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100 thoughts on “All Phantom Manor Changes and Comparison

  1. That was an awesome video! I think the new one is better, because it is so beautifully lit and the animatronics are incredible! I still like the old one, though.

  2. I’ve never been on this ride, but it seems to me that, while most of the changes are good, the few mistakes are big ones.

  3. One thing I’d like to point out is I think the story took place in the 1890s rather than the 1860s based on the clothes the ghosts are wearing and some of their hair styles

  4. Personally, I prefer the original story. But that’s just my opinion. Other than that, everything is amazing! I wish I could ride it myself. I hate being poor!

  5. Can i have a shout out i love this kind of videos its like watchmojo but with more personality but im late in some vids because of the time zone though

  6. Interesting changes tho now it makes it like the Father and Daughter are partners in crime, one finds the suitor, the other kills 'em.

  7. As much as I love Phantom Manor, I'm not a fan of the new story, the original was more tragic and sad as she spent her days looking for her groom and ends up saving us from the Phantom and you never REALLLYYY knew who the Phantom was, now it's out right The Phantom is her dad and he now chases her around taunting her till you see in the mirror that she's finally broken and gone mad and is now just asking the first person she sees (the rider) to marry them

  8. If Disney ever make another Haunted Mansion movie once again then they should take inspirations for from Phantom Manor. Both old and new version of the story can be used.


  9. Thought I let you know, you got the before and after mixed up with the effect of the mark davis gallery. Other than that, great video

  10. Maybe I'm overanalyzing it but have you noticed that the painting in the foyer a kind of resembles the poster from The Conjuring? Down to the Noose hanging from the tree and the house in the background?

  11. I'm still jealous of how Vincent Price is in this version and not the one here in california. But that's okay. It gives that mansion it's own character rather than just the same ol mansion every time.

  12. Tbh, I'm mad they changed the story. Like the whole point was Melanie was in love with one guy and now they just made her look desperate tbh.

  13. As a french visitor at DLP, we were sad for the refurbishement of this famous atraction. And after seeing this video, it's obvious that's well done and giving this manor a second life !

  14. The new effects in Phantom Manor are pretty incredible and are a definite improvement on the ride, but personally I like the original story better.

  15. Am I the only one who thinks the portrait of Henry Ravenswood looks exactly like Vincent Price (who is also the voice of the Phantom)?

  16. I completely understand people's qualms with the story change. However, I think it was an okay idea to sort of make the Phantom Manor more unified with the other mansions' plot (Constance). Disney tries to keep things similar so that you get similar experiences regardless of the park you go to, and they achieved that with this story alteration. The only reason why Mystic Manor gets to be so different is because of culture, but Disneyland Paris doesn't have that obstacle. So making it similar in story to the other parks is fine, I think. It's still unique enough for Paris to call it their own mansion.

  17. that moment you see your comment in the video haha i screemed :p you explained everything just perfect <3

  18. This is really interesting.
    It has a completely different story now
    I worked on Big Thunder Mountain in Paris over 20yrs ago.
    The original story was Melanie’s father struck gold, made a lot of money and built the Manor to overlook the gold production.
    Melanie fell in love with a gold miner which Henry didn’t approve of.
    He asked madame Leota to get rid of him.
    She caused an earthquake killing most of the people in Thunder Mesa including her father but Melanie survived.
    They are all the guests dancing in the ballroom.
    Thunder mountain is the spirit of the dead miner driving the train seeking vengeance for being killed

  19. Thank you for uploading this! I hope that you can also do the history and changes of the singing busts in both Haunted Mansion and Phantom Manor since I want to suggest the same thing just like Jacob Jennings suggested!

  20. Me and my brother admired the OG Phantom Manor, but we were both leaving our mouths locked open throughout the new Manor (Though I loved it more than him since I noticed all the stupid details I loved, like the colors). Adding a Fastpass is also a very good idea for a Haunted Mansion type ride since those lines can get packed given the circumstances. Overall, I think it was totally worth it; though waiting through the French narration for the English narration is pretty annoying.

  21. I like the part where melon sacrafices herself better then when she appears next to you. But thats just my opinion

  22. One day I hope I can go experience this attraction it looks amazing but will never top the OG haunted mansion ☺️

  23. Awesome video, I've never really heard much about Phantom Manor before now. I am a bit sad that they changed the Phantom at the end, he looks way creepier before. Also, very confused about why all of the peoples' faces in Phantom Canyon are green now.

  24. I do wish they could have stuck a bit closer to the former's narrative as I believe that Melanie sacrificing herself to save the guests delivered a much better finale. I also wish they had stuck with corpse Master Ravenswood as the guests finally saw him as he truly was: a monster devoid of humanity.

  25. The ride looks incredible but the the regularity of the Phantom's presence behind Melanie is really hamfisted.

    1 – It's wayyy too often and doesn't convey new information each time he pops up. Which is lazy.
    2 – I'm sorry to go there but it screams bad touch. It may be for my personal reasons but never leaving her alone isn't over protective dad. It borders on all the wrong creepy. Fine if that's what they secretly were going for but based on what I seen it's short sightedness on the imagineer part.

  26. I remember the original's paintings looked like the ones from the one in California but just slowly changed

  27. All of these new super advanced effects are awesome, but a great part of the manor's atmosphere was due to how run down and abandoned it looked, like it wasn't an attraction or part of the park at all. It felt real. Also, the less detailed and more mysterious storyline of the previous version was way better and more romantic and melancholic in my opinion. It just felt darker, scarier and way more realistic. I feel it was considerably more immersive, wich is completely ruined by having goddamn Mickey Mouse, or even Jack at the entrance the whole year. The new version just seems a lot less serious and more colorful and goofy ( no pun intended ). They very clearly "Haunted Mansion-ified" it, and I feel Phantom Manor was greatly superior to its american counterpart as it was prior to the refurbishment. I would certainly keep most of the new special effects and improvements, but I would also most definitely have kept the original story, tone, theming, lighting, atmosphere, etc… intact.

  28. The orginal seems better in many ways i especially like the end where she would sacrafice her self to set us free not ask us to marry her what the hell? Its not a horrible referbishment but not a good as the original

  29. …I prefer the original story and finale. A town in hell, a corpse, and a floating bride gone? Screw that.

  30. I prefer a new narrative of this ride rather than the previous one. It's almost like Melanie was possessed by the phantom, which turned her into a killer, as we can see Melanie appeared with Phantom side by side most of the time. I'm convinced that it was Melanie who murdered her suitors without realizing her actions. If this is the creator's true intention for the new narrative, then Its allegory is quite haunting. Because that is how psychotic killers often see themselves as being controlled by a demon, or in this case a phantom.

  31. If they had kept the original finale with the new refurbishment I would be happier with it, I like it so much better! And if they simply upgraded the second Phantom's movements I would have liked that more too

  32. This is interesting, because people need to carefully observe the comparisons between the retro and current versions of Phantom Manor located in Disneyland Paris. This spooky attraction appears in FrontierLand. No 1️⃣ will be able to miss it.

  33. I personally prefer the original version of the story. Although I like the change in lighting, the new morphing paintings, and the updated foyer, the update in the stretching room, along with Melanie gone stir crazy just weakens it for me.

  34. I like the changes! Others may not agree, but I don’t care. I respect the fact that people have differ opinions.
    Who else likes the changes?

  35. Fastpass for Phatom Manor? I went a month ago, and some other major attractions started to get long lines in the late afternoon/evening, but Phantom Manor never exceeded 15 minutes. Maybe in the summer months, it's a completely different ball game.

  36. Great video! 3 things worth mentioning are that the initial portrait has for hearts carved into the tree (backstory) as well as the noose (foreshadowing). The knight/cowboy also has a herd of ghostly cattle in it (perhaps a nod to "Ghost Riders in the Sky"). Finally, and I'm not sure about this one, but it looks like the cheating Duelist is Henry himself.

  37. The first corridor with doors scene was way better! It was used to be creepy, but now it just sounds funny. I also think the removed the bride scene for the same reason. Just to make it less creepy.

  38. The ticket booth’s face is the recycled version of the old phantoms face at the ending. (Ur welcome)

  39. I had a different sense in the story in comparison to everyone else. I do understand everyone’s point but Melanie definitely not like Constance and even with the extra suitors added, to me it made her story sound even more tragic. How I saw it was her first suitor actually wasn’t Jake it must of been one of the other four being shown in the portraits. Yet moving on from that, the manor itself was seeing some bad times as Henry built the manor on top of Boot Hill where many of the natives said that disturbing the mountain would cause a powerful spirit, The Thunderbird, to wreak havoc on whoever messed with said mountain. Yet Henry didn’t listen and proceeded ahead with the construction. As Melanie grew up into a beautiful young woman she met with four suitors who in all met there own grizzly fate. By taking in that information, to me Melanie already felt lonely and that her life would just be filled with loneliness to never find a lover ever again. After losing all those men, any woman would be depressed and would be searching for someone who could finally take her hand and leave the horrible memories of each suitor dying in unfortunate events. There comes Jake, the train engineer, who seemingly seemed liked the perfect man for her giving the circumstances that befell her. She fell in love and so did he wanting to take her away from there of course the father, Henry, wasn’t okay with it and tried his hardest to separate the two but it was for not as an earthquake hit taking Henry and his wife with it. And of course as the story goes, on the wedding day Jake was lured away and hung up in the attic in silence. Melanie frantically searching for her love to no avail waited for him while slowly being consumed by her fathers laughter and madness but still waiting for her lover to return back into her arms. I felt that the presence of the father being shown everywhere didn’t bother me at all it showed that no matter what, Melanie will forever be haunted by her overprotective father pushing everyone away from his beloved daughter to the point where he himself would be trying to put your neck around a noose as well.

    That’s how the story was depicted to me and nothing like Constance since she was a woman who just wanted inheritance and murdered all the men by cutting there head off. Melanie’s felt more tragic in my eyes, even with the extra suitors it felt like it was a desperate plea for love and that happy ending that she dreamed of but never got to cake since her father had taken that away from her.

  40. I don't like the new stretching paintings. The Poe-like horror has been replaced by generic CSI shenanigans. Dynamite? Wood saws? Come on. They are well-painted, though. I'll give 'em that. In fact, all the new effects are beautifully made.

    However, being beautifully made does not make them superior choices.

  41. It's a good thing Henry is dead, he wouldn't win father of the year going around killing all of Melonie's boyfriends.

  42. If Henry went around killing Melony's boyfriends isn't he worried that all their ghost will come after him and kick his ass?

  43. I have to admit, at first I hated how they changed the story of the Phantom Manor from one groom being murdered by Henry to four in a row,. But now, the more I think of it, the fact Henry came back to murder all of his soon to be sons-in-law, and that he is always shown with his daughter, constantly behind her back in a not very subtle way… It's like he wanted…. to…. Oh my God. Disney, You made this story even darker and disturbing than before.

  44. Why they had to change in the first place? Well for the effects, I understand. They improved for good. Like Melanie standing at the window looking out. That’s really nice. But why changing the story? The story was fine. I liked it a lot.

  45. When I was on phantom manor the ride broke down when my cart had got to the ballroom scene. At first, they covered it up by saying that the spirits were playing with the carts and the tour would resume shortly. But then all the lights came up and you could clearly see how all of the effects were done. We waited for about ten minutes until a cast member came out and told us we needed to evacuate the attraction. We had to walk through the rest of the manor and I was at the back of the queue with a cast member behind me and as we walked past things she pointed out all the hidden Mickeys to me. What amazed me though was that even though the rest of the ride had shut down the animatronics were working perfectly fine. It was honestly quite incredible just walking through the manor and seeing the detail you wouldn't have even noticed when the lights were off. But in the end, it was all fine because we got a fast pass and went back on it later and it didn't break down but it was weird looking at everything and just thinking "I know how they did that,".

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