Mr X Resident Evil 2 Remake Tyrant Analysis – (Mr X VS Nemesis)
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Mr X Resident Evil 2 Remake Tyrant Analysis – (Mr X VS Nemesis)

So we’ve seen how this new version of Mr X’s
base form gave us some of the best moments in this new resident evil 2 remake. Seeing how he can compare to nemesis, the
main antagonist from Resident Evil 3. But with all the similarities that they have,
the question that has been brought to my attention was that who would win between these two iconic
tyrants during their base form, Mr X vs Nemesis. Anyway what is up you guys this is HeY DeVuh
and in this video we’re going to discuss which tyrant would win if they clashed head on and
see how one tyrant may be more of an advantage over the other. Were we cover their overall encounter and
gameplay mechanics, to their significance in the storyline in their respective resident
evil title. Anyways before we get started, if you guys
want a quick analysis of mr x and his super tyrant form, please feel to watch it on my
channel, I’ll leave the card for it on the top right section of your screen so you guys
can check it out. Alright so starting off, we knew from the
get Go that Mr X would be a great adversary for us to go against in this new resident
evil two remake. Showcasing many of his in game battle mechanics,
which consisted of him stalking us throughout the game, most prominently during our gameplay
in the RPD station. Were we see saw him follow us from room to
room, which was similar to nemesis but extenuated by the fact that he can explore throughout
the areas of the environment, Looking for us when even when we lose him for a short
while. Also another aspect that helps Mr x stalk
our characters is by hearing gunshot sounds, which we the players have to be careful of
not getting carried away with. Because if Mr X is near the vicinity, he may
get alerted and start hunt us down in the area that we made noise from. Also he does have some set piece encounters
were we have no choice but to encounter him. An example of this was when we were pickup
up the lever for the library in the file room on the west side of the RPD station. Because once we do that, even if we lost him
on the other side of the map, we’ll start to hear that menacing soundtrack of his and
he’ll eventually pop right in through the door. Also Mr X is pretty much invulnerable to all
attacks when being shot on his body, so there’s no need to waste bullets on him in that aspect. But if we do decide to shoot him on the head,
he’ll proceed to power walk much faster than usual, almost at the same speed as our characters
while running. As we hear those loud and thudding footsteps
of his stomping right behind us, that has caused us to be paranoid during our playthrough. But luckily for us there are a lot of safe
areas that Mr X can’t come in to, which would give us some relief from this tyrant. Overall, the developers from capcom has given
mr x some traits that are similar to nemesis, especially when it comes to his encounters
and with the way he stalks our characters. But let’s go back in time and see how our
encounters with the infamous pursuer tyrant nemesis has given us so much tension during
our gameplay in resident evil 3, even in his base form. Alright so starting off we first encounter
Nemesis when we see him jump into the scene while we were in front of the RPD station,
were he ambushes both Jill and Brad giving us one of the most iconic scene in resident
evil 3. So after disposing of Brad, we quickly realize
that this Tyrant is already on a different level than any of the previous monsters that
we’ve seen in resident evil at this point of its history. Because the closest incarnation to Nemesis
at this point was Mr X from the original Resident evil 2, were we saw him encounter our characters
throughout the game, but they were set piece moments that were scripted to be there. Also Mr X in this previous version showcases
some of his gameplay mechanics were he would only walks towards our protagonist, to him
using his standard melee attacks, and to the way he follows our characters. But Nemesis on the other hand took everything
that made Mr X so terrifying and ramped it up to a whole different level. Were we see this Tyrant even, in his base
form be able to give us so much tension during our playthrough in resident evil 3. Were he displays his ability to run at full
speed, which is magnified by the fact that he runs faster than our character. Also he can follow us throughout the environment,
catching us off guard at the worst possible times. But even in his absence you still feel like
he’s just around the corner, waiting for us to walk into an environment so that he
can finally catch up to our characters and finish the mission of eliminating the remaining
S.T.A.R.S. members. The perfect example of this is was when we
hear that tension soundtrack that plays when he’s off screen, indicating that he may
be in the room right next to us. And also let’s not forget that Nemesis can
wield a freaking rocket launcher, I mean it’s crazy enough that he can run faster than us,
follow us from room to room, but now he can even use weapons. But the icing on the cake is his ability to
instant kill our characters once he grabs a hold of us, eliminating Jill in a way that
was similar to Brads. Overall Nemesis was a formidable Tyrant and
Umbrella has done a great job of developing a B.O.W. that has the capabilities of a superhuman
but at the same time retaining intelligences that helps him hunt down the infamous S.T.A.R.S
members. Alright so now, let’s breakdown and see
who would win between these two Tyrants in their base forms, the new version of Mr X
or Nemesis. So both Tyrants displays massive resilience
when it comes to being attacked by a lot of our firearms, especially since both wear their
respective trechcoat limiter, which allows them to deflect a lot of damage from weapons
but also keeping their mutations at bay. But this new version of Mr X only allows us
to deal more damage if we shoot him on the head, because even when shooting him on his
limiter with my infinite submachine gun, my bullets literally just bounces off his body. Were as with nemesis, he still is able to
receive damage when shooting him at any part of his body, but this is probably due to the
fixed camera angle style of gameplay of the past, but If they do make a remake of RE3,
i’m sure we’ll be playing an over the shoulder aspects of gameplay like we did here
in this new re2 remake, were we can see Nemesis also deflect bullets off his trenchcoat limiter
like Mr X, but until then, I’ll have to give the edge to Mr X in this aspect. Alright so next is their overall combat mechanics
during our gameplay, so both Tyrants displays the ability to stalk our characters throughout
the environments, but Nemesis does this differently by being able to outrun our characters, which
increases the tension during our encounters. But also the tanky controls of the past doesn’t
help either, were our only caveat is being able to use a newly implemented dodge mechanic
that was present in resident evil 3, giving us a small fighting chance when facing Nemesis
head on. Also both Tyrants are able to do a variety
of melee moves that can affect our characters ability to move past around them. Which included their standard attacks which
causes our protagonist to be staggered even just for a little bit. Or when they either grab a hold of our characters
and throw us like a ragdoll. But here is where we see Nemesis shine, because
not only doesn’t this allow us to stand back up quick, but it gives him a chance to
pick us up again and do his finishing move. Also Nemesis in his base form also wield a
rocket launcher, so mr X would have to think twice of trying to face him head on. So overall, the combat advantage would have
to go to Nemesis, even against this new version of Mr X. So the last thing to compare between these
Tyrants were their significance in the overall storyline in the game. Anyways so starting off with Mr X, we all
knew he was sent there by umbrella to eliminate any witnesses in this new remake, giving our
protagonist an obstacle to overcome time and time again. As with Nemesis, which was similar in a sense
to Mr X, that he was programmed by umbrella to eliminate the remaining stars members and
that he was also an obstacle for us to overcome. But his significance in the storyline in resident
evil 3 was profound. Giving us so many tension filled moments,
in either during our regular walkthrough or during the cutscenes. With a great example was when we saw him go
toe to toe with Mikhail inside the cable car. Or when he stops our escape when he destroys
the helicopter at the clock tower area. So all in all, Both Tyrants gave us players
a great tension filled time but also showcased what the potential of B.O.W. has to offer,
no wonder Umbrella was so keen on developing this behemoths to become the best possible
monsters that they can be. Anyways what do you guys think overall about
these two Tyrants in their base form and who would win if both of them clashed head on? Please let me know on the comment sections
down below, i’d love to hear your guys opinion on this matter. Also if you guys did enjoyed the content,
please feel free to like and subscribe. Anyways thank you guys for watching my Mr
X vs Nemesis video, and as always you guys have a great rest of your day and this is
HeY DeVuH signing out.

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100 thoughts on “Mr X Resident Evil 2 Remake Tyrant Analysis – (Mr X VS Nemesis)

  1. Tactically nemesis wins because he can run off the bat x has to lose the trench coat and in a manwa somewhere nemesis fights birkins 4th form along with 5 or 6 mr xs and when they beat birking a critically injured nemesis beat the other 5 tyrants and still went for jill so…

    NEMESIS > 5 TYRANTS (MR XS) theres really no debate if that manwa were canon (i dont think it is)

  2. If Mr.X was to transform in to super tyrant and land some brutal attacks on Nemesis, nemesis wouldn’t be able to heal the wounds. That explains why his eye had to be stitched. But Nemesis would easily take him down with the tentacles, like he did with birkin

  3. Nemeis would win.
    T-103 aka Mr X, is just one in a series of many. The most successful tyrant developed and mass produced by Umbrella. In the original RE 2 when you see him for the first time he's deployed by an Umbrella helicopter and you notice that the pod he's deployed from is just one of multiple.

    However the reason Nemesis would win is because he's also a T-103 but he was infused with the NE Alpha parasite which made him more intelligent than the average tyrant and gave him weaponry with the tentacles. He's Mr. X plus more

  4. Nemesis would win hand downs to where the point it would be a beatdown instead of a fight if the two were to meet. He is far more intelligent and stronger then Mr. X. He develops plans and tactics to hunt down his prey unlike Mr.X who just aimlessly looks for his prey and doesn't care if he gets hit by multiple bullets that could injure him or get ambushed by another B.O.W. like WIlliam Birkin.. He has a freaking rocket launcher which has more then enough firepower to kill Mr. X with one hit. Plus, Nemesis despite his size moves faster then Mr. X and has actual hand to hand combat capabilities to allow him to overpower Mr. X. Worse, he can take an insane amount of damage and evolve to become a more lethal B.O.W. Hell, two or three direct hits from a U.S. Army Rail Cannon didn't even kill the Nemesis when Jill used it on him. You had to finish off the bastard with 44 magnum so that right there should tell you has strong and durable the Nemesis is when compared to Mr. X. Mr. X you were able to kill him with one hit from a rocket launcher. Nemesis has more going for him in his favor then Mr. X does in a fight between the two.

  5. Nemesis was essentially what Capcom had originally envisioned Mr. X being. So basically, Mr. X was a prototype for Nemesis or Nemesis was an upgrade. Take a tyrant and make him look like a cenobite, give him a tentacle, a rocket launcher, make him run and you have nemesis.

  6. I still for the life of me don't understand why when Mr X pops his arm into Ben's cell to crush his face that he just fucks off after that. Like holy plothole batman. That part would only really sense if you already have both fuses when you visit him the first time. Or if they waited to kill him off when you showed up with them, and then he pops around the corner.

  7. I think that nemesis wood win because they had made him more better than Mr X and more advanced because he could do things Mr X could not do but they are both still tiring but let me see just a upgraded version of mr. X you could say and a lot more stronger I think that their jackets is kind of like a vest slows down gunfire in wounds but he misses a little more flexible than Mr X and a lot faster as strong as a parent is I think that let me see is more faster speed in strength

  8. Honestly I like both of them. And look how much fame and love X got. They really done a good job. Cannot wait for the RE3 remake.

  9. I think mr x is more stronger and bigger but nemesis is more agile and faster , like a fast walking bodybuilder vs a professional football player

  10. Hello DeVuh, sry for beeing so late, it was a very busy week for me.
    This was again a great comparsion vid !
    I think Nemesis would win this fight, not only while he is carriing a rocket launcher, the arch ennemie of any T00 tyrant we encountered in the games 😀 but also because he seems to be tougher than Mr.X. He had to be killed by that huge railgun, we had to shoot him several times with (and it wasnt even anoth to totaly kill him). But on the other side, its hard to say how the evolved Mr.X with claws would deal dammage to him in a melee fight.

    Soon you'll breach the 4K sub barrier ^^ its nice to see more resi fans find the way to your top quality content vids. Keep on the good work 💪

  11. In a 1 on 1 fight, nemesis would win, even without using anything but his fists, as in a Chinese manga/adaption of resdient evil 3 he won against a fight with all 4 forms of William Birkman, and fought 5 Mr.X's and killed all of them, one of them even didn't have its power limiter.

  12. Honestly, I'm not sure how fair it is to compare the remodeled version of of Mr. X to the version of Nemesis from two decades ago. We won't really have a chance to seriously ask this question until Capcom shows us the undated Nemesis in a few years.

  13. Nemesis. Too relentless, faster, not afraid to use weapons.

    MrX too slow, can't use weapons, vulnerable to heavy weapons. Multiple are made and 5 lost to a US delta force team.

  14. I think Nemesis will win since he have a rocket launcher which is Mr.X's weakness since that's the reason of his death in the Super Tyrant form. But i still love Mr.X!!! You shooting Mr.X's fedora when you first encounter him is making me goosebumps lmao. He loves his fedora so much, he even gets faster when you shoot his fedora 😂😂. Thanks to Capcom for adding a fedora for Mr.X in the remake.

  15. Nemesis is actually much weaker than regular tyrants buuuut is much much more intelligent so as long as it's not a strength contest he'd win against mr x

  16. in my opinion, Nemesis would win in a fight against Tyrant (Mr. X), but in a fight against Super Tyrant (from the end of Resident Evil 2) I believe that the Super Tyrant would be victorious (but with one condition, if Nemesis was not with his bazooka, otherwise, Nemesis would win this fight too)

  17. Mr. X is just a prototype his more developed counter part was the one that came out in Resident Evil Damnation that fucker shrug off rocket launchers like nothing. I think that specific Tyrant would beat Nemesis not to mention his 10-13feet tall and very smart as well.

  18. The two creatures produce a different kind of fear. Mr. X is more kinda like a soulless emotionless Terminator or Golem with extreme strengh capable of breaking all bones and the skull with his bare fists, being on a relentless hunt with no emotions and no mercy at all. Nemesis is more based on a classic monster with huge gaping mouth and disgusting frightening looks, and he likes to eat Jill-sandwich…..

  19. Here's my features on the OG Mr.X and OG Nemesis:
    MR. X
    Strength: Obviously more powerful than Nemesis. Able to burst through walls like it's nothing. Ruining a poor defenseless security camera. Threw Ada on the self destruct machine or smashed it in Claire B while attacking Sherry and his punches literally knocks your character away!

    Speed: While he IS capable of running, he only walks towards you slowly within close proximity or he will power walk towards you if you're far from him.

    Intellect: While he comes off as a soulless Terminator with a mean poker face, he does have basic intellect of doing whatever it takes to complete his mission.

    Endurance: He can take quite the amount of bullets, but Claire's Acid rounds will kick his ass every time within about 3 shots.

    Strength: While he is quite strong, his punches doesn't have that same impact on Jill or Carlos as Mr.X's punches did on Claire and Leon. Also, in his 2nd hentai form, it took him a couple of ramming into the destroyed Clocktower's wall to finally burst through in an awesome entrance before he attacked Carlos.

    Speed: He walks at about the same speed as Mr.X when he's power walking and his running speed is ridiculously fast!

    Intellect: He's definitely smarter than Mr.X, and more aggressive to the point where he will use a bloody rocket launcher on poor Jill. He'll also try to ambush where you'd least expect it, although his music raises the tension of his whereabouts, it'll also ruin the fact that you know he around somewhere if your not easily spooked.

    Endurance: He takes WAY more bullets than Mr.X, but Jill's Freeze rounds will kick his ass with ease.

    So with that, I'd say in a hand to hand combat, Mr.X wins, but in a all out brawl, Nemesis would one shot him with a rocket launcher. Also I want to clarify that Mr.X in the remake can take damage to his body, but it's only a small amount.

  20. Mr x dab on those haters, yall want stars ail give you stars 🔫 🔫 🔫 🔫 🔫🔫 🔫 🔫 🔫 eat this nemisos 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

  21. If you really think about it, in certain scenarios they would both win. In there final forms mr x would win because one, nemesis is now a giant slow moving blob kinda like mr x's first form and final form mr x had to be killed by a rocket launcher, and we don't know how much it took to kill final form nemesis. On top of that, In his final form, mr x about 7-8 tank things and still survived. In base form though, Nemesis would win
    Edit: I meant his base form he took those tank things

  22. Was it stated that Bane, even without venom can break the back of Killer Croc? Can Bane take on a Tyrant with his limiter?

  23. Nemesis is the strongest B.O.W in the series, this is known, can one hit kill a super tyrant 103 and defeat Birkin in all his forms, plus he is even stronger if he has an rpg or minigun at hand.

  24. I spent 9:33 minuets of my life Just to hear whic Bow is stronger in his opinion ,then at the end of the video he says Wich one do u guys Think is going to win? …………….amaazingg

  25. Yeah. I want to say Nemesis. And I think honestly we need to wait until the RE3 Remake comes around. Because I’m sure Nemesis will be buffed.

  26. Nemesis looks cooler and remember in the last fight of mr.x you need to survive for a bit and shoot me.x with a rocket launcher! And what does Nemesis have in his hand? A rocket launcher!

  27. Funny thought. What if it was Nemesis that shot down the helicopter that landed in the police station in re2 remake. I know it wouldn't make since timeline wise, but it would be kinda awesome

  28. Old Mr X was no match for how thrilling Nemesis was. Look how scary modern Mr X is. You can only imagine how more terrifying they gonna make Nemesis.

  29. I like Mr x more because its scary when he chases you but it's even scarier when he loses you and you can hear his footsteps while he's slamming doors to find you

  30. I Played all RE in PS3/PS4 and i know Nemesis is still the badass Tyrant and My Childhood Nightmare lmao

  31. Super Tyrant died from 1 or 2 shots from Rocket Launcher and Nemesis always carry it with him so yeah, Mr X stand no chance against Nemesis.

  32. Nemesis will win because he has a rocket launche also he blew up a helicoptor well mr x is just walking and killing peapol

  33. While Nemesis is more powerful obviously, I still like Mr. X better becuase his Design, he never talks, and even was the first Tyrant which is why I call him Tyrant he's just way cooler and that's why he is my favorite

  34. Nemesis def, he was made to go after highly trained specialists STARS and at the same time being the only one of his kind because he was unstable, while mr. X was one of many proven tyrants who was sent after the ordinary 10% survivors… Better question is William Stage 1 vs Nemesis Stage 1

  35. Nemesis is obviously stronger then Mr x will not have a chance against nemesis and his face will am birkin

  36. Of coarse nemesis because nemesis can running……..MrX just walking behind you like sherry when she following claire🤢lol

  37. Nemesis wins even though i prefere remake mr.x than nemesis i have to be honest just imagine if i prefere remake mr.x than og nemesis imagine nemesis in re 3 remake it will be insane omg im so excited

  38. Resident evil 3 was my fav horror game as a kid and its a huge thanks to the cat and mouse game of Jill and Nemesis. Iv heard about Tyrant back then but wasnt able to play his game fully so i never really apreciated him. The remake gave Nemesis a run of his money on whos my fav BMW but Nemesis comes on top for me because of his agility and inteligence.

  39. Nemesis can eat mr x a live …. Mr x he dont have any way to beat nemesis… And the players who play resident evil 3 you shore know why nemesis so strong…. He is faster and more clover and can use guns and no way to escape from him

  40. I really don’t get that how many videos I watch know one puts when mr x is coat is of his true mutant form comes out

  41. OOOOK so the ultimate version of Mr. X gets obliterated by a rocket launcher. What do you think would happen to the standard version? Nemesis will be like: "STARS! … <BLAST> … STARS MWROAAAR!" OH and for the ultimate form of Nemesis you'd need 2 shots from a frikkin Gauss Cannon that weighs 2 tons and takes 1 minute to fire!! (Demon Sword of Paracelsus)

  42. In a comic Nemesis was not only able to destroy several Mr. X's but also was able to beat and destroy William Birkins first 3 forms and even went toe to toe with his last form and won.

    He actually has a pretty cool back story too. He was a former heavy weight boxing champ so it was cool seeing nemesis throw hands and weave lol. His character development was cool too. His family was murder so it gave nemesis more of a humanized version and not just a evil brute like the games. Like he didnt talk or anything he was still nemesis but you just sympathized more with him.

  43. Mr. X was able to lose to Leon since his heart was exposed and his muscle cavity and also his ribs were exposed to damage

  44. Even if you take away the rocket launcher, Nemesis has tentacles along with his brute strength. X ain't even touching him lol

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