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100 thoughts on “Game Theory: Kirby…Dream Land’s Biggest THREAT! pt 1

  1. A few thoughts…

    Kirby as a child: In Dream Land 1, it's established via the manual that he's "a little boy." Sure. I get that. But it doesn't change the fact that he's still a threat to Dream Land. For him to be SO powerful and SO naive is a dangerous combination. Notice in the script I never call him evil. I don't think he has ill-intent. Just because I say he's a villain doesn't mean that he's evil or has bad intentions. I mean it as he's a THREAT. That said, I've changed the title to avoid confusion.

    Regarding Dyna Blade: Him helping the children after the scene I showed doesn't change the point — he beat up someone BEFORE learning the whole story, like I tried to make clear in the script. Seeing that scene, he beats up the mom, THEN sees the kids, gives the screen a "cha-ching" gesture and steals them away, feeds them and teaches them to fly…stuff the MOTHER should be doing but can't because she was injured. I get it: Dyna "forgives" him in Revenge of Meta Knight…the same way Landia does in Return to Dream Land, but I see that more as plot convenience because Kirby is the "good guy," or them realizing they have to fight the "true" evil. But think about Kirby;s ACTIONS…if someone just came up to you and started beating you up for no apparent cause, would YOU forgive the person? See them as a hero? Probably not. And don't forget that EVERYONE he fights along the way is in NO WAY connected to the battle between him and Dyna…they're innocents caught in the middle.

    Kirby's Avalanche: In both Epic Yarn and the original Kirby's Dream Land manual (those are the ones I can think of offhand, but there might be more), Kirby actually speaks English…or something that translates to English, so I think comments throwing these lines out as invalid might be premature. Yes, the game is non-canon, which I acknowledge, but the idea that Kirby ONLY speaks "poyo" isn't necessarily true…or it can be assumed that ALL of Avalanche's lines are translated poyo.

    And yes, I know Avalanche is a version of puyo puyo…it was a joke. Obviously it's not a Candy Crush mod since, if nothing else, Candy Crush came DECADES later.

    Kirby as a God of Destruction: That's in part 2 🙂

    I think that's all the major concerns I'm seeing in the comments. Like I said, I don't think he's intentionally villainous. He's a neutral agent of chaos who gets pointed in a direction and just GOES. But when you look at his actions in the games I call out, a lot of times he's doing more harm than good. Does he do good? Absolutely. But he's still a threat.

  2. Actually … I have an argument to make about this.
    How was Kirby supposed to know he was gonna unleash the threats in the first place? I mean, he defeats them after they get summoned, but still! You can't just assume that he always knows. His attitude toward the people of Dreamland may be because he's in a bad mood. You never know.
    It's also kinda funny how you say Kirby is an amoeba, but at the same time he's a god of destruction. A microscopic organism is a god…Great logic.

  3. This comment section and this video and the whole Kirby fandom to this:

    Fandom: There's only one thing worse than a rapist.
    MatPat: A child.
    Fandom: NO

  4. Hey MatPat! I would love to see pt. 2 of this theory. It's really interesting and I want to find out more about which god he is/descended from.

  5. Taking a gander at my psychology notes, it's possible that Kirby here is a psychopath. He's impulsive, uncaring, and he only has regard for himself. He's not an idiot, he just doesn't care. His brain just doesn't function that way whether he knows the consequence or not. He just wants to kill and receive his payment whether it be strawberry short cake, a tomato, etc. Of course, this is only a guess according to what I have studied. It came across as the most probable reason behind his selfish acts, reckless behaviour and lack of interest when it comes to actually helping people.

  6. From watching Kirby back in action I also think he does things without thinking because he’s portrayed as super childish and innocent and immature. If he was told to do something he just did it no questions asked.

  7. Na he is just a sentient all consuming entity that doesn't know better being used as tool to release evil. But its really simple

    Do not question the curby
    Do not disturb the curby
    Do not provoke the curby
    Stay clear of the curby

    He is like a rolling snowball you get out the way or you die

  8. I´m going to ignore that you use "Gourmet race" a mini game as valid reason to explain that Kirby is selfish. But besides that.
    The instinct of Kirby is to help, he has done far more good than harm, he has destroyed gods of darkness that have the ability and intention to destroy everything, he has saved kingdoms, planets and dimensions where he doesn´t even live. He is willing to help people just because the ask him. He is very naive as any other infant but he always right his wrong the second he realises he made a mistake. when he could just give up and go home to eat cake. He is very powerfull but he doesn´t use his power for personal gain, he could force anyone to do anything, he could take everrything by force if he wanted. But instead he always go helps everyone else.
    Also a dude that invades his people because they are "lazy". Is that not a threat? Or a king that sacrifice his army just to have a shot at revenge on Kirby is not a threat?

  9. Kirby villain goals:

    Haltmann: prosperity
    Dedede: protection
    Meta Knight: citizen health
    Kracko: salvation from the sky
    Dynablade: raising her children
    Dark matter: unity (albeit through darkness)




  11. So when's part 2 coming? Been 8 months waiting ( + you didn't talk about Star Allies even though it's on the vid as the main topic).

  12. Kind dedede and metanight haven't been bad this whole time! Woah. He's like Dr. Strange keeping the monsters of the universe at Bay.

  13. this: kirby only cared about his cake! even while people were dying!!
    developers, probably: how do we keep the incentive dumb and lighthearted to match the ambiance of the game. hmm… food.

  14. Might I ask if you watched the Kirby cartoon "Kirby Right Back At Ya"? if not, a quick origin rundown is that Kirby is one of the only Star Warriors to have survived a great war(alongside Meta Knight) and in that cartoon, Meta Knight states that Kirby wasn't scheduled to wake up for another 200 years. However, in his star ship, Kirby is awoken by an alert of evil on his ship, which wakes him up and automatically sends him hurling to Planet Popstar. So Kirby is really a baby and can barely think. If a baby was a hero with powers, they might destroy anything that didn't please them, right?…. It might not be Kirby's fault entirely…..

  15. kirby kills the enimies cause if he doesnt they will walk into him and hurt him bet you didnt GUESS that one MAT PAT and kirby destroys the halberd bc people can choose what to do or be like be lazy or hardworking

  16. Matpat: Kirby is evil, he eats people with no mercy
    Me: But the player is choosing to eat and beat up creatures except in the bosses

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