doubly I guess. There’s no way I can see anything. But I swear to god, something, it almost looked like a
black mass of something came in from the right. Like just over my right eye or whatever. And now I’m seeing it on the left. So I don’t know if that’s
some kind of a weird, optical thing and maybe I just need to go to the eye doctor (laughs) or
what, but that’s super weird. – As if it’s standing next to Connor? – Is Connor on our left,
like your right, here? – Yeah, right here. – Right there? – So it would’ve came just
from the lower right and up. That’s so weird. – Josh said that he saw a shadow
under his mask in the dark. Are you real? Or are you part of his imagination? I ask that if you are real you touch his right shoulder once. – Dude. Dude. – [Zach] What? (laughs) – [Connor] Are you feeling
something touch you right now? – No. – [Connor] What are you feeling? – I did not feel anything touch me. However, you asked the
question and the exact same type of thing happened
except this was white light that came from the top down. It just went vroomp, like that. Just like a ball. – [Zach] I just saw that
right in front of you. – Like a ball of light. – It’s right here. I literally see it right in
front of me where your head is. – How is that possible? – It’s not a perfect circle. It’s kind of a upside
down V and round on top. That’s exactly what I see. – We gotta stop. Did you say, what did you? – It’s rounded on top and an
indent of an upside down V like the top of an A without the line. – Can we say goodbye on this? – Yes. – Let’s do that real quick? – Josh was quick to stop the session, as if something was on
his mind bothering him. And it kind of took me by surprise. I wanted to know what
Josh wanted to show us, what he was experiencing. – All right. Goodbye. We’re gonna close that session. Um, yeah. That was, man, like exactly
what you were just describing, just weird shit that I’ve never
really talked about before. Feel my hands, man. Feel this. Feel that. Feel these. When we were filming the very first A Brush With Evil, right, there’s always been a name associated with that place that we
never spoke out loud, ever. And it’s like a demonic name. If you wanna get down to it, I guess, it’s more of what you
would call a succubus. Like doing more research on this, like it was to the point
where we would get this name flashed in our heads for years. And then when we went down
there to actually film A Brush With Evil, it
was carved into the wall but it was so small and minuscule, like you could tell it was
like a fine blade carved it in. And it was so small. But somehow we found it,
like in the wall, right? Super weird to me, but there is a symbol that is associated with that name that we kept getting and
still, even to this day, occasionally pops up. What you were describing is that symbol. (dramatic music) What you said you saw right there. – It was over your face. Your face became that shape. – So that’s why I said I
think we should probably stop. Because that’s jacked
up on a whole new level. You know what I’m saying? – Josh, this is huge. – This is getting super,
super, super creeptastic. – Do you have any resource that we can see this like real fast? – Yeah. You know, I’ll just look it
up right now or whatever, and (sighs) as long as we don’t say the name, how about that? Can we just not do that? – Can I just read it? – Yeah, absolutely. – May we go to, can you guys
follow us to like his office or out to the warm area
so we can get out of here? Then we’ll come back. – We went to Josh’s office
and I’m following them and Josh is like in a extremely fast pace, very anxious, move and
I’m feeling uncomfortable. I don’t know what’s going
on, what he’s gonna show us, what he’s gonna talk about. And Zach draws a picture that you can clearly see throws Josh off. – I kept seeing that. – Okay. That’s interesting. So, – That, no way. – Josh takes out his cell phone, he puts it next to the
picture that Zach drew. And it’s like a perfect match. – I saw the top upside down. – I’m not gonna say the name, okay, but it does begin with a V. Like if you want me to
say it, I’ll say it once. – You don’t have to say it. – Okay. – You do not have to say it. – Apparently it’s a duke, knight demon. – That’s it. That’s exactly what I saw on your face. – I don’t even know, dude. I don’t even know what to do. – And you, right before, you said that you saw something white, right? – Yeah, so like, seriously it’s so, because like this place,
you know what I’m saying? And then like over here, I
realize you can’t see it, but there are three
windows, boom, boom, boom. There’s no glass in these frames, right? It’s just the frame. It was right here on this wall where we saw that name etched. Coincidentally, that’s
also the same window frame that my buddy Blake got hocked out of. – This right here, is what I saw. And that was the top of the symbol. – Like for you to draw that, man. It’s just so weird. It’s so weird. – [Nash] So Josh, – Yeah? – [Nash] What do you think about that? (sighs) – I’m a little freaked, like
to be quite honest with you. Again, I’m not gonna be the one that says oh, don’t ever touch a Ouija
board because it’s evil, it’s this, or it’s that. I’m never gonna say that. You know what I’m saying? That’s ridiculous to me. I think what it was was we sat down at a board with the intention of communicating with something. We took away our eyesight,
which then, in turn, probably made us even more vulnerable in some way, shape, or form. But like even the tightness I was feeling in my chest, which I mean, I’m still even feeling it now, right? – I feel it as well, yes. Do you believe that maybe
this out of body experience that I had, I became you? – Potentially, especially to
maybe even come up with that. To draw that, to see that,
like whatever you saw, I don’t know, man. Like for you to see something on there, like you may have tapped into something inside of yourself, that
you didn’t even know you were privy to. – Can I ask you something? – Yeah. – The whole time that we
mentioned the letter V, is that what you were thinking of? – Never. That’s what’s weird about this, guys. It never popped into my head
until after I wanna stop. The V hadn’t even hit me yet. It wasn’t until after and we were just having a general discussion
and I’m like oh god. Like it was that aha moment, right? Where you’re like oh, shit. – My bottom lip’s just like quivering. Like I wanna cry, but
I’m not sad enough to or shocked enough to. I’m just utterly speechless. – I don’t even know how to react to this. – What are the odds that I saw that. What are the odds, man? – A million and a half
to one, probably more. – Stuff that I can not even figure out, one in a million kind of deal. And after we were done,
we separated, freaked out, teared up a little bit,
thought that my life before me would change forever in a negative manner, based on what Josh said. And if I do, who knows what’s next? I personally, I can’t
let my guys go do that. I can not let them go
experience and get hurt, especially in the nurse’s wing. We went back there for just a few minutes to do a connect set up, you know using IR and motion sensors and
everything and nothing happened. We’re like if this is real, and the energy is still
there in that exact spot where Josh and I just captured this profound evidence, then
maybe we’ll get something. We had a brief moment of like
some figures or whatever, but it wasn’t anything
to really look into. – So we decided to go back
inside the Malvern Manor and start our investigation
up on the second floor. – And I like to listen in real time with my digital recorder and headphones. It allows me to understand the room and hear things that no one else can. Connor might be thinking about what to do. Nash is focusing on camera work. And I am trying to just listen,
let the building come to us. When you experience something
like what we did downstairs in the nurse’s wing, it’s
really hard to top it. And even if it’s subconsciously, we felt like we captured
everything we needed to. But we needed more. We needed to see if we could validate that or further the story of the Malvern Manor. So we go upstairs, I’m reading the rooms, and we’re just standing in silence. And sometimes you have to
let the building come to you. You can not go in there, dominant, and say speak to me or I will curse you. You know, it doesn’t work like that. So Connor starts getting confident. He’s ready to start asking questions. And the building starts talking. (static) – [Connor] Is there any patients up here on this floor with us? Can you speak with us? – I think I heard someone say who’s this. – Is there any patients up
here on this floor with us? Can you speak with us? Can you speak with us? Can you speak with us? – I think I heard someone say who’s this. Introduce yourself. – [Connor] My name is Connor. What is your name? (static) What’s your room number? Are you in the attic? (static) – [Zach] Did you hear that? – [Connor] It’s hard
for me to hear over here because I’m right in front of it. (static) Let’s go walk. Hello? (static) Whose room is this? Nice bed. Got a tv in here. (static) (eerie music) That’s weird. What’s the little girl’s name that hung herself in this closet? – He finds his sister hanging by her jump rope in the closet. (static) (deep sputtering) – [Connor] Hello? Anybody wish to speak with us? (deep sputtering) – [Zach] Can you turn that
off for a minute, Connor? The spirit box. I just wanna like not talk
and then listen to this. (low, foreboding music) What are you still doing here? How many guys do you see right now? – [Connor] What is that? We’re hearing noises in there. Excuse me, Nash. Everyone stand really still. Find a spot. – [Zach] Whose room was this? (quiet, creepy music) Whoa. Shh, shh, shh, shh. (quiet, creepy music) Shh. Oh my god. Can you tell me your story? (low, foreboding music) (dramatic music) – [Nash] What? – [Connor] Do you guys hear that? – [Zach] I didn’t hear anything on here. – Someone talked. – [Zach] No. – Dude, I’ve got the chills. Holy crap. – [Zach] What did they say? – I don’t know what it said, but it somebody whisper. – [Zach] Can you repeat yourself? – [Connor] Oh man, I’ve got chills. – What’d you say? (quiet, tense music) – [Nash] Hey. – [Connor] What? – [Nash] Squeak. Shh, shh, shh, shh. – [Zach] Ooh, I heard that. – [Connor] Shh, shh, shh, shh. Oh, don’t move. I got a cool breeze on my neck. – [Zach] Are you touching
Connor right now? – Can you go walk down by the attic but don’t go up it? (dramatic music) – Real quick, what? – [Zach] Just right there,
just stand right there. – [Nash] What did you say real quick for? – [Zach] I don’t know, I
don’t remember saying that. That’s weird. – Real quick what? – [Zach] Just right there,
just stand right there. – [Nash] What did you say real quick for? – [Zach] I don’t know, I
don’t remember saying that. That’s weird. We were doing a lot on our investigation on the second floor. We tried for so long to try to
get some paranormal activity. No matter what we were doing,
we were in all the rooms, we did live EDP sessions,
we did the spirit box, we walked, and towards the
end of our investigation we had something really crazy happen. We started hearing noises
that weren’t normal for a building, especially when we’re the only three in this building. So we’re on the second floor by the attic. And the attic is a place
where Josh does say that it has paranormal activity. You can clearly hear what
sounds like footsteps run on an old-fashioned floor. What secrets exist in the attic? (static) – [Zach] Whoa. I just heard that. Who’s upstairs? Oh, dude, there’s walking. There is walking. If you can hear me, can you move something upstairs? Can you make a sound? Knock on something? This is your chance to
communicate with us. Are you coming down the stairs? Stay right there. You little scaredy cat. Hello? Oh my god. (whispering) You might wanna step back a little, Nash. – Why? – I don’t wanna crush you. Are you upstairs, just waiting? What happens up there? (tense music) Who stayed in this room? (loud, dramatic music) Remember in the beginning
when I had mentioned that it’s possible to
develop your third eye? Well, that was pretty
impressive, wasn’t it? Please allow me to introduce the origin of sensory deprivation and how it applied to our investigation at the Malvern Manor. In 570 BC, ancient Greek
philosopher Pythagoras was born. He spread his knowledge on planet Earth until his death at 75 years old. He once said, learn to be silent. Let your quiet mind listen and absorb. To this day, many of his
beliefs and practices are still applied in present times. The one that relates to this
episode is sensory deprivation. It is also known as prisoner’s cinema. Pythagoras would climb into a cave and surround himself in darkness to attain one thing, wisdom. This phenomenon has created
hallucinations in coal miners, Arctic explorers, and
paranormal researchers. Until now it hasn’t allowed
humans to experience telepathy. This altered state of mind allows us to receive wisdom through visions. Some may even call it the sixth sense. This cause and response
concept in pure darkness connects into your very
existence in those around you. These hallucinations have
advanced into tangible evidence with documentation and visual proof. The story of the Ouija
board, the blindfold, and the bond between two friends. Sensory deprivation
will never be the same. (fast, dramatic music)

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22 thoughts on “Afterlife Sessions | A Haunting at the Malvern Manor

  1. Thanks for watching Afterlife Sessions: A Haunting at the Malvern Manor! What did you enjoy the most about this episode?! 👻

  2. I had planned on visiting this place with my Villisca trip this year but this place cost some money to…I believe $200 or so. Ughh, I need a team of investigators. Great video. hope to see more from ya…epic beard btw. Since this is another IA place, you should go visit the graveyard in Council Bluffs IA. Forget the exact name but there's a statue there of an angel and legend has it that if you hold it's hand you'll either die in a few days or have very bad luck…so yeah I plan on seeing that at least on this year's trip…not holding the angel's hand though.

  3. This was a really cool episode. The best scare though was seeing what I now know to be a large doll standing looking out the window. Scared me for a bit though. 25:23

  4. So I'm rewatching the episode since I'm fully awake now and I noticed something that I probably missed during the first time. Josh talks at 7:00 about how told the story so many times that he created that ghost which sounds much like a tulpa to me. A tulpa is a manifestation of thought created by pure willpower (atleast this was the definition since the last time I checked)

  5. I love that you have been to all the places I’ve been and that you do experiments like I try to do in these places and others. If you ever plan to come to Leavenworth Kansas…please reach out…would like to meet you all sometime. We all need more like minded friends.

  6. When it comes to the paranormal, I believe there is no such thing as coincidences. Consistencies need to addressed and the fact that you saw that symbol is mind blowing to me! What a great episode. Thank you to all those involved in this series and sharing your findings and knowledge with us.

  7. AFTERLIFE SESSIONS is awesome!!. ! love watching ya'll videos. it has been such an inspiration and has made me want to step out my bubble and start my own Channel going out and exploring abandoned and haunted places. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. OMG this was so scary… and the ouija board experiment was incredible. Just love the way you add the philosophical/spiritual parts, paranormal investigations with an intellectual twist. Love 'em! Take care you all! Love and blessings!

  9. Isn't a poltergeist considered by most investigators to essentially be a thought form created by the unconscious mind? It's been several years but I seem to recall a think tank or perhaps a group of college students conducted an experiment wherein the group successfully created a "ghost"? This was a great presentation that held my interest from beginning to end! It's a fascinating subject.

  10. Oh my God this is fucking GOOD!! You've made this super pro that I have no doubt you could get your own show officially and fast! Oh my god that'd be so cool to possibly collab sometime. 🙂

  11. Zach, you were feeling the tightness of your throat because you were feeling possibly how the little girl hung herself. Many dead people will have you feel how they died to validate their presence.

  12. What I enjoyed the most was the history,not dry but useful information. Also the team works well together. Not coincidence more like alot of Synchronicities.

  13. When you asked what room, I heard a 16. I didn’t think much of it since I was unsure of the room number range. But toward the end I saw one of the rooms was #15 so new it must have been. Crazy!

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