Ecology members projects – Pippa’s mooring
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Ecology members projects – Pippa’s mooring

We’re on the river Ouse, and we’re in York, right in the centre of it. And… I’ve always wanted to live on a boat. She’s a 120 years old. She was the first ever floating youth hostel moored at Selby. So, she’s got a lot of history, so we renovated it all, ripped it all out. They was no insulation, so we had to insulate it. A lot of people think that living on a boat is dead rural and stuff… but you can make it modern. We’ve got a roll top bath and a walk in shower and 3 bedrooms, and central heating, and a utility room, and a washing machine, and yeah. You just feel really peaceful. I have quite a stressful job and when you come home, nothing, nothing matters. The life that you gain from that is priceless, it is priceless, that sounds really corny but it is. We’ve all got like fire pits on our moorings so usually on a weekend somebodies… we’re at somebody’s boat. We grow fruit and eat fruit. We haven’t quite done vegetables yet because the water does come up over the land. With a mooring you can’t get a normal mortgage And then I found Ecology, who advertised that they do mortgages on moorings. I wanted a permanent place so, without Ecology I couldn’t have done that, at all. But they are really, really helpful. They was a lady called Lorraine, who’s still there, which is nice… that tells you a lot about Ecology really; so 3 years on, I rang her because the forms were like any mortgage form. She talked me through them all. She pointed out the really important bits I had to read. It was very upfront, it’s very fair… Well I’d say that Ecology have been very useful… You can do it, a lot of our stuff is recycled. All the wood you’re stood on is recycled and you get a sense of achievement, and it’s cool it’s good, it’s good fun… DO IT!

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