Dracula Needs an Estate Plan
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Dracula Needs an Estate Plan

– Even vampires
need estate plans. Today we are going to talk
about why even vampires need estate plans. Now, I know I’m late
for Halloween, but
thanks to you guys, business has been great, and
we are having a very busy time helping families put
together estate plans to protect themselves
and their families. We actually wrote this
script about a month ago and we just forgot to record
it in the last batch of videos, so enough excuses of
why I missed Halloween. Let’s jump right in. Yes, even the undead, like
vampires, need an estate plan. Now, after you stop
laughing, hear me out because I promise it’s
going to make sense. As we’ve learned from the
likes of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, the Vampire
Chronicles, the Twilight Saga, True Blood, vampires and other
entities are not immortal. They do die, and if you’re
watching one of those TV shows, then it is usually
unexpected and messy. Even the characters on
the Walking Dead can die. I had to quit watching the show after they were all
trapped in the forest. I’m not gonna do any spoilers,
but one of them did die in the third season, and so
while a post-apocalyptic show like the Walking Dead is
probably a bad example, it does illustrate that even
these immortal characters on TV can die, and that
is exactly why everyone needs estate planning. While vampires and witches
are not good candidates for life insurance,
if you think about it, short of being killed,
all of their injuries seem to miraculously heal, so
they probably don’t need an advance directive or a
living will either, however, they should have a power of
attorney to allow Mrs. Dracula or Dracula junior to
manage their finances just in case they are in a
deep sleep while they are recuperating, which
usually happens in the movies. We’ve all seen the shows. Dracula does not live in
a tiny little house either without any money. It is usually a huge castle,
and in modern times he lives in a high-rise multimillion
dollar condo with condos around the world and he travels in his specially
darkened private jet. (squealing) Dracula, at least in the
movies, has a lot of assets that not only need to be
protected, but he has dozens of employees that still
need to be managed and paid on a monthly basis. Do you really think
the IRS cares whether or not he is undead? The IRS and the government
still want its money. The government is still
going to want to collect its property taxes, its
sales taxes, income, and even employment taxes from
Dracula and his huge industry and all of his employees. Someone needs to manage all
of this if Dracula is out of commission for a while. Now, if you’re a
small business owner, you can probably relate. Even if you’re not, then just
think of all the day-to-day things that need to be
taken care of whether or not you have capacity. They are no different for
Dracula and his night friends. Just like I say in almost
all of my videos, everyone, including the undead, need a
plan in case of incapacity. Besides managing affairs
during an incapacity, Dracula could actually die. He could cross paths
with a vampire slayer or accidentally
open the wrong door and step out into the sunlight. Now, while these are not
likely, they could happen, these vampire deaths
are usually rather messy and unexpected. All that, my friends,
is exactly where a will and a trust comes in. Like we have seen in all the
movies and television shows, Dracula has a lot of money. He needs to have a plan in
place for all those mansions, the Rolls-Royces, the Ferraris,
and the private planes. If he’s married, then
does he want his wife to inherit everything? Does Dracula have
children that are minors? Is his spouse also a vampire? If not, then we probably
need to make certain she only has a life estate so that she
cannot give the Dracula estate to her mortal family
or her future husband. If there is a Dracula
junior, do we want junior to have a huge estate at 21
years of age or do we want to spread it out for
distribution over
junior’s life time? So as you can see, everyone,
including vampires, including Dracula and the
undead, need an estate plan. So what are you, a mere
mortal, waiting for? Well, that’s all for today. I hope you don’t mind the humor or at least me
trying to be funny. If you enjoyed today’s
video, then please hit the like button below
and have a great day and as always have
an awesome week. Thanks for watching and
we’ll see you next time.

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