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40 thoughts on “How To Find The Owner Of Any Property In The United States

  1. Invalid XML error keeps coming up when I try to agree to terms and conditions. Customer service was unable to resolve this problem and told me I was unable to use certain browsers. Changed browsers and still received the same error. Then customer service said I need to be on a pc to sign up. Very frustrating experience. Would not recommend this to anyone.

  2. @Seth Williams , Great video Seth but theres 1 main issue that A LOT of property investors run into. The vacant property address & the mailing address are more than 50% of the time, the same address. This makes finding the owner to the vacant property extremely difficult. Even in this short video the 2nd property you view after your first example had matching addresses. (Im sure that particular property was not vacant, but you get the point.


  3. Thanks @Seth Williams for the awesome video. I just join my experience so far with the site is going well. Quick question. If the mailing address is the same, as the site address how do you find the owner mailing address?

  4. Hi Seth, TFS! I purchased a Tax Certificate @ 1% in Orleans Parish in New Orleans. Do you know any thing about the process to clear title and/or quieting a title?

  5. Yes, very good for anyone wanting to make a little extra cash on the side with mail order business with property owners.

  6. I just found your channel and subscribed…!
    Thank you for sharing this information with us.
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  9. Or you can do this for free on your County’s GIS website…. Or you can call the county tax assessor for free if you don’t have a smartphone…..

  10. Easier still is just to type into Google 'Property Appraiser xxxx county'. Once you get to the relevant PA page, you can search by name, address, parcel, etc, and it's free. Most have completion suggestion drop-down menus, as soon as you start typing. There is no need to pay for this info. It's all in the public domain, and it's the same database that the search engines that charge a fee extract their data from as well.

  11. Great Video! Is there a way to do a reverse lookup? Enter the name of a person or company and know which properties they own?

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