Assessing Residential Properties in Ontario
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Assessing Residential Properties in Ontario

We’re MPAC- the Municipal Property Assessment
Corporation and we’re responsible for assessing and classifying
all properties in Ontario. Every four years we conduct a province-wide
assessment update of almost 5 million properties. Our assessments provide the foundation on
which municipalities across Ontario base property taxes.
It is the accuracy of MPAC’s assessments that help to ensure property owners pay their fair
share of property taxes -and nothing more.
Each municipality allocates property taxes to help pay for municipal services such as: • Waste Management • Parks and Leisure Facilities
• Police and Fire Protection • Libraries
• Schools • Roads, sidewalks and public transit
So let’s take a closer look at how we assess residential properties. Our assessment professionals
analyze property sales in your area, providing the basis for assessed values, known as Current
Value Assessment. In addition to sales, we regularly analyze
property information through a number of sources, including: – land title documents;
-building permits; – on-site property inspections and communication
with property owners; As many as 200 different factors are considered
when assessing the value of a residential property; however there are 5 major factors
that make up approx. 85% of the value. Factors include location, lot dimensions, living area,
age of the structure­ adjusted for any major renovations or additions and quality of construction.
Although the next assessment Update isn’t until 2016, we still continue to update our
database to reflect any changes to properties such as new homes being built or properties
being renovated, demolished or changing use We notify property owners of changes to their
property through a Property Assessment Notice. It provides you with detailed property information
including your assessed value. To ensure a level of tax predictability, any increase
in assessment is phased-in over four years. A decrease, however, is applied
immediately. Your Property Assessment Notice also has the
login information for With, you can learn why
your property was assessed the way it was. You can also review, compare and obtain detailed
information about your property and up to 24 additional properties of your choice, free
of charge! Your Property. Our Assessment. Know more about

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