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11 thoughts on “Logan Kim Undermines Bell | Season 3 Ep. 8 | THE RESIDENT

  1. Are this writers running out SL to write?
    What is up with this useless characters that we didn't ask for and that we don't care nothing about.
    Focus on the doctors and nurses.

  2. I may dislike Dr. Bell especially for his antagonistic nature in Season 1 but Logan Kim makes him the lesser of the two evils 😐

  3. Logan Kim needs to go back where he came from .. he does not belong in a hospital working.. b/c all he sees is dollar signs not patient care

  4. Well I've actually just started watching this series, but took a look at this YouTube clip… In the 1st episode that I've watch so far, Dr. Bell (his character is full of pride) be killing folks in simpler surgery procedures, so it's probably in the best interest that that other dude does it…

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