Everything Wrong With Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in 15 Minutes
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Everything Wrong With Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in 15 Minutes

N: Hm? What’s wrong, ████? O: This place is beautiful… N: Have you been here before? O: I’m not sure… But the way it
makes me feel… I’ve felt this before. N: Happy? O: … No. No, not… Happy. N: Oh. Well, then, how do you feel? O: Like I never want this moment to end.

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100 thoughts on “Everything Wrong With Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in 15 Minutes

  1. 5:13 No, she doesn't take control of you. You can clearly see that their attitudes change depending on Evelines mood. She's an angry, psychotic girl, making those she has a deep connection with change to her attitude and craziness. She isn't controlling them, she's changing them. For fucks sake this, the constant sinning of "hORoR GamE ScARy", and so many other things you can easily pay attention to in game to not be so damn ignorant with your sins. Holy shit

  2. actually, believe it or not, but there's a french youtuber who found the real ending of the Daughter's DLC without Internet or anything.
    The name's Bob Lennon if anyone wanna go check

  3. 12:36 I think Lucas was just free from Eveline's hivemind or control. After all, the main campaign shown that Lucas can still heal (back in the dinner table Jack literally cutted off his arm and yet the next time you see him face to face he has his arm again).

  4. 4:13 correct me if im wrong but isnt this a section where you PLAY as mia and not just just see her do whatever stuff she's doing?

  5. This just reminded me that this game sucks major ass and its not a resident evil game, its cliche stolen from movies the game

  6. As awesome as this game really is (despite its at times completely nonsensical story) I have some pretty mixed feelings on it. The gameplay itself screams resident evil, and the first person view is just whatever for me but it helped its case a lot after I found out that the first resident evil was actually originally intended to be first person but they couldn't do it because of the technological limitations at the time. If anything, first person is the true classic. But the thing is and my point here is, that besides the Chris thing at the end this games story really hardly felt like resident evil at all. This could have been a brand new series for capcom, and I honestly think it should have been. Just like what they did with resident evil 4 where the game they had was so vastly different from resident evil that they made it its own thing and called it devil may cry, this game is great and it was amazing to see resident evil go back to nearly every single one of its roots but the story I feel like just doesn't fit very well in the resident evil series.

  7. 2:18
    Idk this might just be me but i could swear i see Jack pushing on Ethan's leg to make him accelerate in my game

  8. The conversation with Jack is honestly my favorite bit in the game. Seeing how he truly is, instead of the insane wall bursting crazy sledgyman was something else. Made me wish we got more of that in the DLCs

  9. 4:10 I’m more impressed with Ethan’s supposed selective hearing, because everyone and their mother would hear the boat alarms blaring, but when Ethan watches this video in the opening, only his wife’s voice is being played through

  10. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard is truly one of the best games of all time. It's the game that not only restored the franchise back from the ridiculous action sequences and QTEs, but brought back the franchise back to it's survival horror roots!😆👏

  11. man until now I agree with what you said of how chris looks like. I mean they made Leon's face closer to his RE2 ps1 counter part

  12. Woman who was supposed to be dead years ago sent her love a message to come get here… i don't know but i could have sworn i've head this one before….

  13. When he said Soldier Boy sounding like Souljia Boi, I thought of Souljia Boi saying YOOOOOOU.
    *Chariii5 plays Souljia Boi*
    Its like he knows.

  14. Ok, I have to say it: although this game is my favorite, it has a lot of plot holes and nonsense. It looks like Capcom made some mistake in this game and try to cover it up poorly

  15. I think you are the first person who somehow didn't realize you could still move when Jack is walking towards you. I have watched quite a few LPs of this game and EVERYONE started running away. Like, did you not think it was weird that you could move around while it was happening? I haven't played the game so maybe it transitions into gameplay in a way that seems seamless but as far as I am aware, you are the only one who didn't actually try to run away. Also, after watching Marguarite turn to stone and falling apart, I would think you'd realize that since Jack didn't turn to stone and fall to pieces, that means he wasn't dead. Also the fact that he's in that vision with Zoe who we know is still alive kinda implies he survived. Maybe it was just me but even before the End of Zoe DLC I head canoned that Jack was still around because he didn't crumble into dust and was in that vision and it turned out to be true. Either I got the twist by sheer coincidence or you weren't paying attention. You also didn't seem to realize that Lucas cut off the cops head so that's why it was cut like that and a molded head was growing out of his wound prior to that. You can even see the mold start to surround his body during the second Jack fight. I honestly feel like most of these sins were the result of you not paying attention and that irks me. I enjoyed the other RE Sins you did but this one just seems like you either are trying to find sins or just rushed through it to make this video so you missed stuff that would explain things or imply things to you (though the true ending thing in the sisters DLC was bullshit). This video made you feel like the real Cinemasins in my eyes, and in actuality that is not a good thing.

  16. Look me in the eye and tell me RE1 Chris looks like RE5 Chris. These people's faces are made of clay they change and shift constantly

  17. Alrighty, a bunch of thoughts in this comment.
    I just noticed that it looks like Ethan drives a more vintage car in this game. It looks like something you'd see from the 70s. Yes, I know you can still find some classic muscle cars and buy them, but that's not quite as common. On top of that, there's the VHS tapes in this game too. I'm beginning to wonder if this game was supposed to be set in the 80s or 90s and they just got confused and added stuff like the codex and the internet.

    Also, huzzah! Finally someone else who thought it'd have been better to pick Zoe.

    Looking forward to the conclusion of the marathon today, buddy. Keep at it.

  18. sorry but for me this isnt a resident evil game,hell if you take out the name resident evil 7 the game could be any horror game

  19. 7:50 aren't you going to sin the it he had this phone the whole time and didn't use it. and he didn't have anyone come with him at the start or calling someone after seeing 1st sign of crazy stuff

  20. Sigh…..tbh this is my least liked Resident Evil game. Yes below 5 and 6. Not a fan of the fake ass hilly Billy version of Outlast with mold monsters like look like the freaking Uroboros following some nobody through a fake ass paranormal shit like it's Silent Hill PT. Oh and remodeling Chris

  21. The story of this game didn't use to convince me but I gave it a shot and played and completed RE 7 once, but I still have no freaking clue of what the Virus of this game is, how it works, how could Ethan be so cool after one or multiple parts of his body get chopped off and reattached with magical solvents and stitches, and why they had to change Chris's face and appearance so much in this game. On top of that you play with a first person camera and as a complete new random character whose face you see only a couple of times if I remember correctly and there is little to no mention to the past events, viruses or characters of the series. The game itself wasn't bad but…Was this even a Resident Evil?

  22. And that was Resident Evil 7…..Damn that was scary! long pause Wait…THERE'S MORE?!

    Best thing I have heard today!

  23. 5:53 oh sure, that’s not Chris ,but when he had a different face from RE 1 to RE 5 , they were the same person
    My point is Chris has had more than one face in this series

  24. as for the question of how people remember or know where someone is mysteriously the virus of this game acts like a hive mind most likely one of those guys were infected so the memory would be there and Zoey most likely knew Ethan's location because Mia was near by but as for Mia seeing those memories probably due to the fact the antidote is still working on Mia as she was most likely not 100% cured yet

  25. I really love RE7, especially the story and all the characters, but despite the DLC was awesome, it brought some major plot holes with it.

  26. What's wrong having a flashling with him? Yeah right, nothing.

    Dah! Dickhead! – Really? and so on

    These videos suck, not worth watching.

  27. A Thing.
    Lucas's Maybe has The Mold Thing,
    BUT His Mutate Form, Looks to me, Little Like a T-Virus Form (Or Something),
    From BACK At the CLASSIC Resident Evil Enemies (Or BOSSes), With
    Some of The traditional Things, about Those OLD Mutations. Just a Share.
    And… Yeah.

  28. 2:00
    Additional sin; Why is the cop yelling, and starring, at Ethan to put the garage door back up, and,

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