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Brainwashed: The Secret CIA Experiments in Canada – The Fifth Estate

[ ♪♪ ] [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: It’s like something
from a Hollywood horror movie. A hospital where patients are
given massive doses of drugs like LSD,
intensive shock therapy, put to sleep for
months at a time.>>I was reduced to a baby,
and wearing diapers and being fed and, you know… I can’t imagine it. I don’t remember that,
thank goodness, because it would haunt me in my dreams.>>Bob: But at Montreal’s
Allan Memorial Institute, the nightmare was all too real
and incredibly what happened there was secretly supported
by the US Central Intelligence Agency and the
Canadian government.>>It just doesn’t make sense
that you can take a mother away from her children and ruin her
life and that other people won’t be affected too.>>Bob: I’m Bob McKeown. On this Fifth Estate,
we investigate what the Government of Canada kept
hidden for decades and what they’re still trying to hide. [ ♪♪ ] [ Echoing Laughter ] [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: It was 1964 and
five-year-old Diane McIntosh couldn’t wait when her father
said they were going for a drive to visit her mother
who was in the hospital.>>My dad used to let me sit
on his knee and steer the car, and so that was play. [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: On each visit, their car
would turn onto the long drive leading through the
hospital grounds to the Allan Memorial Institute
at McGill University in Montreal, a psychiatric facility
with the best reputation in the country. More than half a century later
Diane still remembers what she saw then as if it
were yesterday. Because when they
got to the hospital door, her enthusiasm turned to horror.>>When we got there the
place was just like a scene from ‘One Flew Over The
Cuckoo’s Nest’ , there were people banging
their heads on the walls and droning, and my
mother was sitting there completely drugged up,
and even as a child I knew that she wasn’t right.>>Bob: What they didn’t know
at the time was that her mother, Helene McIntosh, and
hundreds of others like her, were unwitting guinea pigs in
brutal psychiatric experiments that took place at the
Allan Institute under the code name, MKUltra. Massive drug regimens
enforced prolonged sleep, intensive electroshock. Largely funded by the Canadian
government and the American CIA. No consent was ever
asked from the patients, and no explanation of
the experiments was ever given to them. The MKUltra brainwashing
project got its start in the early days of the
Cold War when some Canadian and American
soldiers returning from the conflict in Korea
expressed sympathy for their communist enemies. At a time of paranoia about
the so-called ‘Red Menace’, the Americans believed the
Soviets and Chinese might well have devised an effective
brainwashing method and the CIA was determined to crack it as
ex-CIA officer John Gittinger told the Fifth Estate in 1980.>>So we were charged with
rather an elaborate attempt to try to find out chemical,
psychological, any kind of means, that people
could use to influence the behaviour of the people.>>Bob: But the CIA knew it
could be politically difficult to fund brainwashing
directly so it set up a front company to do it,
euphemistically called The Society For The
Investigation Of Human Ecology.>>These are the days and
hours are the occasions…>>Bob: And they found a
prominent scholar doing related research in Montreal,
the renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Ewen Cameron. Co-founder of The World
Psychiatric Association, those who worked with Cameron
called him domineering and more.>>He was an authoritarian… ..ruthless, power hungry, nervous, tense, angry, man. Not very nice.>>And it is his mind, no less,
which may destroy mankind.>>Bob: Over the years,
in addition to CIA funding, Dr. Cameron received Canadian
Government research grants worth well over $4 million today for
experiments on what was called psychic driving
and de-patterning. Attempts to erase negative
memories from the human mind and replace them
with new positive ones. So it was that in 1962,
a 23-year-old mother of two, Helene McIntosh, was referred
to Ewen Cameron for what she thought would be a
time out from the pressures of motherhood and marriage.>>They promised me
that I would get rested. I was told that I would be
looked after in the hospital.>>Bob: Depressed after
the birth of her second child, her GP recommended Dr. Cameron. No one told her she would
be part of a radical science project with a full menu
of experimental treatments. Shock. Drugs like LSD. Months of induced sleep
with recordings bombarding her subconscious 24/7. After all that, Helene McIntosh
says she effectively became an infant again.>>That was hell. It really was. It’s something that
you can’t describe. And when I start talking
about it, I start shaking. My body shakes. It’s like my body is saying,
“Don’t go there.”>>Bob: Today, Helene has
only a few scattered memories of her years at the Allan.>>Electroshock and a picture
of Dr. Cameron and… But I do remember him. I remember his
voice very clearly.>>Bob: What you
remember about him?>>He sat me in front of a group
of medical students or doctors that were doing the
residency and he said, “This woman is
hopelessly incurable.” And that was it. And he was so cold.>>Bob: But through all
of that, her young daughter, Diane, raised by grandparents,
lived for those special times when her mother got the
chance to spend a few hours with her girls. [ ♪♪ ]>>I remember when she was
able to come out for a visit and she would be able to
come over and tuck me in at my granny’s place and
I would just lie there… immobile after she left and
when granny would come in to say goodnight, I’d say,
“Don’t touch the covers, “don’t touch the covers,
don’t change it because mum left “it this way”, and I tried
to sleep all night without moving the–
moving the covers. [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: In all,
Helene McIntosh spent two years at the
Allan Institute. Most of her memories erased
like data on a hard drive. [ ♪♪ ]>>That’s you.>>Yeah. Look how dark my hair is. I don’t think that’s–>>Bob: Today, at home
in British Columbia, much of the McIntosh family
album is a mystery to Helene. Now it’s Diane who must guide
her mom through the images of the past she no
longer remembers.>>There is Carolynn. So they’re not in order.
>>No, that is me.>>That’s you. Of course.>>Bob: It is clear
that in different ways, both McIntoshs are victims of
that secret brainwashing project in Montreal and they
are far from alone. [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: Hundreds of victims
passed through these doors in the 1950s and ’60s. All with her own horror stories.>>I feel like I’ve
been completely used. I feel like my mind has
been completed invaded.>>I had to be toilet trained. I was a vegetable. I had no identity,
I had no memory, I had never existed
in the world before, just like a baby.>>I suffered. I suffered like hell.>>My mother had to
stay with me all the time. She couldn’t leave me one hour.>>Bob: Five decades later,
the Government Of Canada has been more deeply
involved in all this than it wants to admit,
with new secret settlements, shutting down lawsuits
and gag orders, and as you will
see after the break, it is not something they
want you to know about.>>The government
doesn’t seem to do anything. They don’t recognize you. It’s wrong.
It’s shameful. [ ♪♪ ]>>The story doesn’t end here. Like the Fifth Estate’s
Facebook page so you can follow our investigations. We will post updates
on stories and special video features that
take you deep inside. [ ♪♪ ] [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: From 1950
until the mid-60s, Montreal’s respected
psychiatric facility, the Allan Memorial Institute,
was the site of secret brainwashing experiments
funded by the CIA under the code-name MKUltra,
with money from the Canadian government as well. The program would quietly
be shut down in 1965. [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: But the truth about
what happened there would be protected for another
decade and a half longer. Then, in 1980, we were among
the first to tell Canadians about it.>>The Fifth Estate.
>>I’m Adrienne Clarkson. Tonight, we report on a secret
CIA research project carried out in Montreal in which mental
patients felt they were used as the CIA’s guinea pigs.>>They kept you asleep for 23
days and while I was asleep, they were shocking the heck
out of me with electric shocks.>>Bob: And the Fifth Estate
stayed on the story for years to come. From then, to now,
many of the key questions have remained the same.>>The Fifth Estate.>>So why was Ottawa so
ambiguous when it came to helping some Canadian citizens
get compensation from Washington for what they endured in a
program that was inspired mostly by American Cold War fears? Well, the answer was simple. The Government Of Canada was
even more deeply involved in the Allan Memorial experiments
than the Americans. [ ♪♪ ]>>Get away.
>>Calm down.>>No, get off. Hey!>>Hold him!>>Bob: After word of
the experiments at the Allan Memorial Institute
came out, the CBC broadcast a drama entitled
‘The Sleep Room’ about Dr Ewen Cameron’s
mind control treatments. In the absence of visual
evidence inside the hospital, it is as close as we can come
to how it looked and sounded. [ ♪♪ ]>>Natalie. [ Screaming ]>>Driving doesn’t work. Can you admit that now? We destroyed these
people for nothing! You can’t just walk away
from this, Cameron! It’ll come back
and it will ruin you!>>Many of them were just
sitting there like zombies and I have a headache. I don’t remember anything.>>Bob: Gina Blasbalg was 15
and in an orphanage when she was sent to the Allan. She got massive drug doses
and was kept asleep for months, fortunately she never
received electroshock therapy, which may explain why she
remembers the real Dr Cameron and his patients. How did those patients regard,
or apparently regard, Dr Cameron?>>Those patients
were too far gone. The ones that were not too
far gone where terrified of him. We were all terrified
to see him around. We didn’t want to be near him. I don’t think that any
patient ever wanted to be close to Dr Cameron.>>Bob: When news of Cameron’s
experiments was revealed, nine of the Canadian victims
filed a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency
alleging they had been unwittingly used in research
that was medically improper, even illegal. Plaintiff, Velma Orlikow,
of Winnipeg, didn’t think they
stood a chance.>>I’ve often when I
have been alone at home, thought, how can
you fight the CIA? Who in the heck do
you think you are? How can you fight the CIA?>>Bob: But eventually
in the late ’80s, David got a
concession from Goliath. The CIA settled with the
Canadian patients for about $90,000 apiece. A moral victory, at least. And a few years after
that, in the ’90s, the Government Of Canada
announced its own compensation plan but only for the most
seriously injured victims. Those who survived
the experiments in a childlike state. The government also
insisted it had no legal or moral obligations to do it. To many, that system
seemed designed not to distribute compensation,
but to discourage it. In the end, only 80 of the
patients subjected to the brutal psychiatric
experiments were approved for federal compensation. Another 250 were denied and who
knows how many more never even knew the compensation
program existed? So when the application
deadline came and went, and it was too late to apply,
the government’s secret brainwashing program
simply faded into the past. Or did it? [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: The government deadline
expired 23 years ago and the majority of survivors
had already passed away. When a few weeks back,
CBC News reporter, Elizabeth Thompson,
was pouring over government financial records. Buried deep within those 2017
public accounts was an item about a mysterious payment
linked to those brainwashing experiments years ago.>>It talked about, you know,
compensation for someone who had been depatterned at
the Allan Memorial Institute.>>Bob: ‘Name Withheld’ it said. No other information about
the victim was available. But with some digging,
Elizabeth Thompson would learn the Trudeau
government had prevented the victim’s family
from ever discussing the settlement. Thompson discovered the
‘Name Withheld’ was that of Allison Steel. She’s the daughter
of Jean Steel, who arrived at the
Allan Institute in 1957 with a severe case of
postpartum depression. Today, Allison Steel sill
can’t discuss the settlement, but she can talk
about her mother. She says she effectively was
raised without a mom after Jean became a Cameron patient
and the years of drugs, sleep therapy, and electroshock.>>It’s erasing your memory. I mean, how dare they do
that to a human being? How dare they do
that to a human being?>>Bob: According to Allison,
the result was that when Jean eventually returned home,
behind her lovely smile, she was intellectually
and emotionally absent. Her marriage and
family relationships irretrievably broken. Allison’s family had been
trying to get compensation, and failing, for decades. In 1993, Allison’s father’s
application was officially denied in writing after the
government wouldn’t give him the hospital records he
needed to prove his wife had been medically tortured.>>I have a big thick file of
all his handwritten letters back and forth to
the government… declaring, stating all of the
treatments that, you know, all the things that
had happened to her. But we didn’t
have the main file.>>Bob: And then
the years went by. First, Allison’s mother,
Jean, died and her father passed away at 93. His quest to have the federal
government do what’s right for victims like Jean,
still unfulfilled. But two years ago,
a breakthrough. Allison made an official
request for her mother’s full medical file under the
Access To Information Act. And this time, incredibly,
a package arrived in the mail.>>So I waited and sure
enough about a month later, I received a manila
envelope with about 300 pages, legal sized, double sided,
of all the bedside notes.>>Bob: In the basement
chest in Knowlton, Quebec where she stores those records,
is a mine of information that the government had
kept to itself for decades. Notes her father could have
used years ago to prove what happened to her mother. Among those
newly-discovered notes, some written by
Ewen Cameron himself, Allison’s mother, Jean,
is described as ‘overactive’, ‘overtalkative’, ‘distractable’,
‘very suspicious’, showing ‘inappropriate
behaviour’ and ‘crying for no reason.’ Those adjectives certainly
could describe someone no longer mature
enough to be a mother because of Dr Cameron’s
de-patterning. And other notes from Cameron
and colleagues clearly state that Jean Steel had
at least 24 intensive electroshock sessions
and might require weekly shock treatments for the
next two to five years, seemingly indicating
a very serious condition.>>Now, these are the
files your Dad never saw.>>He never saw those files.>>Bob: Your father never
got that kind of material?>>No, he didn’t. Well, I guess it was his word
against the government’s word.>>Bob: How do you think he
would feel about you and this?>>Oh, he would
be proud as punch. He would be
proud as punch of me. I know he would. Oh, yeah. He would be very happy.>>Bob: When Allison Steel took
those new medical documents to her lawyer, Alan Stein,
he immediately launched a court action against the
federal government. He says the Steel family
finally had the proof they’d always needed.>>There is no
question about it. The medical, or medical
history and medical report confirms this.>>Bob: You talk
to Allison, she says, “That took my mother away.” She had no capacity to be
a mature parent after that.>>That’s right.
And I’ve seen that. I’ve seen medical reports
from many, many other former patients of Dr Cameron
who were denied compensation and the same thing
happened to them.>>Bob: And ultimately,
the federal government would agree to pay compensation
in her mother’s name on the condition neither she
nor her lawyer ever talk about it in public. What does that tell us about
the mindset of the current government that this should
be something they insist upon?>>Because they don’t
want more applications. They don’t want to have to
deal with more applications. If this went to court, it would
have more publicity and more applications would
be forthcoming.>>Bob: Now in
accepting your settlement, you were required to have
a nondisclosure agreement.>>Correct.>>Bob: You couldn’t talk
about the settlement itself.>>No.>>Bob: Let me ask you
about what that represents. Is that not apparently a way
for the government to limit the number of people
who learn about this, who might be entitled to
something like this themselves?>>Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm. Well, it seems to be
something because…>>Bob: Yeah. Why else would they do it?>>Why they are
still covering up? Why are they
still covering it up? Maybe they won’t
if they hear about this. You know, maybe they will try to
realize and recognize what the government did before and may
be there’s still hope that they could at least
recognize these victims.>>Bob: And lawyer, Alan Stein,
says it is now time for the Government Of Canada to
finally admit the role it played in those brutal experiments.>>The government
never admitted, acknowledged that it was
responsible for the experiments carried out by Dr Cameron
and which experiments the Government Of Canada funded. There was no question that
the Government Of Canada funded these experiments.>>Bob: Do you believe that
responsibility should be taken?>>I definitely believe it.>>Bob: The years of
silence haven’t been easy for the victims. For survivor, Helene McIntosh,
and her oldest daughter, Diane, it’s taken years to
be able to discuss it all with one another. Diane was only three
when her mother entered the Allan Institute. And Helene knows too well that
Diane and the other girls have been profoundly affected
by what happened to her.>>I just hope that she–
I know she’s forgiven me for– I don’t think she’s ever
held it against me. When she was on
the phone, all she said was, I love you so much. I love you so much. And I know she does, you know?>>I’m still dealing with this. So I’m still struggling with it. There… There have been negative
ramifications in my life that have prevented me from being
happy and from being productive at many times. [ ♪♪ ]>>Bob: Helene McIntosh was one
of the lucky ones who got a hard fought settlement from
the government in the 1990s. But she says for her, it was
about a lot more than that.>>I got the compensation. But for me, it wasn’t the money. It was the… validation that I received. That I wasn’t totally crazy. You know? That I was treated the way I was
and it made me do crazy things but I didn’t go in there crazy. [ ♪♪ ]>>Not having our mom was
not great but if you remind her of that, there’s– it hurts her
too much, you know? I just have to say,
“It wasn’t you. “It was them.”>>Bob: It is now the better
part of seven decades since the Allan Memorial Institute in
Montreal became that house of horrors. Today, perhaps hundreds
of Canadians, survivors and family members,
are still paying the price for the brainwashing experiments
sponsored by the Canadian and American governments. Yet to this day, neither the
US nor Canada has ever said, “We’re sorry.” [ ♪♪ ]

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  41. I have seen several documentaries involving Ewen Cameron and his American counterpart-in-horror, Sidney Gottlieb. Very scary men.
    Check out Wormwood on Netflix. And read here:

    It is unfortunate that:
    – This video has received a mere 5,100 Likes (as of Oct 31, 2019)
    – This video has received even one Dislike! … Pretty shocking; perhaps it is not sufficiently "entertaining" for some? Or maybe some refuse to believe that this happened?
    – The victims of this madness did not initially forego and demands for monetary compensation when they first sued the U.S. and Canadian governments.
    But this is a tough call. I just feel that it might have won them more global support public and governmental officials alike, and in the end, who knows,
    it might have paved the way toward launching a more successful monetary suit, given that the victims, for sure, and their children, almost certainly deserved compensation.
    Don't misunderstand me … Monetary compensation was well deserved, a much more than $100,000 per victim. I'm just talking about the strategies of how to sue.

  42. Are this officers human or they have soul of worst human.
    You should be ashamed of yourself third grade human being.
    Shame on you !!!

  43. This still happens . My friend has been held againgst his will at a psychatric hospital in alberta for over 10 years and is still there. If he tries refusing the drugs they strap him down and inject him. He has never been charged with a crime , but theres nothing i can do about it. Its disgusting.

  44. Read a book called Trance America written by Cathy O’Brien… Cathy and her child Kelly both were victims of MK Ultra since they both were children (Kelly being born into it and was controlled from very early age) In her book she mentions a big player from Canada: Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau involvement with MK Ultra and child sex trafficking, as well as Reagan, Cheney, G H.W. Bush (former director of CIA and former President) , Bush Jr., and the Clinton’s…just to mention a few!! There is no way this woman is lying… because who in their right mind would put themselves through this!? Also recommend books by David Icke he has investigated all this stuff, both him and Cathy have documents and pictures within their books! I don’t see the American government the same anymore, now I find that even Canada residents have also been hurt in similar fashion!? Wow!!! We all need to wake up and really look at these people who run our country! Every single last one of them from the US President to the Royals!!

  45. they’ve been blaming Cameron for his but it’s clear he was a patsy. yes he did this, but no way was he some head honcho. this is a classic spin job. stay skeptical my friends. let Jesus be the Truth and every man a liar!!

  46. Y que hay de los que vivieron similar terapia en los '80 en USA? no se si por el Gob. o por la codicia Medica.. no se quien es el responsable, pero sucedio.

  47. Ok this was when Papa Trudeau was PM. I wouldn't be surprised at all if it were since destroying the lives of Canadians seems to be an on going thing with his son today. Idiot Trudeau, hasn't the brain skills to govern so I wonder who the shadow government is, helping him to finish off the rest of Canadians with his blessing of course. Are we all an experiment on just how much garbage we can deal with in the shortest amount of time.? I know Papa T is in a very hot place for eternity which goes to show you, what goes around comes around.

  48. How sad! A mother taken and destroyed! A child grieving for a childhood that she can never get back😥
    Somone is responsible!! Someone needs to pay!

  49. Doctors are very good at overdosing medicines then they give you more medicines to fix the overdose that they gave you or the problems they gave you

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