Early Spring Day | Signs of spring on our homestead
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Early Spring Day | Signs of spring on our homestead

Hello, I’ve got Monty again today. You’re a good boy, aren’t you? So yes, what a great day it is! The sun has been out for a
lot of the day. We started off with a really, really heavy frost, really
surprisingly heavy frost. It hadn’t got into the ground, but a surface frost. And then the sun came out and the frost all disappeared. And there’s not much of
a breeze today and it’s a really lovely. It feels like spring. I have to remind
myself it is only February and not get too excited because March and April can
often be then very cold and wet. But what a pleasure to be outside. What an absolute pleasure! So today all sorts of things happened. The three Jersey Giants that
were due to go last week, have finally gone today to their new home, so I hope
they’ll be very happy there and I hope their new owner will enjoy having them.
And our tree surgeons been round. Hello boy Oh Would you like to be a star? Would you
like to have your photo taken? Not so keen on having your photo taken? Our tree surgeon has been around and has brought whole load more, well, it’s thuja it’s
a it’s an evergreen plant that he’s been taking down from hedgerows and so he’s
dumping it here. And then next week at some point he will bring his chipping
machine here and just chip it on site. Rather than taking all that stuff down
to his place, chipping it there and then bringing it all back. It made more sense
just to drop off the the large branches here and and then do the chipping here.
What do you reckon boy? Life is good, isn’t it? Yes it is, life is very good. So yes, that’s the birds gone and some more trees came and Mr. J got home from work on time, rather than being late,
so it’s pretty nice to have him home in the day when it’s still light. Because,
you know, in the middle of winter when it got dark really early and he was extra
busy because of the Christmas rush, yeah, he was leaving when it was dark and he
was coming home and it was dark. And this morning and we commented he was leaving
in the sunshine and he certainly got home in sunshine. So that’s very nice! I
have I’ve broken down a couple more pallets. So my next thing is to go and
grab the jigsaw and cut these down into smaller pieces, so I can a make some
kindling and have some smaller pieces for some small building projects that I
have in mind. Look at this chilled face, look at this
face. This is a very happy cat! What a funny boy you are! Yes. What a happy cat! I’ve added fresh bedding into the chicken palace and into the shed for
Elvis’s flock. And I may have spent quite a lot of time looking in the
incubator at what is now 11 chicks. I’m really pleased, so we’ve got the eleven
chicks in there. Nine of which are large fowl Light Sussex and two at the moment
are Indian game birds and we shall just have to see how the rest of the Indian
game hatch or not. And then hopefully in and either, either tomorrow or
the day after, the second incubator will be filled with little chicks too. There you go, good boy! Yeah, there are
signs of new life all over our homestead at the moment. The plants definitely
think that spring is on the way. There are tayberries and loganberries and self-seeded marigolds, the chives and the bronze fennel. And there are plenty of
signs of new life in their perennial border. And all those pesky annual weeds
and the pernicious perennial weeds, well, they’ve all started growing. There’s masses
of weeding that needs to be done and even a little stinging nettles are
coming up. But there’s new growth on the raspberries. Now, these are
the autumn fruiting raspberries and they need me to cut them right down to the
ground now, so they can send new shoots up. But one of my egg
customers has a stick insect and it’s very partial to raspberry
leaves, so I’m not going to cut these ones down her until until her stick
insects have had these leaves and then I’ll get them straight down to the ground. And so, wherever you are in the world and whatever you’ve got planned for today, I hope it’s a good one, and I also hope you can join me again

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17 thoughts on “Early Spring Day | Signs of spring on our homestead

  1. Monty is a big cat!!! I didn't realize it until you were holding him. He is a handsome boy! So glad you got to enjoy some sunshine today! 👍

  2. Lovely video! (As always) But why does the title say 'homestead' while in the last of your videos I saw you stated that the UK term is 'smallholding'? 
    (Don't mean to be nit-picky!)

  3. See, watched eggs do hatch! Well done on the chicks. We are watching a little bit of snow and ice move it's way here this afternoon so no spring around the corner for us. Like you, we did have a bit of sunshine this morning and I took my chance to soak in some rays. Have a blessed evening.

  4. Our weather here is crazy…. 59 F one day, 18 F the next. The naked ladies are popping their heads out of the ground, but not much else happening. Didn't have a coat on yesterday and we got freezing rain and sleet today. All of our seasons havent been normal in a couple years, Global warming ya think?

  5. Nice to have a little springlike reprieve in the middle of three winter. Glad your chicks are doing well. – Janette

  6. Hello Liz, did you guys make your pallet tool for pulling apart pallets? We got a chuckle out of the cat getting his rub down. He was thoroughly enjoying that.

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