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Buildium- Property Management Review

This review video is for Buildium, a cloud-based
property management solution designed to handle all aspects of running a successful property
business. Brought to you by TechnologyAdvice. Our mission
is to educate, advise, and connect buyers and sellers of business technology. Buildium allows property managers to post
vacancies, fill rental properties with reliable tenants, and manage operations with ease. Since Buildium is an end to end property management
system, you can manage payments, repair requests, and vacancies all in one platform. Buildium’s layout is clean and organized.
It’s easy to navigate the platform and find the tools you need. You can toggle between sections using the
green bar at the top. The shortcuts bar at the bottom gives you quick access to commonly
used functions like adding a new tenant or recording a rent payment. Under the Rentals section you can view information
on rental properties, tenants and applicants, and listings. When you click on specific property,
you can see an image of the property and information like financials and maintenance requests. Under the Accounting section, you can view
a general ledger for all accounts, or you can view financial information sorted by property
and property owner. In this section, you can also record bills, payments, and other financial
information. Click “Record Bill,” enter the required information, and click “Save.” In the Tasks section you can view to-do lists,
rental owner requests, and resident requests. These can easily be sorted using the headers
for each column. To add a request, click “Add Task” or “Add Recurring Task.” Identify
which property is receiving the request, what kind of request it is — for example, maintenance
or a complaint — and assign it to individuals. You can also assign due dates and priority
levels. Additional Buildium features include
a white-label web page for listing available properties
an online tenant portal for rent and built-in background checks for applicants Buildium is a good choice for anyone looking
to manage multiple properties with an all in one solution. It’s a powerful property
management tool that can be used in many capacities and is especially useful for medium sized
businesses managing 5,000 or more units. Buildium is moderately priced for an all-in-on
property management solution. Pricing is based on the features you select
and the number of units you manage. One limitation we discovered while reviewing
Buildium is that it may not integrate well with other back-end systems. Since it’s
an all-in-one solution, it’s meant to replace other tools and systems.
Also, some users wish that the accounting features were more advanced. In summary, Buildium helps businesses Post and fill rental vacancies,
manage accounting for multiple properties, and track tasks like repairs and complaints. To learn more about Buildium or other property
management solutions, check out our website,, where we can help you
find the best technology for your business.

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