How To Conduct The Perfect Viewing – (Marketing for Estate Agents)
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How To Conduct The Perfect Viewing – (Marketing for Estate Agents)

Hi I’m Sam Ashdown and in this video, I’m
going to tell you how to conduct the perfect viewing. We’ve all been in those properties that
are difficult to show or with viewers that don’t seem to want to do what you want them
to do. So I’m going to just tell you a few tips today in this video about how to get
the most out of your viewing, to see if you can get to that all-important offer. Step 1- Take control of the viewing. You need
to decide on the order of play. That means you need to have a really good idea in your
mind if you haven’t already been into the property of what rooms are in what order.
Study the floor plan. Talk to somebody who’s already been in that house and really plan
meticulously your viewing in advance. When they get to the front door or when they get
to the front door with you, then you need to make sure that you shake their hand and
tell them exactly what rooms you’re going to do and in what order. So guide them through
the viewing so that they feel reassured and safe in your hands. Once you’ve decided exactly what rooms you’re
going to show and in what order, you will also need to know what you’re going to say
about each of the rooms. Don’t do that typical estate agent thing where you go, “Here’s
the kitchen, here’s the downstairs toilet”. Really think about what you’re going to
say and think about the best features of each room because each room maybe including the
downstairs toilet, has main feature that you can show off to your viewers on the day. Also, if the room’s particularly small,
don’t go into the room first. Allow the viewers to go into the room first so they
feel like they’re taking ownership of that room. That’s going to make the room feel
bigger and also help you to stay in control of that viewing. The thing that you need to remember is to
avoid the garden close. If you’ve looked around the whole house and then you go into
the garden at the end, if they can see their car or the driveway or the road from the garden,
it’s the easiest thing in the world for them to say, “Thanks, we’ll go out this
way now.” You really want to avoid that. What I normally would suggest you do is show
the garden after you’ve completed the downstairs viewing but before you go to the upstairs. This might mean talking shoes off or putting
on booties on or something like that but it’s really, really important to do it this way
around because then you’ve got a chance of actually getting around the second time
and we all know that if somebody just looks around once very quickly and goes from the
garden, they are almost certainly not going to put an offer in. So give them a chance to spend time in the
house. They need at least 20 minutes to see a 3 bedroom semi, 30-45 minutes for a decent
sized detached and obviously bigger for a big out of town property. Make the most of the time you’ve got with
them. Really talk to them. Who knows, it could actually be a vendor anyway. So spend time
with them on the viewing, understanding what they need, talking to them about their wants
and making sure that they go to each room in turn at least twice. That’s my formula for the perfect viewing.
I hope this has been of use to you. Please let me know how you get on and maybe if you’ve
got some tips and tactics to share with me of your own, I’d love to hear from you – [email protected]
. There’s lots of videos on this channel now so please subscribe, go watch a few more
videos if you haven’t already and I look forward to seeing you on the next one. Thank
you for watching. Bye for now!

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4 thoughts on “How To Conduct The Perfect Viewing – (Marketing for Estate Agents)

  1. Thank you for taking a position of leadership in the real estate industry by posting this video Sam. You are totally right when you say agents should never say, "this is the kitchen, or this is the bathroom". Only agents who are unprofessional use that approach. I hope that 2018 is your best sales year ever Sam. And by the way—hello from across the pond!

  2. Nice video

    Looking to buy a house in Cornwall H

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