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100 thoughts on “Basic Land Navigation (Simplified)

  1. Awesome, flashbacks to my army days…ordered a suunto compass like yours and some topo maps…cant wait to practice these skills again

  2. Really excellent set of land nav videos. I learned land nav in the army, but I'm using your videos to teach it to my Boy Scout Troop. You do a great job of explaining things simply, better than I can.   The infantry and boy scouts are about the last people in the world who care about land nav without a GPS.

  3. And BOOM ….. Just like that I understand lol . The best instructional for basic compass /navigation/plotting on the internet . Im a bushcrafter /primitive camper and usually know where I am however I do like to venture off camp and explore , in search of resources and or other sites , now I can actually use my compass to expand my enjoyment of the forest / lakes by being able to notate and find / file locations !!!

  4. Great video and info, thanks for sharing and got to say great way to explain everything, simple and straight to the point. Keep up the great videos!

  5. Honestly as a member of a GSAR (Ground Search And Rescue) team I have taken multiple land navigation classes in person out in the field and I have watched other videos on the subject and your presentation style and the information included will be my go to recommendation for new members starting out.

  6. You're the best, Corporal~ (^,….,^)
    We've been having a ton of earthquakes here in the NW over the last few days, and you've helped me secure a Bug Out Bag, a 2 week in house reserve of food and water, and have taught me so many survival skills that my confidence and hopes in dark times have multiplied incrementally. Thank you~

  7. There are two models of the Suunto MC-2, the Pro and the G. The Pro model sold in the US is assumptively calibrated to the Northern hemisphere. Setting aside the matter of price, are you aware of any argument (accuracy, sensitivity, whatever) to be made against the use of a global compass?

  8. Great job, coming from someone with 50 years of maritime navigation. P.S. Time to clean that dry erase board.

  9. It strikes me that your Ranger pace beads bear an uncanny resemblance to a set of rosary beads. I remember the catholic brothers telling the young boys to say their ten "Hail Mary's" and their one "Our Father". You don't think the Templar Knights may have known something? I very much enjoyed your tutorial as I am working on my freedom camping skills, navigation, orienteering, etc. Thanks again 🙂

  10. On next to the map and compass video… Thumbs up for sure for this one. I like the homework assignments in some of the other videos I have seen.

    We used the "box recon" method, if you would, to survey land for animal tracks. You simply walk your entire acreage of land marking all of the tracks, deer sign, beaver, raccoon, whatever, water, shelter locations and literally make your own land map for what you found.

    Modern days you should be able to compare your personally created and drawn map with an overhead satellite imagery photo for a good "teachers aid" for how accurate you are with your compass skills. Including trees, grass, water, roads and the like. The limit is your imagination and time behind the compass. Louis and Clark used the same tools to map everything east of the Ohio river.

    I love the homework assignments in the other videos. You should be, if not, a Scoutmaster for Boy Scouts. They would/should be honored to have you.

  11. My wife and I would watch your videos over anybody out there. Why? Because you cut through the BS and to the chase. You give us the "Truth" of survival techniques. Thank you soooooooooo much.

  12. Please….up the bar….and show us map and compass. You are teaching millions of USA citizens how to survive if the SHTF….which we believe will happen…not if it will happen.

  13. When I’m learning a lot I feel you make it so simple to understand I have a learning disability but you’re making it easier did I understand thank you

  14. Yes I don’t understand meters understand yardage like 3 foot is a yard I said I’m not that smart but I like the beads I never thought about the beads and count the spaces that is so cool thank you

  15. Do the 2nd part. As for determining pace count, is my 100 count to be my 100 meters? Do each of our 100 meters, then, differ? Another question: What is determining which degree I am to use if going out on a hike?

  16. i saw you proper mavigator type you are my teacher afterearth gps workE V goes thrue england ns thrue acvator90 deagre eachquarter

  17. Great video! Have to come back and finish later. Have to start the work day. Thank you for making this video and the recommendations for follow up videos on other channels.

  18. Hello Corporal Corner, thanks for this amazing and easy to understand explanation.
    I do have zero experience using an compass. Watching this and the compass+map video helped me alot.
    Thanks for uploading these videos

  19. God.. this is just a great source of knowledge regarding compass..
    Thank you so much for the explanation..
    Very informative video with an excellent tutor of great experiences.

  20. Outstanding – Back in the day, prior to gps, I taught LandNav at the 101st Path Finder school at Ft. Campbell. Start simple and build from there. First time on your channel – looking forward to more.

  21. I liked this. I want to increase my skills and this is one of them. On that vein, yes. I want more knowledge.

  22. This reminds me of basic, and everyone saying how easy land nav is, and all the Drill Sgt's laughing saying " wait till we get in the field pvt, wait till we get in the field. Many a lost pvt's out in the woods of FtKnox that night, and we went out before noon.

  23. Would have been nice if you’d have jumped straight into the lesson. Didn’t need the explanation about YouTube algorithms. Just need a land nav refresher since it’s been 30 years since my days as an infantry medic, and a total badass with a map and compass.

  24. Thank you for the video. Just because others make a video, none are exactly the same. I often learn more from something slightly different.

  25. Sir, first an for most I want to thank you for your service to these United States of America as a United States Marine and watching your other videos and what you had to say in this video I clearly see your time is not to be wasted and with that being said I would like to thank you for teaching us through this media format. Wish you had a school for civilians. Keep your ammo dry. Out.

  26. Corporal, great vid and information, can you please make a vid on land nav with only aerial photographs or Google Earth prints? No scale map.

  27. I learned a lot from you. So thank you. I have been using compass wrong all my life. Nice to learn, eventually. You are an authentic source to learn from so it is our privilege.

  28. You're videos are , as you would say "Outstanding".  I am a training officer with the Canadian Air Cadets. Part of our training is Aircrew Survival. I post links to your videos on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pg/349RCACS/posts/?ref=page_internal) as supplemental knowledge for our cadets to learn prior to going on our field training exercise. Keep up the good work. Thanks to you "We are good to go".

  29. Your awsome and I enjoy your channel emencly, thank you for your hard work and willingness to help inform those of us that only have this format to learn from. May God bless you and yours

  30. I THINK……"Belief in the reviewer"…. has alot to play with an over saturated market. We pick our favorite Reviewers/Teachers and we stick with them. Myself…I am glad you are teaching/brushing me up on my compass. I'm 60yrs old now….guys like me have learned to always Learn from others.

  31. Corporals & Sergeants run the army so I'd rather get advice from you about field craft than a prepper or hiker that hasn't actually had their life depend on it yet.

  32. After recently getting lost in the woods from my partner, I can say I totally appreciate this video and will rewatch over and over until I "get it". thank you. I was close to calling in a "hunter in distress" call. And then thankfully he found me with one hour of daylight left. These are great tools to learn, and now I am super motivated. thank you!!

  33. Very good video. The absolute basics, which is what I needed. Have an old Coleman Lams. Feel I should get something more up to date(tritium, etc) . Would like to know what you think. I'm glad I found your channel. Late but not sorry.

  34. Land nav military style is cool and all (former 11B), but given the availability of MGRS maps for the United States, doing things in meters is pointless, especially given all the commercially available maps are 1:24,000, not 1:25,000.

  35. Does it matter what degree you’re using to shoot your bearing? Can you choose 50? Or is it just a point to shoot from? Good precise info. I’ll play this weekend. I’m always out camping, but always keep close to camp. This series will give me the confidence (daytime) to venture out.

  36. Corporal, I agree with everyone who talks about your style of instruction. Granted that particular chapter of the topic is saturated but there is a topic that you would excel at. If you could realistically get yourself "lost" in the wilderness on camera as if it were actually happening, not only would we learn what was needed but it would become a memory if it happens IRL.

  37. I feel that after 21 years in the United States Army 😁 being pretty good at these skills! Using them often over the years…
    I will say this is one of the better if not the best video on this subject that I ha e watched on YouTube!

  38. I went to basic training in 1984. Needless to say, I forgot some things. You're video was clear, easy to understand with no BS. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

  39. Don't under estimate the value of the information you are sharing with us Marine! I personally find your teachings valuable.

  40. You mentioned maybe not doing a video on this because of your subscriber base being “so low” and thinking that not a lot of people would see it. A lot of us like your videos for the simplicity. I actually searched for this topic in hopes that you had done a video on it. So thanks and hopefully you’ll see this and not be possibly discouraged in the future.

  41. I learned more from your two videos than I ever thought I'd want! Awesome instructor and easy to follow explanation!

  42. interesting, youre the second american who used metres in their videos. is this common vernacular in the military and US cartography? great video!

  43. for me its because if it wasnt you or dave then i wouldnt watch, im fairly ok with most of your other content, but nav skills is something i lack, and never looked. came up on your "next vid" feed and now im working on that skill. its not something i would seek out otherwise. gotta be a good thing ay?

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