Mann manor problem 3
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Mann manor problem 3

I’m only gonna ask this once. Will you let them go? No. Alright *magic words* Come here swee.. Nice.. This is Painisman. Now hear this cupcake! You are not wanted on my.. Get the fuck out! Are you fucking stupid? We are red too. I see red! But i’m blue. Help!

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100 thoughts on “Mann manor problem 3

  1. i can tell by your soundtracks that you had an epic childhood
    (… or history…).
    I play medievil all the way through every halloween, lel.

  2. I was totaly not expecting Five Nights At Freddy's in this video. I heard "Dum dum dum." I thought like "Oh probably nothing more then a sound borrowed from FNAF" And then i saw Foxy i was like "Nvm…"

  3. Painisman is not a worthy opponent for Painis Cupcake.
    That may be the reason our beloved King of the Freaks has sent Painisman away so that he can develop his abilities and personality since he is still a relative fresh freak/hero and still a underdeveloped character. So first he has to live his own story, his own adventures, fight other feaks, fail, struggle and win before somebody could even think about leting him fight our King, Painis Cupcake. 
    Do not look down on Painis Cupcake. He himself went through alot of adventures and misadventures and fought many other freaks, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. But over the time he has overcome those who he lost to and has taken revenge. Since his revenge only retardedly overpowered freaks stay unbeaten by him. He established his high maybe even highest rank in the harsh world of freakshows by his actions and by his birthright.

  4. Блять, что за хуйня, опять тупые американцы придумали тупую хуетень

  5. But wait, I lost touch. I went back to rewatch these series after fourth one, and do not understand how you stayed alive. Wasn`t you "killed" by HHH in Mann manor problem 2? Maybe i have missed some series?

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