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Believe In Your VISION | Hardcore Property Podcast

A lot of people ask me, “Paul, how do I raise
finance? How do I get people to buy into my vision?” and it’s all about how can I get
someone else to, but we need to start with you. Are you sold on your own vision? Hi folks, Paul McFadden here. So in today’s podcast I’m going to talk about you. Are you
sold on our vision? Where are you going? And the reason I say this here because the most
common questions I get at our Property Protege events, events that I speak at, people sending
me messages in off the back of the podcast or through social media. A lot of people ask
me, “Paul, how do I raise finance? How do I get people to buy into my vision?” and it’s
all about how can I get someone else to, but we need to start with you. Are you sold on
your own vision? Because here’s the thing, people follow people who are going somewhere.
My question to you is are you going somewhere? So let’s not think about other people, and
try to sell other people in your vision, because the truth of the matter is, you need to be
sold yourself. Can you look at yourself in the mirror, and actually look yourself and
actually say to you, say to yourself, I believe in you, I believe in me. I know that I’m going
to become a millionaire, of that’s your goal. I know that I’m going to build a significant
property portfolio, I know I’m going to build a seven figure business. I know that I’m going
to get this, that I’m going to contribute, I know that I’m going to change the world,
I know that I’m going to do this, because when you say that to yourself, what comes
in, listen to your unconscious becoming more conscious, listen to the mind chatter, listen
to what your that little voice, I hope, I hope that it’s just not me that’s got that
little voice, alright, we’ve all got it, the great trickster, we can’t trust out own minds,
how crazy is that that we can’t trust our own inner chatter, because we’re having this
battle inside our heads, from the minute we wake up, through the whole day, het when we
go to sleep, our unconscious is running a riot and your mind and depending on what you’re
feeding it, will depend on what it’s repeating and saying to you, and sometimes you’re not
aware of this. You see, let’s talk about property for a second, you see a cracking deal, it’s
a deal, the numbers work, it’s a no-brainer, you do the deal, you should be picking up
the phone, putting in the offer, it’s a done deal, but what happens? We allow ourselves
to start thinking about it too much. Does it work? have I missed something? Wait a wee
minute, is this right? Those numbers can’t work. I need a second opinion, I maybe need
to sleep on that. Oh my God, you’re just about to commit to this property, you see how serious
this is, you’re good to take on a mortgage, you’re going to put money into this. Is it
a deal? Is it going to work? You need to go and speak to this investor, what if they doubt
in the deal? And then what happens? You talk yourself out the deal. You never pick up the
phone, you never make the offer and who is that? That’s not someone else that’s took
you out the game. It’s your own mind. You can’t trust your own mind. We need to understand
we’ve got a constant battle, we’re at war every minute of the day, even when we’re sleeping,
with ourselves. And that’s more relevant to our vision. Are you old don yourself? Do you
believe that you’re going somewhere? Because when you tell yourself, when you look in the
mirror and you say “I’m going to be this”, what thoughts come up? What is your mind trying
to take you out of? “Oh no, you’re going to go and do this? No no no, wait a wee minute.
If you do that, it means you’re going to have to put yourself out there. It means you’re
going to have to be vocal on social media, and you know what that means. It means that
people are going to reject you and people are going to have a different opinion, people
are going to come against you, people are going to…” and before you know it, you’re
having this inner battle. And if you’re not consciously aware of that, you’ve lost. You
have lost. You need to be so aware of this. And it’s difficult if we don’t become conscious
of what our thoughts are on a daily basis, on a moment to moment basis. So when we focus
in about our vision, you need to buy into yourself, you need to practise your vision,
you need to look in the mirror and convince yourself that you are someone worth following,
that you are someone that people should get behind because next year you’re going to be
somebody that’s moving. Next year you’re going to be someone that’s moving and then in 5
years, people want to see who you are, get behind you and buy into you and into your
vision. In the early days for me in my property journey, it took a lot for me to actually
buy into myself. I had to go away and get brainwashed, I had to go and get education,
I had to listen to different people. Because my social circle were people saying, Paul,
you can’t do this, you’re going to go and become a property millionaire, no chance,
you’re going to go and buy property, how are you able to do that, do you know where you
come from, look at your upbringing. I had to silence that bullshit, the naysayers, and
guess what? They weren’t meaning anything, there’s people out there that will come against
you, and they will say it with malice, but those people around me at the time, they weren’t
saying that to hurt me, they were trying to say it to protect me, because they didn’t
want me to fail, and remember that, you’ll have family and your close friends, they don’t
know you and they’re working on their map of the world. T hey don’t know your potential,
they don’t know your vision. They’re basing it on their understanding and their map of
the world, so don’t have them for it, but you do need to separate yourself from them,
you do need to distance yourself from listening to that, because if your mind is getting fed
with everyone else telling you you can’t do it, guess what? Your mind is going to back
that up, it’s going to take you out the game. So I needed to go away and get myself brainwashed
by going through many personal development trainings. That’s why at Property Protege
we spend so much time and so much emphasis on getting up here right, at our property
millionaire mindset. It’s the most vitally important thing. Forget the strategies, forget
how to raise finance, forget all the multiple ways of bringing money into. We talk about
this. People leave Property Protege with strategies to bring in tens of thousands, hundreds of
thousands of pounds. But forget about that. How to source the deals, unlimited amounts
of deals. Forget about that. How to structure deals with 100% no money down funding, so
you’re putting no money, forget about those because none of that works unless you’ve got
the mindset right. That’s why we focus so heavily on it because we need to get you to
become consciously aware to take control back of your thoughts, so you can make more empowering
decisions. And when you do that, guess what’s going to happen. You’re going to skyrocket
your business, your life and all areas. Why? Because you’re now staring to believe in your
vision. You’ve taken control of your mind, you’re now buying into where you’re going,
you’re convincing yourself before you’re even there, before you’ve reached the destination,
that you’re already there, that you’re going to achieve this. And in the early days for
me, I had to brainwash myself. I had to believe in it when it wasn’t true, and everyone was
coming against me and then what happened is that I started to see some of the success,
started to see some of the things that I was believing in before that even came true, and
then what happened off the back of that is that I started to convince myself and because
I convinced myself and I was sold on my vision, and where I was going, and it evolves and
it grows and expands, even at times when I wanted to restrict because it wasn’t becoming
true, I still resisted to expand. Then other people come up to and go “Paul, I don’t know
why but I want to invest with you. I know you’re doing things but you’re someone who’s
worth following, I need to get on this train with you because it’s going somewhere. Loads
of people wanted to work with me because of my energy, because of where I was going. I
was always selling the vision, what was happening next and what I was doing and how I was going
to be doing this and how I was helping other people build a significant portfolio along
with myself, and how I was going to change the financial education system, and that’s
another big thing that I’m focusing on just now, and who doesn’t want to get behind that?
Who doesn’t want to get behind the whole idea of creating a movement of helping people manage
their finances and become more financially free. Who doesn’t want to get behind that?
Building bigger pictures in what we want to be doing. Who doesn’t want to get behind that
stuff? Are you someone who walks into a room, a networking room, that lights that room up?
People feel your energy, you walk in the room it’s like bam, you whack them with your energy.
Are you that type of person? And I tell you what, you will be that type of person if you
know where you’re going. Or do you go in that networking event, you already got your physiology
and your body and it’s just, it’s down, you need some money, you don’t know if anyone’s
going to be there, you’re having a hard time, you’re taking a mental beating from your mind,
that’s another negative energy that people will feel. People will disappear from you.
But if you before that networking event really understand where you’re going and realise
that when you go in there and you perform, and you realise that that energy is going
to make a big difference, you’re going to light up that room, people are going to radiate
towards you and want to do business with you, they’ll want to ask you, people feel that,
and when people feel that, they’re going to talk to you, you’re going to sell your vision,
you’re already convinced, you couldn’t convince yourself otherwise. You could not convince
me that I’m not going to be a billionaire. You could not convince me otherwise. I’m going
on 33, I’m fucking 33 years old. I mean it’s mathematically impossible. Mathematically
impossible, it’s literally impossible. Impossible for me not to become billionaire in my lifetime.
Impossible. I’m so convinced. You need that conviction in yourself. And once you’ve got
that, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s going to happen. So before you go and
try to think about other people getting sold on whatever it is that you’re selling, your
product or service or you, you get sold on yourself first. And everything else will click
into place, people will get behind you, people will want to follow you, and you’ll create
a movement that’s worthy of being followed. So, get yourself sold, take care of that mind
chatter in there, mindset is vitally important and I look forward to seeing and hearing your
journey and your vision that you’re going to be sharing with many people out there in
person and social media and all that kind of stuff as well. So go and do that exercise,
don’t delay, take that time to go and look in the mirror, look yourself dead centre and
sell yourself on your vision. Are you someone worth following? Because people follow people
who are going somewhere. So thanks again for listening, appreciate it, all the best and
bye for now.

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