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10 thoughts on “Go Behind the Masks at Mortem Manor – Travel Channel

  1. Travel Channel, you disgraced one of the best shows on your channel…Ghost Adventures. I love the show and have watched from the 1st episode. The production of the Live Halloween Special was clumsy, unprofessional, disjointed, and looked scripted/unauthentic. Zak was visibly uncomfortable with the whole situation and it showed. One good thing you did right was choose an exceptional host, Josh Gates, but that was the only thing good you did do. The Rabbi didn't know what the heck he was doing. Zak would never have chosen anyone to be present that wasn't familiar with a Dybbuk and how to deal with it during an investigation, but your inadequate production staff did. You went to commercial and when the show returned the investigation was in a different room. Where was the continuity that is part of every GA episode? We could hear production barking orders to Zak through his earpiece. Really?!! There were countless mistakes and sloppiness that would take too long to discuss. Zak definitely knows how to produce his show better than anyone else. You really stuck a knife in the back of GA and twisted it. You need to apologize to Zak and the viewers for your incompetence in producing what could have been an exceptional live investigation. And NO I don't have any personal affiliation with Zak or your channel. Zak doesn't even know I exist. Let Zak handle things from now on. The Live investigation production was a total disaster. Stick to things you know how to do.

  2. It is indeed one of the best haunted houses in USA.Very well organized, lots of stairs and corners and scary props. Indeed the smell factor adds to the whole experience. This video does not show ( understandably) not even a third of the whole….adventure.The Funeral home resembling large room towards the end of the tour …oh my God…phenomenally well done . Went with my 11 years old son (wife and the youngest are the "No, thank you" type ) he is a big fan of these things. We had a blast. Highly recommend it if you are really good haunted houses.

  3. Lmao I’ve been and it’s not scary at all, I held the plastic curtain open for the lady with the axe πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­

  4. GREAT! They have a creepy holiday haunt in December. I'll do it!
    I love the swamp girl scene with the moving floor, but not the gruesome dead bodies scene!

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