Close Encounters With Ducks
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Close Encounters With Ducks

Hello, the following was filmed yesterday. And all I was to pop the camera Down on the floor, hidden behind a pallet and I just left it running. The ducks were busy exploring the new space I’d created for them. So they were very interested it. So it’s another one of those videos where it’s a good time to grab a hot drink And sit down and just enjoy the next 13 minutes relaxing with my ducks.

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13 thoughts on “Close Encounters With Ducks

  1. I could feel my muscles relaxing as I watched this video. Animal watching is very relaxing and sometimes funny. Yesterday in the sheep/ goat pen, the baby lambs and goats were jumping on/over a momma ewe who was laying down. It was like they were playing “king in the castle”. Thank you Liz.

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