Day in the Life #2: medical resident documentary
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Day in the Life #2: medical resident documentary

I remember the first time somebody called me doctor and I thought they were playing a joke. I thought there was some terrible mistake and I went to correct them and I realized, oh no wait, I graduated the other day and I am a doctor, this is so crazy and so weird, and seeing it in writing is even weirder. OK, let’s get started. So I know you said you had no complaints so I’m going to do a quick head to toe functional inquiry so do you have any problem with dizziness, headaches? None. Any problems with vision or hearing? This is my afternoon back to the family clinic and I saw four patients so typically in the family clinic, I’ll see anywhere from three to five to six patients depending on the type of things that the patient comes in with. Can you sit up, good! Big, big breath again. I had just an annual health exam just doing sort of a screening test for that particular patient and saw a little boy who had an emergency visit and a prenatal and I’m going to be seeing an older gentleman for his blood pressure. So it’s really just the scope that we can see just in the afternoon in the family clinic and it’s totally what speaks to me. I love every minute of, you know, once you’re just playing screening, the next you’re playing treatment. And you’re going from three years old to seventy in ten minutes, so it’s very interesting and it always keeps me on my toes and thinking. So I’ll get you to look straight ahead for me, I’m just going to shine a light in your eye. You’re practicing preventative medicine so primary prevention instead of secondary, so you’re preventing the illness from happening instead of preventing outcomes, but sometimes you are doing your early screening so if you find something, hopefully it’s early enough that you can treat it and be able to make a difference that way. You have the time that you can connect with the patient and sort of talk them through and manage them through the entire health care system and their illness. So it’s great that you can form that relationship with the patient. Anything stump me today? Not yet, but now that I say that, I’m going to have a tough time next time.

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  1. You seem like such a nice girl! Keep up the good work and never give up your passion for medicine! We need more powerful women in medicine!!!

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