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Best Places To Invest In Real Estate

Location, location, location! In real
estate, where you invest is more important than just saying, hey I want to
be a real estate investor so I’m going to go into my backyard and I’m going to
do a deal. Don’t do that. That’s what a beginner does and then beginners have to go
through like beginner mistakes and beginner trials and pitfalls and trials
and errors. Instead today limitless TV Kris Krohn here I’m going to be sharing
with you the very best places that you can invest right now. Okay Kris Krohn Here I am at my
corporate office where we transact hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and
millions of dollars worth of real estate and today’s video’s about where to go in
the market today right? Where the best places to invest inventory is really
down so come on in with me I’m going to show you a couple of things here. This is
done for you real estate USA. This is one of my fulfillment companies that
handles acquisitions, finding these homes, and doing this. And on the wall, I want to
show you some of these some of these maps. Right here, you’re looking at a map
of Phoenix Arizona and when you take a look at this map this was an area where
I help my clients do over a thousand deals after the O seven fallout. What was
so attractive about this market at that time not now. I’ve sold all my inventory.
What was so attractive about it is that this area had been over built they had
put in all this infrastructure way more homes and people actually needed so
people were at one point, these homes were getting bid up to 250 and 300
thousand dollar homes when the market fell out home is only worth what
someone’s willing to pay. No one’s willing to pay, the prices are
technically worth nothing but the investors started scooping up the three
hundred thousand dollar house and the quarter million dollar house for 80
grand. That was me. I was coming in here I’m bidding on all these and just
picking these up like crazy like candy and I help my clients do a whole pile of
these homes make make a whole lot of money. So at one point this was a good
market. Am I investing there? In a moment I’ll tell you why no. Come over here on
this side, this is Vegas. This is another market like Phoenix. Now they were a
little more difficult to work with because in Phoenix we could own the town
when it came to the auctions they just had some other guidelines and rules and
legal government things you know we’re not just a federal government we’re 50
states and every state has its own rules and regulations on how the auction and
foreclosure processes work. Vegas, I’m selling all my inventory out of that
market too. Done really really well. Okay come in here let me tell you some
of the places I am today. Ok, Memphis Tennessee there are pockets in areas in
neighborhoods here in Memphis where I will specifically go. And what’s
attractive to me about Memphis is this is what I call a cash flow market. I’ve
got cash flow markets and I got equity markets. Cash flow market means you’re not going to get as much equity but in the market
like this you can buy a home for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars we’re
far below the median. But this is a home that’s going to give you your highest
cash on cash returns. We’re seeing our cash on cash at eight nine ten plus
percent. Then there’s a lot of people that are thinking, oh I have to do real
estate like backyard. No no no. America is your backyard if you
have the right team and you want to go where the actions at. Because those
market are showing you we were in we play for years and then we got out great
cash flow market. You can stay there longer term. Charlotte this is a brand
new market that we’ve just gone in there’s a number of things that are
attractive and here the way building is happening, we’re stepping into equity on
brand-new properties that are in the build-out phase. These are more in the
one 160 to 200 thousand dollar range. Charlotte, we do our research. We look at
the demographic, we look at the businesses, we look at the economy. Is it
growing? is it expanding? what’s the temperature like? what kind of problems
do you have you know when it gets really cold? you know for example if I come over
here to Orlando this is want to make favorite markets. I love buying houses
here. Check out all these lakes. Do you see this right here? You can actually get
on the map and see that people are taking these legs and turning them into
really beautiful communities. Kissimmee Florida right below the state parks this
is a magic place. Like Phoenix where the average tenant was making over 60 70
thousand dollars a year, these people in this very different industry are
averaging sixty thousand dollars a year. I’m buying my houses here for a hundred
to one hundred and forty thousand dollars. Houses that were once selling
for two hundred, two hundred and thirty thousand dollars. So I get it at 130, they
cost two hundred to build. And guess what has to happen before the market
corrects and goes down? We have to get back to a surplus of inventory. Real estate? it’s so easy to predict. The market I can’t believe there’s so many
people that feel like it’s, you never know when it’s going to fall out. Of
course you do! it starts with no inventory. Like right
now, my corporate office is in Utah and Utah right now is a booming market. In
every square mile, you have like one home for sale there’s nothing for sale on the
market and everything selling at top dollar that’s why I’m liquidating all of
my inventory and and I’m doing amazingly well making really good money on it.
Well people are wondering, uh-oh the prices are starting to go up so when the
prices are going up doesn’t that mean that that the market is going to fall
out? No! it doesn’t mean that yet. What has to happen first, well I’ll tell you, there
are no homes available on the market so there’s going to be a two, three
year lag where right now construction is happening everywhere. Everyone is
building out, everyone is booming this contractors are coming in, multifamily,
single-family homes, and what will happen is with the supply and the demand is
that those homes are going to get taken by all this demand of people wanting to
get into homes. But the builders are going to keep on building and the prices
will go up and then the neighbors are going to notice that the prices are
going up and they’ll get excited and they’ll do what the builders are doing.
And before you know it, even the skeptics jump in. Last usually that’s why they get
spanked again and you’ll get the problem where, Uh oh now there’s too much supply and
not enough demand. Guess what? home is only worth what someone’s willing to pay
and when we don’t have a demand for it no one’s willing to pay, all of a sudden
that value can drop so hard on its bottom that there’s nothing left there.
That’s what we wait for in the markets in this next part of the video I’m going
to show you how the market moves with the k-wave cycle so you can know how to
time things, how to play, it’s gonna be awesome. The market is always moving right? It
doesn’t just move like this the values go up like that but the way it looks in
reality it looks more like that right? We call this a what? a bubble. We call this a
what? we call this a trough. And this is really what the market movement looks
like when you get to an expensive million dollar house. This is what it
looks like or maybe a home with the median. Meaning it doesn’t travel very
much it’s still going to create pockets of up and down it’s going to be a lot
safer and right now where we’re at in our specific marketplace, we’re playing somewhere along this stretch. We’re not ready for crash yet
because we don’t have a surplus of inventory but the prices are now
starting to see what cost to build a home. So this is an amazing time to get
in on the right kind of real estate and know that real estate is not the same
around the entire US. All these pockets are functioning different there is a
collective whole but it’s all about being in the very best market so I want
to tell you something. Right here, this is obviously the world’s
best time to invest in real estate that’s that Phoenix stuff that I was
telling about. Vegas and these are their markets. But when the market is going
up we’re going cash flow markets we’re getting our equity or knowing when to
pull out but we’re also playing at the medium so that we’ve really minimized
our risk and exposure that you can have on deals like this. Now is the time to
invest. If you’re hot and heavy about real estate and you want to play, click the
link below. I’m going to share with you exactly how you can do that. It’s time to get hands-on. How many of these amazing videos do you want to watch, and you’re
sitting there thinking man I wish I knew Kris Krohn personally not just through
the screen here because I’m going to tell you when you meet me in real life
the first thing you’re going to say is, dude you’re so much bigger than four
inches. That’s right I’m six foot four and I put on a three-day event. You can hit
the link below and ask for some questions about what it’s going to be.
Seriously get the knowledge and information and work with me and my team
and let me introduce you to the ultimate nationwide power team that wherever you
live can help you successfully invest in real estate. Other than that, tomorrow we got more amazing videos coming your way. Subscribe.
We’ll see you soon.

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