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14 thoughts on “Don’t Buy This Type Of Buy To Let UK Investment Property

  1. Great advice Tony. Maybe another one should be – don't buy where these so called property 'educators' are telling everyone to buy, usually via their deal sourcing company!

  2. Hi Tony,
    What is the lowest roi % you would accept when buying a buy to let?
    Some people say 20% and some say over 7% ,
    Thanks for all the great vids

  3. Interesting topics Tony, I would also say it depends on you’re strategy and long term goals, I would buy a house that makes great cash flow now if it also means I can not pull out initial deposit soon, but can get back my return on investment within 6 years

  4. I agree with the comment below that suggests it depends on your strategy. I'd think strongly about buying a house in an area that's either in a flood plain, or bordering one, as with climate change, that could be a problem, in a very short time. The same applies to an area that has been mined extensively, unless you were quite sure that adequate 'filling-in' had been done.

  5. Hi Tony. I’m 17 years old and extremely eager to get started in property investments. My plan so far is to save strictly through college and to get myself a job to continue saving more money until I’m ready to place down a deposit (hopefully around 20k) What would you say is my best first move.. Is it buying to rent or buying to renovate and sell for a profit to have a greater pot of money for bigger projects? Also I would love to know how you first started and the decisions you had to make to progress onto bigger and better projects. Thanks.

  6. Great channel our Tony fair play you good give advice free not just the normal 'you can drive around in a ferrari' bollecks advert videos

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