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100 thoughts on “Denis Ratté & Wendy Ratté : The Vanishing – the fifth estate

  1. What proof ? You coaxed a could be confession out of a man with a low IQ who was telling a story to someone he thought was a crime boss who would give him a job. Every reason to make that story up no reason for him to try and get out of something he (if he did) already got away with. What nonsense.

  2. Strange, evasive and even emotional? Oh goodness his wife is gone, give the guy some space to deal with it and on top of that your daughter suspects you. Sad, very sad.

  3. It's not an "alter ego". It's medically defined as "DID". It stands for dissosiative identity disorder. DID is usually the result of extreme and ongoing childhood trauma. I feel the need to ask, what happened in her childhood that made her dissociate? There's a lot missing from this story.

  4. I knew denis .. he did not strike me as that kind of person, knew him for a few months, super friendly, we always smoked weed together, this is very shocking to find out.

  5. Now this one was really interesting. I would like to know when the most recent occurrence of the Shana personality having taken over Wendy was. Had it been years or was this ongoing? What did they ask Denis on the polygraph he passed? How extensive was the RCMP’s search for Wendy’s remains (they did tell Anna they were strapped for resources for years)? What does Anna think about the fact that if this happened in the manner Denis confessed, she was in the house and didn’t notice a loud bang? What does Anna have to say about her mother’s Shana personality? Taking into account only what we know, I can’t say Denis killed Wendy, certainly not in the manner he confessed. In fact, were I on that sting I would have told Denis we need you take us to the exact location where you put her because we need to see if we can find something that the police might use against you that might come back on us and I would have told him if we can’t find anything the deal was off – so we’d better find something (the gun, the tarp, bones, something). This was clearly entrapment, the guy was eating at soup kitchens, desperate, and would have said anything to make himself look like a badass to make a few bucks. After he realized he’d been fooled, it is no surprise he confessed again at the police station. He was homeless, just got played, and at this point prison is a better deal than anything else that is likely to ever again be on the table for him. Then on the basis of the two confessions and absolutely nothing else, they jammed Denis up big time. Anna was an an admitted daddy’s girl, I would say that if she felt he knew more than what he said, she might be right there (still need evidence). However, if Denis did murder Wendy, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t in the manner he said. The guy was a gambler and to me that means he wasn’t a simpleton, you have to have certain qualities to be even passable at that for any length of time and he was a confirmed gambler who had some small success – desperate and illiterate, but not a dummy. If he did murder Wendy, I’d say he did it in a different way than he confessed, though he may have used some similar details to the actual murder so as not to overplay his hand. Denis’s confessions include no empirical evidence. As hard as it is to believe that Wendy left her kids, and as rarely as it happens, it is just as likely to me that Wendy had a psychotic break and left or perhaps even that harm befell her from some other avenue. A number of people have asked where her brother was in all this, and he very likely has just moved on, put this in a box in his heart and mind, and is happy to not have to think about it everyday. This is an interesting case with a number of unanswered questions.

  6. He's smarter than everyone thinks, 56 no job soup kitchens probably going to have no home.Daughter pushing! prison best three meals roof over head.Daughter needs to move on! she seem to be looking for something from her father who doesn't have a.clue what she wants.I believe mother walked away daughter living in fantasy land.

  7. With HIM no longer the  bread winner?  Really?  This narrator is horrible.  Let's correct yet another grammar error.  With  HE no longer the bread winner. You wouldn't say HIM IS NO LONGER THE BREAD WINNER. You'd say, "HE is no longer the bread winner".  ALL these stories are filled with grammar errors…..no matter who is telling the story.  Please, go back to second grade.

  8. So deception and entrapment/enticement to solicit a confession from a mentally slow man is lawful on Canada? Your countries government is as treasonous and evil as ours is.
    Still no physical evidence AT ALL….And no motive either…..
    The innocence project here has revealed SO MANY false confessors here on the states, due to treason and betrayal of the sworn servants.
    He had NO REASON to kill her at all…..

  9. I don't believe that he killed her. I believe that he was devastated by the fact that she was gone and the way he depressed, and after loosing it all, he turned to be a small criminal. He was making up the story just to show that he was able to do "big" crimes, in order to get the "job" with that "big" criminal guy (the policeman) I think that she just hitchhiked out of the area, like when she was 17, and probably this time it didn't and well. Or one day they will find her alive like the other mo who vanished and was living ander a different name in another state.

  10. How and why do people fall for that lame "crime boss promises riches if you confess to murder" ploy by the RCMP? I've seen people fall for it over and over and over. DUH!!! Greed makes people stupid. Well, I guess if it catches a killer, go for it but this case has a lot of holes.

  11. Just watching this for the first time and it seems to me that Anna couldn't live with the comprehension that her mother was sick and probably left the family,but can now live and sleep happily in her life knowing that she puts her innocent father in jail for life……. for a crime that he didn't Commit.
    She said after the father was arrested he said to her to keep searching for her………. Clearly a guilty man that has lost everything and nothing to gain wouldn't say that to you. She should just think about that at night before going to bed.

  12. Her brother believes Dad is innocent. No doubt mom was seriously mentally ill. Refused treatment. This is an unproven situation.

  13. What about the fact she drove him and dropped him off somewhere and she disappeared. So did the daughter go pick him up after he called to ask if she had heard from her mother? Wouldn’t the “ducks” she had been feeding be at their house?

  14. Well now he has a bed and food, sad story. I wondered a bit why they didn't sit together and learn to read and write, esp with her profession.

  15. Anna comes across as a very well balanced and beautiful person. I hope the children go on well in their life.

  16. When i saw the groom, i was floored, this girl could not have fell for this guy..she was definitely looking for something in her life.. is she still with this husband?? He probably is a nice guy, but he just looks too old for her.. hope she is ok after all she has been thru… hope that her Aunt Diane I think her name was is there for her, she seems like an understanding person and thats what the girl Anna needs … how does the brother feel about what happened to their mother?? Its kind of one sided without knowing how the other sibling feels about his mothers disappearing…

  17. If Denis is guilty of murder, perhaps in that moment he thought he was actually killing Shanna and not Wendy? This is quite mysterious 🤔

  18. Amazing that the most crippling thing in her life — her mental illness — wasn't taken very seriously at all.
    Unfortunately, the ignorance and stigma of mental health issues is still wide spread.

  19. That wasn't Shauna, that was cowardly Wendy giving a name to how she really felt about her life. Like, tell the truth already! What's really concerning was that she was a teacher, with the issues she's had – my God the children affected!

  20. So some person claiming to a be a fellow criminal starts asking you super detailed questions about how you killed someone and where and how you got rid of the body, and you go ahead and explain it all because you don´t find anything weird about these questions and suspect nothing. Seriously???

  21. Ok, everyone, even us Americans, knows about the RCMP’s “Mr. Big” routine and yet they keep finding people who didn’t get the memo. I mean….what?

  22. I find it very, very difficult watching this show, and I mean the hosts' or narrator's Voice/accent. It annoys me so much. But since all Dateline episodes have been annoyingly edited, and most of the 48 hours, too, I may force myself to live through this man's accent/voice.

  23. I don’t think that he did it… why would he? He was completely dependent on her. Maybe she left after his request for aid was denied.
    I think he lied just to be a part of the gang. He put her in a bush by the house, yet nobody had found her? Highly unlikely.
    The man couldn’t read or write and had no chance at a job. He would lie out of desperation.
    I just don’t feel a murderer when I look at him.

  24. By him being a recluse, I'll give him a pass on not knowing that whole "Mr. Big" scenario. Come on now, that crap is OLD and takes time and precious resources. This story is sad because of the family dynamics. SMH. Bless the daughter and I hope the entire family can mend and find peace.

  25. I feel bad for white ppl . Because they are atheist , they don’t believe in good and bad spirits . Shana was actually a demon . She was possessed by that demon . Cmon , she said she likes to “take spirits from people “ , he felt his spirit leaving out of him , she liked to play with people ??! That’s a whole demon .

  26. I’ve seen that exact sting on at least 3 crime shows, 2 in the states. I’ve always suspected the father. The different sisters are in denial of his guilt. Anna also was suspicious of her dad and bravely fought for truth.

  27. My dad's aunt disappeared like this. She left eastern Washington after visiting friends — she called before she left to say she was on her way home — but she never arrived in Seattle. Nothing was ever found. No car. No body. Nothing. Nothing is hard for family to take. This is so sad.

  28. Mother had dissociative disorder. Sometimes the after effects of serious abuse. What went on that she left her family so young? Multiple personalities are a sign of this.

  29. That sounds more like schizophrenia which my brother had and wrote some strange letters but not so long . Bi polar ? Is n't that when a person is very high and manic and thinks grandiose thoughts and then sinks into a deep dark depression?

  30. She had demon possession and could have gotten help by a person who casts out demons IF she would have allowed it..Bob Larson…and others..

  31. I think daddy has some indiginous in him with the way he says "Holy Cow man" with that sort of accent..it's pretty cool..but it's sad because i think he felt he was putting her out of her misery and also he might have been scared of the alter ego..he should have handled it differently ..just left…but it's sad…i hope in jail he found Jesus as many inmates do ..

  32. Their children are beautiful. I remember this from a while back . I think it was Forensic Files. I was struck by the children and felt bad for them…I figured dad was guilty. Mom was beautiful too if a bit whacky..
    The new husband……
    ..I adore Dean Martin….😊

  33. People are saying that he didn't do it. Look, it's one thing to say, I lied about the confession in order to impress the mob boss but it's another thing, after you find out you were in a sting, to sit at the police station and confess to a cop on tape. Plus he's a liar because in that police taping confession he is lying and saying that he had to kill his wife in order to save his 17 year old daughter from being raped by her by the altered ego named Shawna. She knows he's lying and has to quit watching it. She also knows him well enough to pick up on it that his story to the mob boss sounds real. I mean he did confess when he said that I had to kill her in order to save my daughter from getting raped. So that means he was going to try for a "self defense" plea. But that doesn't make sense as she was peacefully gardening when she got shot. So… Oh and did you hear his giggle when he told the under cover cop how he disposed of her? He was happy in the memory of it. There's a terminology for that, I think, it's called duping delight. It's when the psychopath is lying and saying " i didn't do it " but the corner of his mouth curls up because he has a memory of doing it and he's happy about it.

  34. Even if my daddy killed my mother, I don't think I could turn him in. Especially if he couldn't read, write or work.

  35. If this lady would have had a million of multiple personality she'd still would have raised her children right I mean she did a great job

  36. I’d say we’re a pretty fair country.. your brother now has free room and board for the rest of his life. You certainly didn’t care when he was homeless going to street kitchens etc.. if anything you should have compassion for his kids. Tragic.

  37. This man didn’t kill his wife…Smh. He can’t read or write, he’s uneducated and just knows how to work hard. It would be quite easy to convince him to confess to anything. This is such bs entrapment, and his daughter would rather believe her dad killed her mom than that her mom just up and left

  38. I think the daughter has a few control issues, she got her father in jail for life now she wants the power to control if he ever gets paroled or not?? The mother also had control issues she was a teacher and didn't help him learn to read and write that kept him beholding to her, having him feel inferior to, this man tolerated a lot living with an untreated mental illness is definitely a punishment I think he should be punished but there are extenuating circumstances

  39. Oh Reno! There are a bunch of winners in Reno. It’s next level poorest , craziest, hillbilly, drunk, methd up losers! Don’t ever go to Reno, trust me! He works at Uranium City, haha! What a great place to work! Good benefits being around uranium all day.

  40. at first i was watching this thinking these people behave like junkies and narcissists. toward the end they start talking about the drugs and all the drama. these people are completely psycho i know them like my own parents. drugs are what destroyed these people.

  41. Just because they didn't argue doesn't mean that they had a happy marriage if only it was so and the opposite if only it was so easy

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