Finding the hidden gem in Ringling Estates, today in REALTALK™ #82
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Finding the hidden gem in Ringling Estates, today in REALTALK™ #82

Hi, welcome back to REALTALK™ with Sarasota’s luxury waterfront specialist, Roger Pettingell. Good morning Roger. Good morning Mary Kay. Here we are up in the middle of, who knows where? Do you think any of our viewers know where we are? You know, honestly and truly this is one of those little hidden gems spots. It is. We are in the center of St. Armands Circle, in the
most beautiful contemporary house. We are. On a viewing deck that overlooks, all of
downtown Sarasota, the bay, out to the Gulf, St. Armands Circle. You can
ride your bike to the beach, you could ride your bike to town, you could walk to the Circle. Literally, hidden gem, is what comes to
mind when I think of this spot. Yeah, we’re in what is known as Ringling
Estates, which is the official name of the community of beautiful homes that
surround the Sarasota, St. Armands Circle. And what’s the history of that? And the history of that is, funny you should ask. Back in the nineteen-twenties, you know
Ringling had left such a legacy in our area. But he began the development out here on St. Armands Circle, and the residential communities that surrounds the circle
back at that same time. In fact, there’s a myth that, one of the famous Sarasota
myths that he actually used the circus elephants to haul the construction
materials out here when he was building this community. You know St. Armands Circle, John Ringling Estates, the Ringling Bridge: just a great legacy and a great
place to live. Right, I mean he had some foresight. Do you think he knew that there was going to be a Starbucks down the street? Probably not. That made it all the better. But this really, I mean,
when I think, people ask, I want something a little bit different. I want to be near everything, but I
want to have great views: like, this is it, we found it. This is one of those special
places. The walkability is second to none. Right, now they have
these walkability scores online. You know, this must be like a million. Like, I don’t
know what that is. The best walkability you could have, especially if you want to go to Starbucks. Yeah, and this home is absolutely magnificent. It’s all about view here and open space. You know, really using that contemporary feel and then, it’s also just kind of gardeny.
In this private pool, it’s a good one. It is. For more information about this listing, I hope
you’ll visit us at Thanks so much for joining us on REALTALK™, we’ll see you next time.

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