Disarming Conversational Land Mines
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Disarming Conversational Land Mines

(upbeat pop music) Thanks again for inviting
me to Thanksgiving. Oh, yeah, of course, nobody should be alone on Thanksgiving. I’ll introduce you to everybody, this is Uncle Dante, his wife Aunt Tiffany–
Hey. Grandma and Grand-dad. Great meeting all of you guys. You have a lovely home, Ralph’s told me, What are you doing? There’s going to be a lot of landmines in these conversations and
I’m gonna diffuse ’em. So, where’s my favorite grand-daughter? She’s at her boyfriends
this Thanksgiving mom. No child of mine would
ever get away with that. I know you’re not saying
that we are bad parents, is that what your mama trying to say? You trying to say that we’re bad parents? You see how your son turned out? How was Sunday mass grandma? Mass was wonderful. (beeping) Did anybody hear that beep? We should all go as a family next week. Oh, we prefer not to
support an organization that covers sexual abuse. (dramatic music) (beeping) How about some football? Would you know, I still
have all the newspaper clippings of Dante when
he played in high school. Isn’t that sweet? (beeping) There’s that beep again. (beeping) I think I heard it that time. Why’s that boy kneeling
during the national anthem? He’s protesting. – [Grandma] I don’t care what
the reason is, he should not be protesting his
countries national anthem. He’s not protesting the national anthem, he is protesting inequality. What is this? – [Grandma] You do not desecrate the flag and the national anthem, that’s just a total lack of respect. Oh no. (dramatic music) No, no. This is why we need to
America great again. Trump! Everybody loves Oprah! Oh now see Oprah, didn’t
you hear that Oprah was gonna run for president? Well she certainly has my vote. See, that’s what I’m talking
about now you talking. Listen, Oprah can’t do no
wrong, she’s on the go, everybody loves Oprah. (beeping) (dramatic music) Everybody get back 75 meters! (beeping) Ralph leave him, he’s a goner! I have the suit, save yourself! (beeping) (dramatic music) There’s too many locks,
there’s too many locks, do you understand, I tried. It’s your grandmother. No, no, no, no. I never loved her. (explosion) (light orchestral music) You guys need help with the dishes? (light orchestral music) Hi, I’m Ralph Vio from College Humor, click here to subscribe,
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a detailed message. Uh-huh. What, you what? You didn’t. I’d a did the same thing.

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100 thoughts on “Disarming Conversational Land Mines

  1. Second College Humor video I’ve seen after a 3+ year hiatus… is this new higher quality recent? I’m really liking it!

  2. I only just noticed but the beeps happen every time pops takes a swig, that's pretty clever foreshadowing.

  3. Would anybody actually vote for Oprah? I mean if you think about it she's just a black female Trump. Rich, on TV, no political experience.

  4. Sitting down with the whole extended family at christmas or thanksgiving terrifies me because of what happened in this short. I'm just a kid so i'm always waiting for the mine to get defused.

  5. In my opinion kneeling during the national anthem is just horrible and a terrible way to protes-…Did anyone else hear that beep?

  6. There are 2 kinds of dysfunctional families: the ones where each member is a terrible person, and where they just don’t agree with each other

  7. I swear to God, you guys are the biggest crybabies about not getting your way in an election. And I thought the Tea Party was bad…

  8. Including Ally was a missed opportunity, I was expecting there to be a landmine associated with them, because it feels unnecessary to introduce the character who’s only purpose is to be a newcomer to the situation and react off of Raph.

  9. I loved this video but imma be honest, the beeping reminded me of my alarm clock and I almost had a panic attack

  10. Bomb suits only protect while approaching the bomb. Once you are near it, you’re screwed. It’s why many bomb disposals forego the suit in favour of tight fitting clothes

  11. I've used Oprah to defuse a conversational landmine, not with my family, but at a restaurant with people that I had known for a good 30 minutes.

  12. My family deals with these type of issues the same way all New England Irish families deal with them. We don't discuss problems/feelings. Then they explode out unexpectedly at random times. Emotional suppression is really the way to go.

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