‘How to Get Financially Free in 7 Days Through Property’ by Samuel Leeds
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‘How to Get Financially Free in 7 Days Through Property’ by Samuel Leeds

Samuel: Hey, what’s up? Samuel Leeds here,
and I don’t know if you’ve seen this book. It’s on Amazon. It’s called Financially Free
in Seven Days. Now, that’s a little bit of an outrageous title to say Financially Free
in Seven Days. If you saw my Financial Freedom Challenge video, I didn’t do this with no
money starting from scratch in a foreign place only able to do business with strangers. I
didn’t. I filmed the whole thing. You may have seen the YouTube documentary. It’s had
over a million views. But this is really like a how to guide. So we talk about securing
the right properties, we talk about deal packaging, how to find and sell deals, rent to rent,
rent to service accommodation, networking, selling deals. Samuel: So, I think this is probably the best
book there is out there at the moment on financial freedom through property. You can get this
completely free on my website. There’s a link to the website in the description. We’ll ship
this out to you and it will change your life. Samuel: There are two conditions, two catches.
The first one is you’re willing to pay for P and P for the book. So, the book is free
as a gift from me, but there is a small P and P charge. Secondly is, when you become
successful, let me know because your success is my oxygen. Samuel: Right now, I’m at the Property Investors
Crash Course in Peterborough. There’s over 1000 people out there, and it’s just incredible.
I just love seeing success stories. We’ve got a whole bunch of people in here having
dinner now. Some of these guys are gonna be killing it. John, how old are you? John: 22. Samuel: Are you financially free? John: Yes. Samuel: Did you use these strategies? John: Yes, exactly the same, yeah. Samuel: James, are you killing property? James: Full-time. Samuel: Full-time? James: Yeah. Samuel: Did you use these strategies? James: Yep. Samuel: Just get the book. Read the strategies.
I hope you enjoy it. Leave me a nice Amazon review if you do enjoy it. See you next time.

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34 thoughts on “‘How to Get Financially Free in 7 Days Through Property’ by Samuel Leeds

  1. ordered! Also small question, Im flying over to newcastle in order to look at some student flats and hopefully make a few offers, i have booked a week's accommodation, if i was to go through with an offer do you reckon it would take longer than a week to sort everything out?

  2. Hi Samuel , I really liked your book and I would totally recommend it. However, when I tried to experiment your tips to find potential leads on the second website you recommended, I couldn’t find the keyword search to allow me to narrow down the results like you said there would be. But the rest of the book is really inspiring and it definitely got me inspired to attend your Crash Course.

  3. Do those strategies work in Germany too? I do not know if you know the differences in laws etc. but maybe you do and can answer the questions. Thanks for the awesome content!

  4. This is one of the best entrepreneurship books I have read in my whole life. Seriously it's got considerably more content than any business guru has ever given out at any network event. I got through half of it tonight and it's loaded with exact methods and even phone scripts and this guy is giving this away for free.

  5. Would you ever consider giving more seminars and sharing your knowlidge more outside of the UK, in the rest of Europe? It seems you are active almost exclusively only in the UK regarding events and public speaking.

  6. Got the e-book for my own convenience, more expensive than shipping of the free book but hopefully still more value in the content for the money. (My worry is the book has a certain bias for the UK market that may be different for Estonia, where I am from.)

  7. Samuel, i'm a newbie and really like videos like yours. i wants to be a good millionaire. Please help me. I'm bad but i'm smart. how should i get started.

  8. Been watching your videos for ages now & ordering the book – If you ever have a spot to take in anybody under your wing please let me know!

  9. Do you think that the techniques and strategies are applicable in different country? australia in particular?

  10. I have contacted you via your webpage how long do you normally take to reply as I am really keen for a response thanks x

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