Kubota BX attachment review – Land Pride GS1548 Grading Scraper
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Kubota BX attachment review – Land Pride GS1548 Grading Scraper

Hey Guys I’m Mark with the tractor tread YouTube Channel and Today we’re going to do a Review on the land pride GS-1548 grading scraper we’ve Got a stone Driveway Here it’s Rough we’re going to see if this is going to smooth It out So for this review we’ll be using the kubota Bx 2380 with an l A 344 Loader on it It’S four Wheel drive and it’s Got R4 tires on it Now we’ll take a look at the Land Pride GS-15 48 we’ll take some dimensions off It so you get an idea how big the unit is it’s definitely Heavy Duty with the scraper sitting on the Ground to the hitch pin Fifteen Inches The Blade Width Measures 48 inches The Total Width from The 48 inch grading scraper 54 Inches The Total length of the scraper Is 50 inches and the skid Pads on the side are about 15 inches High Along The Bottom we have a Heavy Duty replaceable skid plate This unit Features reversible cutting Edges When you wear one side Out you can Flip It over and use the other side There’s One Up in the front and one in the back? Behind the cutting Edges You’ll see some extra Holes There is an option for reversible Blades to go in the back. Too so you can use this unit in reverse Mounted on the frame Inside a watertight Container is your owner’s Manual The 48 inch unit has four Steel Shanks across the front The Heavy Duty Steel Shank Has four Mounting Holes and We Are Currently One hold Down from the highest Mounting Position This Is a Category One three Point Hookup and This grading scraper is Rated for tractors 20 To 50 Horsepower I Set the tractor and the grading scraper on Level Ground and Then I set my three-Point hitch i Have The Teeth Just That Way They’re Just Touching the Ground we May have to lower them and loosen Up the rock a Little Bit so we can Get This Driveway Level So what We Got Here is a Stone Driveway it’s a loose gravel Driveway and it’s Got some pretty Bad Humps Going Up a Hill and We Need to see if the grading scraper is gonna level This all Out i Have the three-Point Head set Up so when you lower it the greater Lower Grille Nice and slow into the Ground I’m gonna set The tractor in four-Wheel drive and low gear Then we’re gonna Go Up the hill and Work our way down So i stopped the tractor Just See where we were at so far you can see the nice pile of stone Their Teeth Aren’t Even into the Ground back Blade There’s a Little Bit of rock on it This is the first pass and so far It really took a Nice Chunk Out of The humps that we Have on this Driveway Here? We’re getting ready to take Past Number two we can Already see we made a Big difference in this Driveway So i made a couple more Passes Up the driveway We took the pumps out Made the Driveway smooth We Left The hardpack Stuff underneath We Didn’t mess with that. Too much Just want to skim the top off but At least i Got a chance to show You guys how it works i Think It Works Pretty Good So That’s my Review of The Land pride Gs 1548 grading Scraper took Some Bumps out of a Driveway Today iF you have any questions please leave them in the comment Section Below? I’m Mark with the tractor tread Channel Please subscribe to my Channel we’ll see you on the next one?

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17 thoughts on “Kubota BX attachment review – Land Pride GS1548 Grading Scraper

  1. Looks like it's doing alot of jumping also can you ajust it so you have a crown drive so water runs off the drive and won't have ponding to make potholes ?

  2. Thanks great video-good descriptions and shot angles. Question- when you drop the scraper , do you drop the 3 pt hitch into "float" and drag it? or did you set the height to a specific level? Also you thoughts on the difference between the scraper and a box scraper- not sure of what the difference is- thanks again!

  3. YouTube friends, I NEED YOUR HELP!! Thanks for watching my video. If you enjoyed watching this video please subscribe to my channel. YouTube has made it tougher for new channels like my self and I need your support more than ever.. Please subscribe and thank you!

  4. Nice vid, good camera work, might not need to spool the engine up so high though. and slower would bounce less, very good, thanx

  5. When removing potholes you really need to dig deep to the bottom of every pothole with the tines, otherwise the drive will compact into the same old ruts and potholes more easily. (the ground may look level but has varying densities/compacted-ness)

  6. Looks to me like the box is not level. The front blade is doing all the work and the rear blade isn't even hitting the ground. I would unscrew that top hitch point just a bit.

  7. I use a road level at work. It is qds attached to the front of the tractor, that way your tractor rides on level ground, thus need less passes

  8. I have a BX22 and when loaded the machine slows down and looses traction. When yours got full it looks like the video got cut. Did you start to loose traction? I had to raise the rear blade some. Love it!

  9. Hi Mark, sorry I got this party (video) late. Very nicely done. I am looking at purchasing one of these attachments. In your testing and experience with it up to this point, do you think it would benefit from some weight added, maybe somehow, on the top side of the attachment. Also how about the addition of serrated cutting edges…?
    Thank you

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