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17 thoughts on “AMT – Alternative Minimum Tax – CPA Exam | Another71

  1. Awesome this was extremely helpful. Becker should structure their lectures like this and remove some of the fluff.

  2. you should just note that when Jeff says that "for normal tax you can deduct amounts over 7.5 percent and it changes to 10 percent for AMT" only applies for people over 65, people younger than 65 can never deduct amounts under 10 percent

  3. I am taking my exam tomorrow, and as I am studying, I see your board. It really has helped me to grasp the concept. Thanks so much!

  4. Little confused on 10% Medical.

    It's on the Schedule A list of (non-deductible) items added back. So did he say it is or is not deductible? I would think it is NOT deductible.

  5. Why do review courses even bother showing you how to calculate AMT and diluted EPS? When you only need to know the basics as opposed to being expected to compute them.

  6. Have a CPA Exam study question? Send it here (https://www.another71.com/ask-jeff-cpa-exam-podcast)  and I'll gladly answer it in an upcoming podcast. – jeff

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