HOW TO GET RESIDENCE IN DUBAI | English Subtitles , كيف تحصل علي اقامة دبي
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HOW TO GET RESIDENCE IN DUBAI | English Subtitles , كيف تحصل علي اقامة دبي

in this video, there is English subtitles hello, welcome today I decided to talk to you about this video and it’s very important important I took while to prepare for this video because I have some information I want to talk to you about it so many people ask me these questions so first, if you have paper and pen bring paper and pen and come back and write what I will tell you the video is a bit long but believes me, you will like the info because there is so much info if you want to immigrate or to travel I will tell you in this video first, I will start with Arab countries bec so many people ask me about dubai how you travel to dubai , how you have residence paper I am youth I want to travel or I am businessman I want to invest in Dubai ok we will take those question with steps and category you are a normal person fist I will talk about normal people who look for jobs and then I will talk about people who want to invest in Dubai so now you decide you want to live and work in Dubai or the UAE in general you have so many options first, you take a visit visa and that depends on your nationality the duration for the visa from month to 3 you decide the time but my advice if you want to search for the job take the 3-month visa and then you come here again it’s tourist visa the less amount of money to bring is 1000 $ why you should have at least 1000$ in Egyptian pound is 20.000 you will need this money because when you come bec you will need this money in transportation you will do so many interviews and as soon as you find a job and the company accept you , the company will change your visit visa to residence paper so you need money for moving around the city and the accommodation the accommodation never go and sit in a hotel to look for a job or to take accommodation in an expensive area in Dubai, all apartments are sharing apartment what is sharing mean you might find a room with 3 beds or 4 beds there are 3 bedrooms apartment everyone takes a room it depends on the money you have and how what is comfy for you the price for beds start from for small bed is 6000 dirham to 800 dirhams to above depend on the area for sure with this price you can’t find anything in Dubai this is Sharjah price and it’s different from Dubai to Sharjah to Ajman the bed in Dubai is 1000 dirham per month the idea is when you come you can transfer this tourist visa to residence paper what will happen if I didn’t find a job during those 3 months if you didn’t find job, get out of the country and come back again with a new visa is this might happen to not find a job , yes but it’s rare most of the people who come they find jobs some people come and insist on specific jobs and this depends on the market they might or might not find what they are looking for but up to 80 % from the people who come here they find jobs because there is a lot of work here ok I am a person who doesn’t like the risk I want to have residence paper first is that possible? yes it’s possible if you want to do the residence and and there is no company hire you so how can you do it? there is so many companies in Dubai they do this service it’s called business consultancy or business services the weather is great the sun is amazing, natural look at this view and the garden and those companies you just send them your paper and ask them to do residence paper for you and they telling you the chances and also the type of residence paper you need so how much the residence will cost me? it depends on the place and the type of visa that’s why I put a link for the page they do this service here in UAE this company I talk to them and I ask them if I can put their names and they depend on the connection they have they are in Dubai long time ago so so i ask them if they can do page so we can ask them on facebook so people can ask and I ask them for that and they accept and they really finish the paper in a short time and they help them and I saw this my self that’s why I recommend it for you if you have any questions you will find the link in the description box their facebook page: go and ask them if you want to send Whatsapp you will find the number on the page ask them all you need to know so it’s up to you if you want to go try yourself as tourist visa and looking for jobs till work do your residence paper there is another option which is you pay your self the residence paper you see how much and you pay it in dirhams and then you come it’s valid for 2 years and then you can look for a job and sometimes the companies don’t accept your residence so they do you a new one and transfer it to their company name or you look for a job with your residence depend on which company you will be free to do whatever you want no one can tell you to leave the country this is for normal people who searching for jobs the second part is for businessmen it’s a totally different situation it’s smooth and easy bec money helps plus they also know the rules as I said money helps so if you want to open a small project in Dubai can i do this ??? of course, you can and it’s easy the company I told you about in the description box you can ask them what is the type of project you want? starting from a small business with low cost till till a big project with millions even if you want to built a new building or working in instructions so the project’s are different also the prices so you will send them which project you want text them and the link is in the description box tell them which project you are interested in if you want to open a small project or even a new company bec this is their job they will finish all the paper you need in short time without headache or tiredness they will find your office if you want to open a new company they will finish the residence paper even the worker residence the will show you the business plan and how much it will cost you everything will be smooth and easy so now for example all that I talk about is about UAE if you want to invest or open a business those are the most important topics that i loved to talk about in UAE in the next videos, i will talk about new countries because there are so many companies in Dubai deliver services for immigration to Canada and Greece and Germany in the next video, i will talk about it with details and which ways you can use as well to immigrate and i want to tell you something i am trying to find an unusual way to immigrate or the popular one which is mean most of the ways to travel to to immigrate they exist and people know them and most of the people they talk about it but the special and the smart way is to find way to immigrate that not so much people know about it it exists but not so many people know about it especially middle east they don’t know much about it and that’s what i will talk about in my next video I will talk about i will show you the ways to immigrate bec immigration is simple and easy you don’t need to complicate it so much to your self if you want residence here your most welcome if you want to immigrate to Europe also i will help you it will need some money and paper’s you need to prepare and the money is not that much and i will tell you how much money you need and and if you don’t have enough money what you can do ? believe me it’s not complicated just need to be organized and also i will talk about visit visa if you want to go on a holiday how you can get the visa if you don’t have much money? if you don’t know what to do you will be lazy to take action and will be hesitated to do anything bec he doesn’t know the way but i am telling you it’s easy so I will give you the info step by step so now i give you all info about UAE if you are a man or lady want’s to come here UAE is a very safe country if you want to come to work, open company you are most welcome here is safe and you will find all that you need there is so many project’s and businessmen here it’s an open country, so many cultures people from all over the world so if you want to come and you need help for residence or open new company new project you will find the agency link in the description box talk to them on facebook ask them they will give you all the info you need their prices are not expensive go and try and that’s it for today now i will drink my tea bec i am sure it’s cold now

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