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100 thoughts on “Airplane Medical Emergency | WE COULDN’T LAND! | Wednesday Checkup

  1. I've actually had doctors Google in the consultation while I'm here, trying to figure out something. I see nothing wrong with it.

  2. I wouldn’t say this if it was an older video but I live in Minnesota and we’ve got multiple reports (enough that me and other Minnesotans say they are here with an established population)

  3. Reminds me of a case where a woman had a motorcycle accident on her way to the airport. She thought she was fine and carried on to her flight. Some time into the flight she began having difficulty breathing and a doctor was found on board. It turns out she had punctured a lung and was slowly suffocating. He did a make shift procedure using regular things on board to relieve the pressure.

  4. You oughta react to the episode of Greys Anatomy when Meredith and Nathan are on the plane and save that patient who has a brain bleed

  5. Hey Dr. Mike, this is such a crazy Story! I‘m training to become a paramedic (in Germany, I already am a „smaller kind of paramedic“ and waiting for the extended school) and two days ago I was on a train back home from work and I see a young woman being all sweaty and breathing very heavily, she showed her boyfriend how her hands were shaking, she closed her eyes,…
    I watched for ~3-4min just to see if it gets better, I thought maybe she was just running to get on the train, but it seemed to be getting worse so I stood up and identified myself as a paramedic and asked what was wrong and she said she actually had to run to get on her train and she has trouble breathing but she told me it‘s going to be fine and she does not need help… I asked her a few times if she was sure and she said yes, so I told her I was sitting just a few feet away, in case she decided she needs help after all. So I sat down and watched her nonstop because I was really concerned, she kept grabbing her shirt and chest and gasped for air and she seemed a bit somnolent at times, as if she could faint any minute. She waved me to come back to her and I checked her pulse and this was when I almost shat my pants, 130 tachykardia and her heart really was WHAMMERING😅 I started to ask a bunge of questions and this is where I‘m really sad about not knowing more, I am so eager to learn and I learn almost every day for myself, They told me the running was about 20min ago, she‘s not smoking and never was, she‘s not taking birth control, she sitting a lot in her office and this was the first time after a while that she had to run, she has no pain at all, only trouble breathing, on diabetes diagnosed (I thought if she had diabetes maybe she couldn’t feel the pain of a heart attack)she‘s 35, she has no allergies, nothing diagnosed, therefore no daily medication, she wasn‘t sick/had the flu the last couple of weeks
    And so I asked even more questions as I was figuring out what the next stop would be and I called 911 and explained everything I could find out but they stuck on the fact that she was hyperventilating and I told them she was not! I tried to calm her down, laid her down, but nothing changed at all…She had the taste of blood in her mouth, she was breathing at a normal rate but very heavily because she felt like she had mucus all over her lungs, making it very hard to breathe… somehow we managed to get her out of the train and I laid her flat on a bench… as the ambulance arrived I explained again and they said„oh she actually isn‘t hyperventilating!“ they did a quick 4-pole ekg and confirmed 130 sinustachykardia, they gave her metoprolol and quickly headed to the next clinic

    I thought it could be a pulmonary embolism, but I will never actually know… dr. Mike, what do you think?

  6. Woah a lot of dangerous insects are creeping it’s way to the north and now I’m scared bc im sick and I can probably get a disease by these insects

  7. I have a question, why administer epinephrine in the thigh? Would it be faster if it was administered on the arm? I mean, Matt's throat is swelling.

  8. I was a firefighter/emt, so it wasn't hard to recreate this event in my mind. I can imagine your frustration in not having the right tool for the job, but kudos, because you made the available tools work. I didn't realize this was an issue on public airplanes. Epi pens, I should think, would be standard equipment on board planes, which are essentially universes unto their own when in the air.

  9. I finished watching this and was impressed. Then this random article on yahoo came up and I was like WTF, I wondered what Dr. Mike would of done in this situation! https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/doctor-saves-travelers-life-sucking-053758835.html

  10. Delta and other flights instruct you to bring your own epipen if you have an allergy


  11. Please see the chapter of doctor house airborne hysteria I want to know your opinion in that case it's similar to what happend in this video
    Greetings from Mexico 😁

  12. How come this attractive man saved this other attractive man but when I go to the hospital it’s always some old lady—

  13. One of the only medical professionals that has no shame to admit we all need to check sources for some procedures, sometimes we even know the complete procedure but it also makes us relax and feel more confortable. I think this message should be passed around even more, people have to understand we are all human and not being ashamed of doing things like this could save lifes. Thanks Doctor Mike.

  14. I'm a first aider in my work and we aren't allowed to have and administer an epi pen unless the person is unable to do this themselves. I'm not sure if it's a law here in the UK but I do know people in the building that carry their own that can be called if the occasion arises and we don't have the time to wait for an ambulance.

  15. If this was a klm, sas, hansa or any other good international European company.. it would be less dramatic. And if it was missing on any of those companies. They would get so hurt by their respective country's citizens that the whole fleet would get overhauled. I wish America will get there.

  16. I am a flight attendant and recently, during the aproach to the airport for landing, when I was checking the seatbelts and stuff, a passenger didnt respond, so I checked his pulse and he had not one. We started chest comressions and I made an announcement for a doctor. Fortunately there was one and got the case. The friends of the passenger told us that he probably had an overdose. I wonder if there was no doctor onboard, and the passenger wouldnt wake, do I have the authority to give him epi and is it suitable for this case to do it?

  17. Struggle is real as doctor. Good job.! I am familliar with epinipren remember my past job .Im the one preparing those Medicine for surgeries and even emergency drugs. propofol,medazolam, isoflurane, butorphano, alot this video reminds how to use this in patients

  18. He is a doctor, not a medical book. Whats wrong with watching a Youtube video? He is practising medicine in a hospital, plane is a different setting. I am a programmer, I google lots of things coz I cannot memorize all the codes and algorithm. I see nothing wrong.

  19. "No one ever does this." [Flash back to my Combat Medical training at Ft. Sam Houston, and the section on emergency crycothyrotomy]

  20. I think that the airlines should also not rely on a doctor to just be on board. What of one is not? I think they should have a doctor as part of the staff just in case…

  21. I want to watch the video by that shirt is giving me anxiety because of how tight it is. I feel like the buttons are just going to fly off.

  22. This video makes me so glad my allergic reactions result in only itchy skin and rashes, because my flippin god this terrify's me.

  23. Keep the good work, I have been watching your videos earlier today, and I learned more in here than in school, keep the good work! 💗

  24. A manual epi syringe, not a trademarked Epipen autoinjector, is a much more reasonable $25 instead of $500. It doesn't take much brains to use one. Get over the need for overpriced autoinjectors, we lived fine without them for decades.

  25. God.. It's so hard to be a doctor, not because of the pressure or the workload, but the amount of informations you need to remember. I can't even remember what I had for breakfast..

  26. The things is that heart problems can present themselves out of the blue but people with allergies usually know they have them so why don't they have their own epi-pen? People take all sorts of prescribed medication on their trips, but I doubt anyone packs a defib 'just in case'. I have an ICD implant because of my heart condition; without it I might have to consider taking some external device – it's MY responsibility to be prepared for things I am aware of and not to depend on others to be prepared on my behalf.

  27. I was watching bunch of videos, till I landed on this one and I’m disappointed that’s you’re indirectly supporting Israel, which throughout the years have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of mass murders in palestine 🇵🇸

  28. How is it that there's no EpiPen onboard a plane when they serve peanuts?? Such a famously life-threatening allergy and somehow nobody has complained?

  29. sort of off topic but does anyone else get really weird dreams when they're taking prednisone just sickeningly colorful

  30. I was recently prescribed an epi pen for a sunflower oil allergy and I’m scared to death to use it. Sounds like a scary ride!

  31. Me, at 10:16 pm, and a person who is very squeamish, watching this:

    rolling vigorously around in bed noises

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