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Exploring the Land of Fire! | Tierra Del Fuego | PATAGONIA DAY 2

♬ Music ♬ It is our first day of adventures
with Southern Explorations and it is now a travel day. Today we are going hiking and kayaking
in the Tierra del Fuego national park. Supposed to have like
south Patagonia’s most iconic views. Just a little update recap, we are in Ushuaia
the southernmost city in the world. We could basically swim to Antarctica. Our driver’s here to pick us up. ♬ Music ♬ We have picked up everyone from their hotel and we are driving through the mountains
to the National Park and it’s already gotten so beautiful and we’ve learned so much
from our tour guide Ana. She told us about
the name of the National Park which is Tierra del Fuego and it comes from way back in the 1500s
they were indian, like native people living here and when the explorers were like
driving their boat around the island they were like making smoke
so they originally named it the land of smoke. But then that wasn’t scary enough
because they wanted to make sure they scared like the other countries away
from going so they named it Tierra del Fuego
which means the land of fire and Patagonia is named after a monster. They basically just named it trying to keep
other people… Monsters and fire …away from this region
so they could have it all to themselves. And now we stopped at a train station. Ushuaia used to be a penal colony where they sent like the worst criminals
in all of Argentina and they make them ride
this train behind us everyday to go cut wood to warm the prison
otherwise they would freeze to death. It’s actually it’s electric now
and very touristic but they still put steam on it. We’re not actually going on this tour
we’re just making a quick stop because our guide told us
it was really touristy. She is just letting us a few pictures. We’re going back on the bus. ♬ Music ♬ Ready to go. How awesome is this lake! I can’t stop taking pictures of it. So we’re going to canoe,
we’re going to begin at this lake and we’re going to go down the river
that is going that way. If we go like this
we will not go far, right? If we go like this
we will arrive to La Batalla Bay, alright? Even to k port or Antarctica. ♬ Music ♬ We just paddled down the lake
and then took our boat over the road right here now we’re going back in the river. ♬ Music ♬ We’ve just the beagle channel
AKA there’s a lot of waves now. ♬ Music ♬ We just finished kayaking
worth of a big appetite for lunch. It was absolutely beautiful
even saw some condors and a sea lion in the river,
it was awesome. Alright guys now we’re gonna stop
at a place that we have for lunch. So if you want to leave things
here in the bus, it’s fine. ♬ Music ♬ Lunch was so good I thought we were gonna have
like ham sandwiches and we had a delicious lunch. This first part of the hike
it’s going to be going uphill little by little
and then once we get uphil. We’re gonna go downhill
all the way to the Beagle Channel. ♬ Music ♬ -Oh such a nice smell.
-I know, I do love that smell too. Isn’t that weird. ♬ Music ♬ This officially is my favorite hike ever,
she brought coffee, what a view. ♬ Music ♬ While we were kayaking
we kept seeing these huge kelp leaves and we just learned that these are basically
the roots of the kelp leaves and a bunch of little things
live in here and then other things
come to find things that live in here and then bigger things
come to eat things that… …that live in here, so these are really important
for the beagle channel. Pretty fascinating. ♬ Music ♬ Getting closer and closer. Actually I’m showing here Moscow so you have an idea
of how south we are in latitude compared to the north hemisphere. So we’re about the same latitude south
as Moscow is north. We’re about 1,000 kilometers away
from the Antarctic Peninsula Yámanas lived here in the south
along the beagle channel. They used to ride along in canoes
along the Beagle to hunt the sea lion, to fish,
to go catch food. ♬ Music ♬ We are back down at the beagle channel again
and we are about to eat some nature. This is a Calafate
which is also the name of the city. Apparently the city was named after the fruit it’s a blueberry it’s delicious,
very earthy tasting blueberry. ♬ Music ♬ We just finished our hike
now we’re about to get back in the van. It has been the best day,
the weather’s been perfect. Our guide Ana said
it was very special day it’s not usually this perfect
all day long. I could stay out here forever. ♬ Music ♬ This is officially
the coolest post office in the world is the southernmost post office
right at the end of earth unless there is one in the Antarctica, I don’t know
if you can email stuff to Antarctica.

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