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25 thoughts on “Land of 10,000 Stories: Huppert Dairy among hundreds selling out

  1. It's like in the '30, but this Time is getting the little bit slower. This has a System. Please think about my words. In the '30, the States prepared for the WW II. Now I don't know yet, what They want. Please watch yourself, and don't think, If I closed my.., the storm will go away.

    I watched in the past, how my country goes to the History Book. ( Look my Name.)

  2. the Farm Closed Down because people arnt buying Dairy like they Use to. Dairy Free is a THING now! Dairy Free Cheese, Milk, Ice cream. they taste amazing, are healthier, better for the environment&no Animals have to be sent to a terrifying Death, when we eat Vegan food. ✌❤🌎🐾🙌

  3. India is still the land of small dairy farmers. Thanks to the milk cooperative called Amul. It's the largest dairy in the country with millions of dairy farmers attached to it. Corporate dairies couldn't match up to it. I urge the small dairy farmers of US to study it and start a similar model in US.

  4. CAFOs should be outlawed. They abuse the cattle + calves, they shoot em up with crap, they poke um, they never see the sun or feel the ground or rain or a pat on the head or the hiney. Shameful that the USDA + FDA care nothing for the animals of any kind. Just money. They allowing these to go out of business so big Ag can control food + dairy. Deplorable!

  5. Used to be a 60 cow herd was a large dairy! My father made a living with 20 cows and 120 acres! As did my Uncle with 20 cows and 80 acres! I milked 60 cows and and farmed 900 acres. I sold out!

  6. 🐷🐖🐗🐗🐮🐄🐂🏇 JAZUS,!!!
    I heard the tortured scream of a pig
    Saw cows,hogs,bulls,horses,dogs
    being crucified not humanely killed!
    Time is money…instant gratification.
    Billions of people to feed..etc.,etc.,
    Why not a gun with a silencer?!?

  7. The 1930s were good times compared to now. The mega farms cannot make a profit, but Soros foods keeps them going so that the small farms are DESTROYED, that vile bastard must be arrested, tried, and Executed. He is behind the scenes , wants to control the world.

  8. Thanks President Trump, these are the people who wanted something different other than globalist enslavement and who probably voted for you.

  9. This family is in my prayers. I'm so sorry for your all's loss. I don't want to say you got out at the right time. But, I do think we're no where near the bottom of this crisis. Maybe once the dust has cleared in two decades the forth generation could jump back in. You all kept your land, good job!

  10. I feel so sorry for the animals but no sympathy for the farmers…vote for Trump and deserve what you get

  11. This is economics in action. Lower prices result from over supply and/or economies of scale. Smaller operations will always take a hit. That’s the reality of the market. The big retailers are exercising their clout to deliver what people want. Lower prices.

  12. this is why Canada fought so hard to protect our dairy industry in trade talks with the USA. Canadians like our milk free from hormones and antibiotics even if we have to pay a little extra.

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