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18 thoughts on “Logan Kim & Cain Tell Bell About The Lawsuit | Season 3 Ep. 9 | THE RESIDENT

  1. I freakin hate this pair so much!! Cause maucho dr B got proven wrong almost killed a patient now he’s out for our Conrad!!

  2. I'm so behind on the resident as I live in England so I can't watch it if anyone knows how I can watch it let me know! but I swear if anything happens to Conrad I'm gonna kill someone.

  3. Looks like Marshall will have to intervene on Conrad's behalf, again. Dr. Cain and Mr. Kim are fooling themselves if they believe that they will be able to pull this stunt off.

  4. Are you kidding me? Bell is not stupid. He knows that this would be the silver platter to put Conrad's head on. I'm not saying that Bell is suddenly a hero but the enemy of my enemy is my friend; he would pick Conrad over Red Rock anyway now that he has hindsight.

  5. I feel bad that Dr Bell was clueless that Conrad did indeed torture the patient!! Dr Pravish will come out against Conrad perhaps?

  6. Kim and Cain are so aggravating. I actually love Dr. Bell he started off as a douchebag but he is a good doctor who is evolving nicely. I don't like that they are using him only Conrad and Co are allowed to do that🤣

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