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100 thoughts on “Is Renting Always A Waste Of Money?

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  2. Does Dan actually reply? I have a question about buying a house. I am 50 years old and still renting. Never bought a house…..

  3. I've been binge-watching Dan Lok's videos and I must say that I'm motivated to invest on my strengths in order to create a high-earning skill. Thank you Dan Lok for opening my eyes and for dragging my ass back to the ground instead of working on my "passion".

  4. I have always hold the believe that rental is a waste of money.

    After watching this, I trigger many advantages of renting over buying.

    Thank you to those Dan : )

  5. Renting is better than owning a home if you know what you are doing since you want liquid assets and being able to move anywhere at anytime that gives better opportunities whether for jobs or investments.

    If you can completely live without a sense of nostalgia, nationalism, or cultural preference, I'd say that renting is better most of the time.

  6. Currently, I think Hong Kong people will all need rent rather buying.

    The most expensive price in the world. Unluckily, I live there.

  7. I chose to make a house rather done buying one or renting one because the house becomes more important because it shows the hardwork that you put in it

  8. Agreed on all points specially the one where you mentioned that if you are not financially stable don't buy rent and i expereinced that .

  9. I'm 27 Ugandan in agro-business but I don't have enough land for expansion. Is renting land a batter option for me .coz the money that can buy me one acre or two is enough for me to rent 7 acre . So advise me because agriculture is what I want to do for life as business and I'm into fruit,food and animals .my target is to reach 100 acres of land in use.

  10. Great video as always, but I don’t think renting is a great idea, depending on they income of course, for people with minimum salaries, if the rent cost me 1/3 of my salary, then is a definitely a buy if u have the cash, and that’s what I did personally,
    sold a house on the beach in Albania, that I could rent it only in sommer, but I was renting an appartament here in France where I leave, so I was losing money, so I sold it almost double, so that I can now be rent free here in France, so now I can focus on investing in the future.

  11. i really like your video, i just chose u to be my mentor of all that are in this world. little by little you are changing my life thank you.

  12. No. In short. You are payong for a service and so there for it is not a waste. If anything, define ownership of a home? You only live in it while you are alife, there for when you are dead you never really owned it. Why? Simple. You can't take ir with you where you are going. Lol But for security reasons is a better reason to have your own. But only if you can still have a life as well.

  13. You are rich because your father is rich. I have already visited your 20mio house btw. I find it is really easy what you do, you have never ever took a risk and you ask people to do.

  14. I'm in my first home I brought back in 2012 and lucky for me the 200ish a week I pay a week in mortgage is way less than what someone would rent me the house for now.

  15. I’ve only started watching about 10 of your videos, and I like your direct and honest approach to your topics. I like how clearly you categorized who should buy or rent. I’ve been reading and following Robert Kiyosaki for a long time, but he never gives as much concise and free information as you do without selling his books… it’s almost frustrating to watch him going round and round and round:) I’m very interested in taking your course! I’m reading FU Money now.

  16. Thank you mr dan…i started to begin my renting business..and its good because no business rivals and im still learning…i bought a house.. and im planning to renting another 2 houses to generate income..hello from malaysia..and started from zero here.. thanks..insya Allah..

  17. My advice: rent till you are comfortable enough to make 20 percent down payment of the mortgage. Excellent video from Dan 👌

  18. Sifu, you are the best! Your advice is always coming from a place of caring and genuineness.
    Real estate is nice, but sometimes people fail to realize if their house is an asset or liability.
    "Your primary residence is not an investment" is my biggest take-away.

  19. I am from HK as well, I cannot afford on flat here and i agree with the pressure of the culture here that you need to buy a flat. but this video give me a new perspective of buying my own property here. Thanks

  20. Ur vdos are very knowledgable i love your vdos right now i m 33 and i came to knows the facts that what mistakes i have made in my life but still not that bigger mistakes i m still happy and thankful to God but i have wasted alot of time in my life working hard nobody was able to give me true suggestion and i was confused about my career and i realized that i must had to work in the same field in which i have studied but i worked in different field whatever i learn from ur vdos i share with my husband thank you Dan

  21. From uk no one seems to mention u retire at 67 die at 87 if u rent at £1k a month u need to have saved £240k if u buy & pay off before u retire u live ‘free’ it’s not even a question 👍😁

  22. According to what you described I am going to rent not to buy, because am not yet financially successful.

  23. I am watching just because you actually you are here to solve problems, doubts and ignorance..I am from Greece. Right now with the current economy everyone who bought has regretted because they were evicted from banks and now rent and have created a debt to the bank. It's really sad when the original plan and thought was to create a family and offer them "a home".

  24. I'm renting right now because it's so cheap it doesn't make financial sense to buy right now. I see a market correction in the future and I'll be there to catch it.

  25. This is so eye opening. If I want to buy a 2 floor house, divide it and rent the upper floor, would it be considered an investment rather than just my home? I'm financially stable but nowhere near where I'd want to be, so buying a house would be more of a real estate business than just buying my own home. Would you recommend that I wait, or go for it taking into consideration that it's a business?

  26. earning a little amount of money and it just goes to paying check and basic expenses. so really confused. is better buy a house or keep on renting a place👀

  27. Thanks a lot Dan – I like the part about taking risks and using your home as a savings account lol . How true .

  28. Thank you so much Dan for making these videos.
    I'm a real estate agent. When I'm lost and don't know who to go to or learn from. I'll look for your videos and I always got tbe answer.

  29. Thank you so much. Great points. Definitely helps me see how renting can be very practical depending upon where you're at in life. You are my favorite channel on YT!

  30. It is great to own your home but you need to sacrifice, sometimes can not be where do you want or as big as you want but after the first one you will find the solution to be able to buy one more. What he says is truth never buy something that you will be struggling to pay because at the end will be the bank the owner.

  31. If you are rich buy. If you need to be rich then rent and invest the money in some thing else that makes more money because house is a liability not an asset

  32. I like the calm demeanor you have in this video. Not riding in a Lamborghini or super sports car. I could care less about an amazing sports car or mega mention but I like the basic information and advice. Thank you

  33. I like the simple and direct guidelines…they make total sense to me. Thank you for your directness……I am currently looking to buy and now I need to rethink my plan.

  34. Also it`s the best retirement plan. Buy house and rent it out even -500$ per month after retire sell it and have a lumb sum for life…no annuities or IRA needed

  35. I think I would rather rent affordibly while am still learning. When am establishing my myself as entrepreneur I would view my personal assets such my primary residence mortgage or car loan as my savings rather than my investments. I thank you for the insightful video.

  36. Finally a video about rent vs buy that actually makes sense. Thank you Dan, I’ve been saying the same thing for years and there seems to be no middle ground. There are people who are focused 100% on one side and they believe the other side is completely wrong. I love how you bring the cashflow and realizing that our personal finances we also need to understand our cashflow and based on that make a decision. Thank you again.

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