Desain Rumah Manor 9 – Lifeafter House Design
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Desain Rumah Manor 9 – Lifeafter House Design

Thank you for clicking this video But don’t forget to click the subscribe button Because subscribe is free! Free!!! There is no harm in you clicking the subscribe button With subscribe You encourage me Alright! Check this out !!! Hello guys! Welcome back to my channel So … I’ll be on this video Realizing the questions that actually already exist, since a long time ago Even before the fire country attacked Water Earth Fire Rape of the ear Air In the past all countries lived in peace Then … Everything changes when the fire country attacks HQQ ignorance Laughing asthma The chaos just didn’t imitate guys Yep … In this video I will design a house with an elevator feature Okay … For you poor souls You may skip this video or you can watch it I am very grateful if you will watch this video But here I’m just going to make it happen in the blueprint mode The audience asked: Why is the Blueprint mode bang? Why? Yeah Why? You talking me about why? Because im a poor boy Because I love boy! Okay?! So … So my soul is the same as your poor souls Let’s grieve together Okay … And here I want to explain one thing You don’t need to bother with an anti-theft house or a house like that Because it’s here, my closet is all arranged outside Like a … Come on, c’mon, all I want, I want this charity! Anjir … Yep, basically it is lazy not because the design of the house is anti theft or whatever Dah emang just because what’s wrong bro Yes … Your house is so lazy, so … So the target is a thief, that’s what it’s called And here I have never been sworn in an oath! Serious! This is this house, I’ve been very old Never been lazy though Okay … mostly bacot let’s just go to the video, check this out! Okay for those of you who feel comforted just now Don’t forget to click like & subscribe, well … Oh yeah, for those who want requests, please write in the comments And here I also want to apologize, because I can only record in blueprint mode But just calm down, the design of this house will look much more beautiful if you renovate it in real decor mode well This story is guys garage A place to keep a vehicle Because I’ve dreamed, on this lifeafter … He will have an update on a motorcycle guys So … We’ll see later And here I am very strict The design of this house is not more towards anti-theft design But … It’s more in the direction of beauty in the interior of the palace So … Keep stay tuned, watch this video until it’s finished Okay guys, this is the basement room Okay guys, this is the toilet later And this is the kitchen later And this is the TV room If this is the living room guys So … Since there is no elevator generator here We just put the manual ladder first For a while, just go up Well, here will be the room for the guys And here is the wardrobe room Yep, you can make a cupboard And here is the balcony that I made Manually And here I will give you a little sweetener To slightly beautify the appearance of his house Yep, and here later is The mini bar is guys And here is the rooftop Well here it is guys, this is it The swimming pool Well, and you can set the rooftop Make chil chil guys For hanging out with your friends And later on every door You put on the door Except in part … The place… The mini bar, there’s a door leaf you don’t need to install the door guys Until here I want to apologize to you guys Because you have to continue the decor yourself Yep, because you know … There’s no furniture feature In mode Blueprint Well … See you guys!

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  1. Bikin vidio penhelasan ttg couple bro,dan apa bisa bikin sejata formula di rumah couple klw udah couple?

  2. Teringet waktu jaman camp msh cupu sedih bgt isinya kayak komplek peternak sarang burung walet…berasa di dunia minercraft thx u bwt canelmu bang sgt menginspirasi👍nanti tak share trus sm member2 ku yg msh misquen

  3. Req rumah pake kaca 2:)..gapake low wall sama life…..ruang bawah modelnya terbuka buat tempat kerja dapur sama kumpul kumpul…ok mang😁

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