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100 thoughts on “Ancient Aliens: The Mystery Beneath Rudloe Manor (Season 12, Episode 3) | History

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  2. What is the crop circles are ancient letters or symbols or alien letters or symbols if we can figure out how to decipher them we can start to make words with tin like take pictures from every crop circle in the world and decipher them and try to make words out of them

  3. It does seem all countries have their own area 51….aka deception for the UN agenda….when globalist sees its needed. Its all fakery

  4. What if stone henge was actually a landing platform for extraterrestrial space craft they should do a radiation test to see if the stones where exposed to some sort of radiation

  5. By law only human being can get a licence to drive cars . Those bicycles are obviously there for the aliens .

  6. Apparently some of you in here don't even know what country that this is in and/or who Nick Pope is.

    So if HE doesn't know what is, then NOBODY knows what it is. (Except for the select few that are secretly "in the know"), obviously

  7. It's Data processing site for Royal Navy , and a officer shows up and say it's private property .
    Is that right .?

  8. You could have helped me make a video for YouTube with that camera but you choose to make this video instead.

  9. What if………..

    Aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½Aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½Aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½Aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½Aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½Aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½ aliens πŸ‘½

  10. All this is fine but why ur hair tho??? Do u get airlifted every night by ancient alien astronauts and their cousin real aliens?? Whyyy the hair?

  11. I believe, we believe, we surmise, we don't have any proof whatsoever, and it's like the old saying, when you discount everything else, however improbable, it must be the answer.
    Like it being protected because it is a spy center. It has secrets, it has intelligence, that would benefit those who wish harm to our island. Basically, it has no more or less protection than any other military installation.

  12. I have been inside and what it actually is is the European CS:GO server rooms. The security is to protect it from hackers trying to install their wall hacks

  13. :What Ancient astronaut theorists and people who don’t speak English have in common?
    :They both say yes to everything.

  14. The thing that is so secured is freedom. Freedom free your mind from the grasps of the greedy super powers life was not meant to be like it is today, we have been slaved away for years and never new never could even imagine till now I promise all you it will not be like that in 20 if you choose

  15. I watched an insider documentary on the CCC, the film showed a very normal underground office with miles and miles of tunnels but noone seemed to be in it or at least during filming…πŸ€”

  16. well I think the stories were told as children, like legend of singing swords that react to wind, people that could fly, and the architecture we see around is telling us something?

    I feel the creation of a metal that can resonate and produce a musical sound ties in nicely with an anti-gravity craft that uses sound and an em bubble to float or for warp speed travel through space. And imagine if we made a base on the moon we might use arches with something like a speaker the create a downwards pushing wave, and seem as if we could flay when entering rooms which don't have gravity.

    I again believe we are the aliens and if we reach mars or where ever we will create a new sport as well where be move in 3D like space rugby or water polo…

    And if we can create gravity as easily as shown above, we might even be able to make our bodies incredibly strong through training…

  17. When u think about aliens, then people who believe in them usually suspect everything or try to correlate any situation with a proof for their existence, desperation is the word but in the process their mind sees the world differently which is an outstanding phenomenon .

  18. This is one of the funniest things I've watched for ages. Who'd have thunk that a military installation would be heavily guarded and off limits to twits!? Amazing!

  19. Lol what a load of rubbish, nothing like that went on at Rudloe when I was there. So far from the truth . Very entertaining though ha ha ha

  20. Storm it like area 51. As long as we let them do what they want thats what will happen. Demand the truth. They should NEVER have any place we cannot go. Ever!!

  21. I love Ancient Aliens but this is similar to pulling up Area 51 demanding to know what's going on in there. What's your PIN number and why aren't you telling me? Duh!

  22. odd, when you type rudloe manor into YouTube, it suggests the extension of " red door"– I'd say, pedo pizza slave trafficking, farm, mi torture, witches— see if Vatican connection, there usually is. ufo comes off when they hurt us… ufo may then come onto them later..ufo knows Christ..orb, orbos. the wicked are most certainly punished, says God…none of their psychotic tortures or murders, satanic rapes, machine tortures, go unnoticed by God.

  23. Ancient astronaut theorists, at this point that is as equivalent as saying a group of preschoolers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  24. The security at that facility did not look that well guarded. A fence with barbwire and some cameras. It's not exactly Area 51.

  25. I love how this show coined the term Ancient Astronaut Theorist and treats the three words like they are the official governing bodies of fact and fiction.

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