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89 thoughts on “Dinosaur Bones | Song for Kids | Pancake Manor

  1. @RoyalTyrrellMuseum It was a pleasure working you, too! Everyone should visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum !

  2. Hey cool this was shot in Drumheller! I just went to the badlands in the summer, of course I went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum also.

  3. So i typed in songs for toddlers, i am with my baby brother he is two, and he is just loving each video.. i was so surprised, we watched the shake break, and for shake he would shake, jump.. he would jump up and down and say jump, and turn around. This is great.. he was getting sick of the wiggles ahaha.

  4. It's a fantastic museum! I've been twice – once as a tour guide with a school group on a trip to Calgary and the Rockies from Toronto and the other was part of my honeymoon trip to the Rockies. We made the extra trip out of Calgary to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum and spend the afternoon exploring.

  5. Hi George, YES! Actaully, they aren't photos, but real live video footage we shot on location in Drumheller and the Royal Tyrell Museum.

  6. Is this you? I swear to moses this is you. I came across it because I love them dino bones and I'm like HANG ON WHAT

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