Get identification verified for HM Land Registry using form ID1
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Get identification verified for HM Land Registry using form ID1

This form is required to verify your identity
with us when you are not represented by a solicitor. The ID1 form can be found on our
website. You must complete Section A, then get your identity verified either by a solicitor,
barrister, a licensed conveyancer or notary public. They might charge you a fee for doing
this. Alternatively you can make an appointment with us to go to one of our Customer Information
Centres to get your identity verified. Wherever you go, you will need to take evidence of
your identity with you, including a recent passport-sized photograph in which your face
is clearly visible. If you are having your identity verified by a solicitor or a barrister
or one of the other professionals that I mentioned earlier, you will need to take two identical
and recent passport-sized photographs. To show evidence of your identity you need to
take either a current, valid, full passport or a current UK/EU/Isle of Man/Channel Islands
photocard driving license – not a provisional one – or a current identity card issued by
the UK Identity Passport Service to a non-UK national resident in the UK or two of the
following, but no more than one of each type: a credit card bearing the MasterCard or Visa
logo, American Express or Diners Club card or a debit or multi-function card bearing
the Maestro or Delta logo which was issued in the United Kingdom and is supported by
an original paper account statement less than three months old, a paper utility bill less
than three months old, a council tax bill for the current year, a council rent book
showing the rent paid for the last three months, a paper mortgage statement for the mortgage
accounting year just ended, or a current firearm or shotgun certificate. The solicitor or the
Land Registry officer will then sign and date Section B. You will have gathered from everything
that I have said that there are quite a few factors to be considered in identity verification,
really too many to cover properly in this video, so we strongly recommend that you read
the detailed guidance on our website about our identity verification requirements. If
you want to go to a Land Registry Customer Information Centre, which are open Monday
to Friday 8:30am to 6pm to have your identity verified, you must contact us first to check
that the evidence you intend to produce is sufficient and to make an appointment for
us to see you. You will need to give us at least 72 hours notice of your request for
an appointment. You must make an appointment: if you don’t have one, we won’t be able to
see you. You can complete the form on our website to make an appointment. We will not
verify your identity in advance of you actually leaving your completed application with us,
so you can’t come in just to have your identity verified, we will need you to have your application
with you ready to be left with us. Also everyone who needs to have their identity verified
must come to our office at the same time. So in our example, both Mr and Mrs Smith must
come together. If we are unable to confirm your identity, your application will be rejected.
If you can’t go to a solicitor or a barrister or one of the other professionals I mentioned
earlier and you can’t come to one of our Customer Information Centres to have your identity
verified, you can email us – details are on our website – and you can ask whether alternative
arrangements can be made. You might think all of this is a real nuisance but we need
to be sure that we’re dealing with the right people in order to help prevent identity theft
and fraud and these requirements are very similar to the identity checks that are made
by other organisations including banks.

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