Evasion Tactics (anything but housework)
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Evasion Tactics (anything but housework)

Hello, it’s almost 9:00 in the morning.
It’s a sunny day, it’s a bit breezy, but that’s okay and this morning has all been
about the babies. The baby chickens who I’ve got out of the
nursery pen again and popped them back into the large covered duckling run. So
they’re very happily running around now it has thawed out and warmed up enough
for them to to be safely out there. I’m standing in the stable and the reason
I’m looking around is because we’ve got birds nesting in the area where
where the chickens are not, and they just keep flying around my head! I still
haven’t worked out what they are yet. Usually we have an Housemartins and
there are some Swift’s as well that come and nest in here, but these are neither
of those. I’ve a feeling they’re just sparrows. So the nursery pen is empty. I’ve got the
wheelbarrow, got my scraper, time to clean this out. In many ways this is one of my least
favorite jobs and in other ways I love it. Because I just love it when it’s done
and this is all clean and ready for the next lot of babies. It’s a
lovely sense of satisfaction. Now all the muckings out from this
pen is going out into the back of the ‘Diesel field’ where I’m creating more
growing space. I’ll let the birds kick it around and pick through it for a few days,
work it into the ground, because it’s nearly time to get some potatoes into
the ground there. But it would be good for the chickens to have worked this across the the ground first. I do know that chicken poop is a little bit acid to be going straight into the ground, but given the volume of ground in comparison to
the amount of poop we got here, I’m hoping it will be okay. Well that’s the
first barrow load done and that’s about, it’s just over a third of the
nursery pen. And the muckings out are always thicker at the end that I’ve done
because this slopes down roads very slightly and the babies tend to kick
the bedding all in that direction. So I’m just going go and get this in the
garden. I’m nearly at the end of this task. Most of the nursery pan is now cleared out. I’ve got another barrow load of
muckings out to take down to the garden and in fact there was only two barrow
loads and I was expecting it to be more than that, so that’s good! And the next
thing to do with this is to leave it dry out for a couple of days because at the
far in there that has certainly got quite damp. And that’s the end that
the water was to start with and that’s the end that the baby slept most of all.
so that’s a more soiled and damper. I’m going to leave this to dry out for a
few more days and then come back through scrape it and sweep it again
and give it a good disinfectant because the babies have been in here much longer
than I expected them to be. They’re usually out by four weeks old.
Lots of activity going on down by the next boxes! The babies are usually out by
four weeks old and these ones are eight weeks and have only spent one week out
of here. So, you know, poor little things they haven’t had our usual routine, but
the weather has improved enough now for them to go back outside. so it’s high
time I got this really cleaned out. The next batch of babies that are due to
come into one of the nursery pens are some ducklings. I candled those last
night, or possibly night before, and of the 15 eggs that were in there, there
are seven that are well and truly full of life. So it’s still not as many
as we’d like it to be We’re going to go with the seven, celebrate any that do
hatch and and they’re due in three weeks time. So that task’s done and I’ve come inside
to have a cup of tea, have a few crackers and I realized that my wave of activity
outside is not just that I could get the babies outside and back into the
fresh air, it was to avoid doing housework. And I do want to do the
housework, I’ll rephrase that, I want the houseboat done, that doesn’t
mean I want to do it. It does need doing and also this weekend time we have got
our friends Tony and Louise from Kafkadiva coming to visit us again. And I don’t
really want them to have to look at our chaos. I’m quite happy for it to be a bit
untidy, but we do need to be able to sit four people at the kitchen table. And I’ve been using
it for for bookkeeping and cooking and for vlogging and for sorting out the
seeds and it’s a bit chaotic, so that sort of thing needs tidying up. And I
can’t just push things from one place to another, I actually need to get them put
away and then obviously we need to do clean sheets and bedding and things like
that. Here comes Monty, making quite an
entrance. Are you in? hello, hello boy! (Miaow)
Yes! So that’s what we’ve got happening this weekend, we’ve got friends here, so
I’m going to record the vlog you’re seeing now and hopefully I’ll get a vlog that
you’ll see on Saturday recorded too. And then you’ll see some of our weekend with
Tony and Louise towards the beginning of next week. Well that’s it from me, I’m going to get on with that tidying up. And so, wherever you are in the world, I
whatever you’ve got planned for today, I hope it’s a good one and I also hope you’ll
join me again tomorrow.

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20 thoughts on “Evasion Tactics (anything but housework)

  1. I look around the kitchen, then, go to the garden! Then there is always something else that needs tending, lol.

  2. I completely understand the evasion tactics!
    I would totally clean out a chicken coop rather than fold laundry.
    Don't get me wrong, I love clean clothes and do laundry quite regularly. But, I do not like folding laundry. It usually remains in the dryer and I'll just push the start button every morning to fluff up and dewrinkle what I'm wearing that day. LOL

  3. You put it just right dislike doing it (which I did yesterday x 2 coops) but this morning it was cracken to see the clean coops.

  4. I know that evasion feeling its like painting the 4th bridge when you've done it that's when it looks good but after that it's just the build up to when you do it again.

  5. Day off work and I put wire wool in some holes at the side of the garage (to keep pesky varmints out) instead of cleaning the bathroom.

  6. I got you on the house work. Every time I go threw the house I just can't understand why that little Farey hasn't done it yet.LOL LOL

  7. I feel your pain, I detest house work. Only time I liked it was when I had an essay to complete for uni. Enjoy your weekend x

  8. have a peep at this website arms family homestead Its kinda what its like here but they have soil we have rocks

  9. I tried to jump the gun and do some outside chores and got chased in by snow… once again… I can't wait for a good excuse to avoid housework again. πŸ™‚

  10. I've been watching you cleaning out the bird pen to avoid going out to clean my own hens! Lovely watching you work, but must get my wellies on and brave the elements. Take care and have a lovely weekend with your friends.

  11. At present there are lots of things I'm avoiding doing, lol. Enjoy the weekend with your friends. 🐨🐨

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