Blue Estate Prologue – Introduction
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Blue Estate Prologue – Introduction

They say nobody walks in the City of Angels, but she had legs that went all the way down to the sidewalk and up the stairs to my office. She rolled inside like the morning fog, moist and mysterious and a little bit chilly… Though one look in her eyes and I knew things would be heating up fast. I said, “What do I call you?” And she answered… “Cherry Popz.” Something told me it wasn’t her real name. Then she started blubbering about some cool cat named Vincent who’d split the scene, leaving Cherry with a broken heart and the kind of deep aching void only a good private (beep) can fill… …and the closer I got to my client Cherry, the deeper the mystery got. See, Cherry danced a mobbed-up Sunset strip joint called The Smoking Barrel… And her boss, Tony, was the one and only son of Don Luciano, capo di tooti… tooti da cappi the… tootti fruity capo the… what, He was the West Coast Cosa Nostra Boss, he was freaking bad. …uh…sorry, where was I? …oh, right… …anyway, turned out Cherry’s massive, pendulous skills had come to the attention of Kim Bong and Jin Bong Sik, proprietors of an even shadier L.A. flesh palace known as The Twin Dragon… so when The Smoking Barrel’s top stripper disappeared one night, Tony Luciano knew just where to look…

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