Garlic Trial RESULTS 2019
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Garlic Trial RESULTS 2019

Hello, I’m Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm
and today we’re going to get the results this is year’s garlic trial. So last November I planted this bed up, well I can tell you about it. At this end of the bed I have a
small trial going on. I have six different types of garlic. I’ve just
planted three or four cloves of each the six different types in rows across here.
And what I want to do is see how the different varieties compare to each
other. So the six varieties that we’re testing are Carcassonne, Early Purple, Germidour, Messidrome, Provence and Solent Wight. So we’ve got a selection of
different types of garlic there. So today, armed with gloves and a trowel, I’m going
to harvest this garlic, harvest it all at the same time. We can have a look at the
bulbs, see how they’ve done. As much as possible they’ve all had the same
treatment so if I’ve actually watered with hope the hosepipe or the can, I’ve counted the
number of seconds I’ve watered each one. Hopefully they have all had the same
treatment. You can see there are poles in here because I’ve already got some Greek
Gigantes beans growing because they needed to get in. And I wanted to leave
the garlic until the day when I could have my camera with me and we could have
a look at what they all look like. So here we go! This is the Solent Wight so
I’m doing them in reverse alphabetical order but that’ll be fine.
We’ll look at them as they go and as with all alliums
and they’re much better if you give them a helping lift and don’t just pull on
the leaves because that will damage the
bulb, make it much harder for storing. As you can see, my soil is not, it’s not
fabulous. And for storing garlic you want to leave as many roots on as you
can and allow those to dry with it. So that’s quite a small
bulb, and again, not really not very large at all, but masses of have top growth. This one I actually can’t read my own writing, so I’ll pop that up on the
screen with which variety this is. This has probably the smallest, thinnest stems,
it’s got a scape on the top there. Another really small bulb, yes and these
have got the very nice, a nice purple hue around them. I wonder whether the purple
will stay once I’ve taken one layer of the skin back to clean them up, we shall
see. I’m hoping the Messidrome is going to be really good because I got a lot of it
planted in the bed. If it’s not very good I’m gonna have to resign myself to all
of it not being very good. This has got quite a thick stem in
comparison to the last one. Oh this is much better! So that’s a nice size, I’m very
pleased with that. If we compare that with the Solent Wight, I think you can see
here the Solent Wight is so much smaller. I really do think I needed to
have left that longer. That’s a good lesson to learn for next time. The next one is Germidour, this is the other variety that I have planted in the the
main part of the bed. There are reasonably thick stems on it, let’s have a look! So that’s a fairly good size. And the last two left to harvest are
Early Purple and Carcassonne, so I’ll get those done and come back and we’ll look at them all together. So this is the Early Purple, Oh! There’s a lovely size on there. And then the Carcasonne which probably
has the thickest stems. Wow I’m really pleased with this. That is,
it looks, it looks lovely. I’m really hoping these will store well
and then I can plant some cloves in the autumn and have some more next year. I’m quite hot now, although is fairly
overcast, today it is really really humid. There is a breeze, there’s quite a breeze
blowing and it’s just blowing humid air at us. So anyway, the garlic! I’m really
pleased with that highly unscientific trial and it’s really interesting to see
the different types of garlic, see how they’ve grown, in the same amount of time.
Now I think the Wight Solent probably needs longer in the ground, that’s one to
learn for next year. I don’t know if the cloves that I’ll collect from that will be
big enough to grow next year, but perhaps they will and I will get
them in nice and early and I will leave them longer.
I will leave them until the leaves really are yellowing. And the way that I’m going to
remember to do that is I’m actually going to go and write all this up in my
gardening journal where I keep a record of what I planted when I planted it what
I harvested it and anything that’s noteworthy like I think I need to leave
that I hope to grow a bit longer I’ve made a drying rack for the garlic so
I’ll be laying it on the drying rack which will allow air to circulate freely
around it and we leaving it for two to three weeks to cure and then hopefully
her that means that it was still really well if you want to see the video where
I started and planted the garlic child click here and if you haven’t done so
already don’t forget to subscribe to the channel by clicking here

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31 thoughts on “Garlic Trial RESULTS 2019

  1. Links to the garlic that I grew and some other suggestions can be found in the info section (just click SHOW MORE) to see the details. If you want to see more videos like this, please subscribe the channel and click the bell – if you don't click the bell YouTube will not notify you when I upload a new video.

  2. I loved this video Liz. Don,t worry to much about the warm weather, I,m back on Monday morning , it's bound to cool down. My parsely mint and coriander has been a success as has my hanging baskets and pots of petunias but my spinach in a pot not so good. I only ripened 1 tomato which was beautiful in size and taste the rest are smaller and very green. Thanks for sharing. It,s been great to see how your gardens are flourishing. Love from Margaret

  3. Most of my garlic was Solent White as well, and mine is equally skinny. I’m leaving mine until mid July, but then it’ll have to come up to cure before i go away on holiday.

  4. Ohhh I for sure need to get some of those early purple in the fall to plant my harvest was pretty good enough for to last us to the next harvest

  5. Great variety Liz. Over here I don’t think about pulling it up until August. I also cut the scapes early when they are small and tender – great for soups, stews etc.

  6. Really enjoyed watching you pull these garlic bulbs! Congratulations on a great harvest Liz. Also, thank you for posting links for garlic sources in the US. I’ll be planting our first garlic this fall and needed a reliable source. 🥰🌱

  7. Hi Liz, some very chunky looking garlic bulbs. I'm doing an experiment with planting cloves from shop-bought garlics. Watching this video shows me how long I'll have to wait !🐝🌻🌹🦋

  8. Garlic is my favorite food. Eat it in everything. I plant it every year. Sometimes I have good year sometimes I do not. Enjoy that tasty bulb. Keep digging. 😁

  9. Good afternoon from sunny Bolton (at last lol) interesting video, must admit I am thinking about growing garlic for next year so your video has helped me to which variety to concider thank you take care 👍

  10. Hi Liz. I paused watching at 1:00 just to say that I am told that Solent White is the best garlic to grow for the UK climate (which I intend to plant in Autumn) – now carrying on to see if that is true.
    D'oh! Maybe I won't bother.
    It may be worth pointing out that Carcassonne is the only hardneck in your trial so its cloves may be bigger as it is trying to get a flower spike up this year. But being a hardneck it will not store for as long as the others (softnecks)

  11. Very exciting video liz. You've dug up some gold there. I love the colour of the early purple. I love the drying rack. Really clever idea, can't wait for your taste test. X🍲🌲🌱🌻🌺🌝

  12. Thanks for this. I under stand that the Early Purple can be harvested from May. Any idea about how much they've grown in that extra month?

  13. Good trial and great editing providing the names of the varieties twice! Keep us updated on taste comparison too please? 🥕🌺😍

  14. Hello Liz, looking to grow more garlic next year so this was really useful.

    ♻️Happy Gardening……..🙋‍♂️Terry King 🌞

  15. I think it's quite interesting to see the difference – we've had a horrible wet summer so I'm dreading even looking at mine!

  16. I dug mine up early. I did a trial too, of sorts, with White Casablanca grown in ground, and in two different pots with different spacing. It had interesting results. I had to get them up though because of the rain, and fear of rust. I'm glad I did too, because the Chive were suddenly covered with it, and I had to cut that right back. It's growing back lovely now though 🙂 It will be interesting to see how all your varieties fare on taste and storage too.

  17. not grown garlic before what variety would you recommend for the uk nano homestead? I did like the look of carcasonne

  18. Liz I think your garlic needed to grow longer. The cloves looked like they were not formed well. I just dug some of mine a few hours ago and they look very good. I planted them in NOV. You may need to work on your soil. They like loose fertile soil. Out temp has been very hot as well with lots of rain. HAVE A GREAT DAY !

  19. i grew germadour this year from saved cloves. the perfomance was even better than last years plants. cloves will be saved again…………………brian

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