An American Castle in Arkansas – Eureka Springs Castle Rogues Manor
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An American Castle in Arkansas – Eureka Springs Castle Rogues Manor

My advice to anyone thinking about building their own castle would be to build a SMALL, castle. I’m Jeremy Mason McGraw and my company Global Image Creation works with some of the most notable names in luxury travel. Our clients take us around the world to help tell their story. Along the way, we encounter interesting people, and experiences that we want to share with you. These are Our Global Adventures. In 1993, we found this property and that property screamed for a castle. During my different careers, I was able to travel in the late 60s through the 70s from different countries and architectures. influenced the style and design that came into the architecture of the castle. I decided to do what’s called the gatekeepers cottage first to establish and develop our style and profiles, and we worked on that building every day for seven years. I salvaged a number of major logs in the Northwest that I was able to make oversized furniture and quite a bit of the woodwork in the castle. The size of the Great Hall is a 100 feet by 50 feet. In the sculpture of the Dragons and yours truly, there is function also in the heat released from the fireplace and the heated air comes out the Dragon mouths. Because of our process of creating the castle, it allowed us to be adventurous in our architecture. Somebody asked me at one time, what was the most exciting moment of the build? It turned out to be the process of taking all the scaffolding down and exposing the finished building, and it was a thrill to see without the interference of all of the structure. In these many relationships that have moved me around the continent, I’ve not had to chop off any heads… yet. [Laughing]

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