Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor one last ride before refurbishment January 2018
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Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor one last ride before refurbishment January 2018

it’s closing last time Jordi is hiding I miss someone where is Justin ? his favorite attraction it is closing until Halloween we are going upstairs without using stairs Dave has fallen on his knee on the 1st of Januari 2018 he fell to his knees for Princess Aurora you would think he drank too much but that isn’t it but I have my doubts I fell on the ground in Adventureland not for a princess then ? that too, but not at that moment It was a day earlier after 25 years that Phantom Manor is open he is learning how to go up without using the stairs didn’t you know that I thought you would have to do the stairs everytime I was having trouble getting upstairs yesterday Jordi is here and he tells them not use the stairs you will fall now then we need to go to the first aid for 45 minutes and now I film Filip walking backwards because he will fall now what did we learn today ? that we can walk up without using the stairs it’s very nice are we there yet last time after us, they will close the doors will be closed and the there will be green fences everywhere the Cast Mebers are already there for the closing ceremony this is the exit yes, unfortunatly until the end of the year maybe we will ride again again this afternoon we shall see it was the last time

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36 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor one last ride before refurbishment January 2018

  1. Haunted mansion holiday is closing next week remove the holiday over lay at Disneyland resort in Anaheim California It's a small world holiday remove end of the month have a great weekend

  2. At last! I was getting tired of getting stuck on the omnimover three times in a row at the entrance of Underworld Mesa in the span of 8 years

  3. Prachtige beelden met veel plezier gekeken. Allen vindt ik het jammer dat die sluiting zolang zal duren, tot einde Oktober heb ik ergens gelezen ?

  4. ah jammer! Ik ben er vorige keer niet in geweest. En waarschijnlijk gaan we in mei of juni weer…ach wat vervelend dan moet ik dus gewoon nog een keer!

  5. Great video guys !!! I made an extraordinary trip for 4 days this week but I'm so sad because I didn't see you 🙁

  6. I really, really hope that they upgrade Madame Leota and make her look amazing like they do in the US Parks. Same for little Leota. I hope they fix the effects throughout the attraction and make it amazing! Phantom Manor deserves some tender love and care. I think it is the best Haunted Mansion in any Disney park.

  7. Friend, I plan to visit Disneyland Paris in July or August, as to know which attractions will be banned in advance. great videos and many thanks.

  8. hey jongens maken jullie ook een filmpje als het vernieuwd is want ik durf er niet meer in want dat brengt ongeluk iedere keer dat ik er inging zit de attractie vast 😉 🙂

  9. We went to Disneyland paris but i didn't know that Phantom manor would be refurbished, i was so sad…

  10. this is probably the 10th time I've watched your Phantom Manor videos, and I'll be honest- I'm mainly watching these now for the music added in. it's lovely <3 (also very excited to see what becomes of the Manor)

  11. Bad news everyone, there had been a setback for now Early 2019 so it's likely going to reopen next spring when off-peak season is over. This delays are likely caused by Trump's tariff policy as some stuff inside may be made in the USA since Disney HQ is in the USA.

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