DAMAC Properties Corporate Film 2014
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DAMAC Properties Corporate Film 2014

[Music] For over a decade DAMAC Properties has
been at the forefront of real estate in the Middle East… With an enduring passion for quality, the company has set new standards by creating iconic properties across the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. Established in 2002 DAMAC Properties has completed close to 10,000 units to date. In addition over 25,000 units are at
various stages progress and planning. In December 2013, DAMAC Properties became the first UAE property developer to be listed on the London Stock Exchange. Always at the forefront of visionary concepts, DAMAC Properties is creatively partnering with some of the world’s finest brands The Trump Organisation, Italian fashion houses Versace and FENDI… and Paramount hotels and resorts. In June 2013, DAMAC Properties introduced AKOYA by DAMAC, The Beverly Hills of Dubai .dramatic properties introduced a quiet
night a Mac A $42 million square-foot master development in Dubai. At AKOYA by DAMAC, luxurious mansions, villas and apartments and a retail centre will surround the Trump International Golf Club and clubhouse. The first it’s kind in the Middle East Finding pride of place within AKOYA by DAMAC Is the Trump Estates, A limited collection a 100 bespoke mansions and villas nestled within its own luxurious private island. Also featured at AKOYA by DAMAC, Our contemporary villas styled by FENDI
Casa… a global first. The Downtown at AKOYA and DAMAC villas by Paramount hotels and resorts, represent serviced living at AKOYA by DAMAC As a global leader in branded real estate DAMAC Properties is also developing a $1bn hotel and luxury serviced residences in Dubai’s prestigious Burj area. [Music] Knows as DAMAC Towers by Paramount
hotels and resorts, the project will feature the first ever Paramount hotel and serviced residences in the region. [Music] DAMAC’s furry in to the hospitality sector was marked with the launch of DAMAC Maison hotels and hotel apartments in December 2013. In May 2014 the company launched another brand of serviced living, NAIA hotels and hotel apartments. [Music] These expert teams are responsible for managing growing portfolio of leisure assets and providing complete hospitality management solutions. [Music] Central to the company’s spectrum support
services. Is the customer care program that provides
solutions through offices in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. [Music] As DAMAC Properties continues to innovate and introduce new concepts to the market… The company is determined to build on
its stellar achievements. [Music] With vision and momentum, DAMAC Properties is building the next generation of luxury living in the Middle East. [Music] DAMAC Live the Luxury. [Music]

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