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89 thoughts on “My Real Estate Investing Strategy and a Pay Day

  1. This may have been your best video yet. It is not just the content but, the "along for the ride" perspective.

  2. I gave this video a 'like' and am already a subscriber. Looking forward to more of your videos on real estate.

  3. Liked it a lot. Have a question, how is the house insured? Do your clients pay for it? And who is the beneficiary?

  4. I have a friend who is 21 years old and uses a house as a rental. He informed me that he did not have any credit history but still managed to obtain a loan from the bank to buy the house. How is it possible that he could get a loan for a house and not have any credit history? By the way, I hope you make more real estate videos, this was interesting and motivating.

  5. So clay hypothetical situation for you. Alright you have a guy living in the house for say 2 years paying along fine. One day he says he's done. Alright you go to get him evicted are there any squatters laws to worry about? Because in NYC squatting is common in rentals never approved to the squatter. Is this not a thing at all in Michigan?

  6. Did you start in real estate first, before playing in the market, or the other way around….invest your market profits in real estate?

  7. damn 7.5 interest, 52,500 loan amount 17 years, thats $456.07 payments. I'll do that all day. any more houses for sale I have 5k down?

  8. Thanks for this vid man. One of your better ones. Quick question, DO you own these proprieties outright? or are u still paying the bank on them while your buyers pay you?

  9. This was extremely informative! I had no idea that this type of real estate occurred. I assumed only banks could go this route. Thank you for allowing us to see your real estate life.

  10. Slightly confused. So you 'loan the 55000 dollars to the buyer. Does he pay his loan off monthly to you? If that is the case then why is the cheque you get at the end of the video 36000 dollars? Thats the part that confuses me…

  11. Hey Clay, is your Inner Circle Chat focused around stocks only or would you see members posting about forex?

  12. Thank you for the video, definitely appreciate the information. I hope you make more videos about real estate. I would love to learn more about your first time, your process and psychological thinking at that time, also who do or did you follow to get started, and things like that. Thanks again, and enjoy the Drone footage really cool transitions!!!

  13. By far one of the best real estate videos ive seen on youtube. You were already one of my favorite stock market creators because of how simple you make everything. But the rest of the real estate creators seem full of BS. More please!

  14. Very cool Clay! I made my parents buy a rental property a few year ago…now it pays a monthly divvy.. the best part is that the house will have paid for itself in another two years. Can you say cash cow????

  15. Thanks for this video Clay it was useful 🙂 I want to compliment you regarding the smart move from your part to actually have a monthly compounding period … the 7.50% annual interest rate is not what they actually pay but more than that factoring in the compounding period and on the longer term this adds up to a very decent percentage so good for you as a lot of people don't differentiate simple annual rate vs compounding interest

  16. Great job Clay. Now you can invest in another one or two. Are you able to 1031 exchange a deal like that? Rental yes but I am not sure how this deal would work.

  17. I give you a lot of credibility and the second I saw you had a real estate video I just had to watch it and I hope you keep posting more about real estate

  18. Wow that's a cheap house. Are there many houses in Michigan with that price? I live in SoCal so I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing anything that cheap to buy lol. So if they had paid you all the money upfront then you wouldn't be able to collect any interest right? Nor would they be charged interest? I feel like I can save up and just flatout buy a house upfront without worrying about interest or anything if I could find one for that price.

  19. Hey clay I'm 14 and looking for ways to make money, as of right now I am reselling shoes, paper trading, and collecting bottled and can to recycle for cash. Do you have any other ideas of ways to make money at my age??? Anything will help thank you

  20. Very intriguing. This is a rather novel method of earning from real estate. Why would someone first buy a property with cash and sell it to sub-prime borrower for down payment plus a note? Conventional wisdom decrees buying property with down payment and rent it out for cash flow (plus appreciation). I would love to watch many more videos on real estate investing.

  21. You should do a course on Your strategy on RE investing. So you lend money to people that aren't approved from the traditional banks?

  22. Was not expecting to see this but I loved the info thanks for sharing!! I do have one question though.. Do you use real estate to protect your capital clay?? like with the 1031 rule? Just wondering if that's part of the strategy.

  23. It's the best way to invest. Been doing it for 20 yrs, I'm 40 now and actually learning trading finally. I can honestly say I will be leaving my desk job soon. Doing 9-5 plus homes on the side takes up all my time and family to that and no time is left. I just learned you do this. I was the one who couldn't attend your webinar Wednesday FYI

  24. loved the vid clay you should absolutely make more my main focus right now is the stock market both day trading and long term investing but real estate is something I also wanna be involved in

  25. Wow Clay, after all the videos of yours I've watched, I never thought you'd be right in my back yard. I've been to that exact title agency a few times. Small world!

  26. Definitely interested in more real estate stuff. I think a lot of us are inspired by the independence you've achieved and would like to emulate it. Both trading and real estate are fantastic ways to do it. Thanks so much!

  27. I want to see more real life videos like this one, it's so easy to understand the little things in real estate

  28. so wheres the starting line for seller financing? throughout the video i thought how in the world did you get the knowledge and entry to real estate

  29. Are you familiar with Robert Kiyosaki? I see many similarities in your guys real estate investment strategies.

  30. how come u don't want to invest in some reits stocks or etf instead? less headache of being a landlord but with same risk as going into real estate.

  31. OOOoooOOO…I like the transition track after you parked, what is it? I'm assuming Nate's got the playlist 😀 Also, video idea….Networking: How it's been instrumental in your journey, and tips on mastering it 🙂 please and thank youuu

  32. The funny thing is that regular banks that create mortgages don't actually have to have the money to lend (in fractional reserve banking) but they still collect interest and take possession of the collateral in the case of a default

  33. hey clay i did a whole sell, rehave , short sell and REO and a probate deal in So Cal. OC and riverside county. I loved it . Me and my partner a LLC . I left the market due to lac of support from my wife and other players coming in to the deal like real estate attorneys and brokers who rip you off by sweetening the deals to favor there investors AKA there Family and them self's and it just did not make sense to keep doing it at that time. I hope to go back some day. nice to see you doing it. Just brings back good memories. 🙂

  34. 57,500 house?? Where! I'll take 5 right now lol. I'm in California…57k around here is more like a down payment lol. Clay, do you amortize the mortgage payments to these buyers. That's the way to do it. 7% interest on the balance each month. That's how the banks get you. At the end of the 30 year loan you actually end up buying three houses: one for you and TWO for the bank due to all that amortized interest. That's mortgage insanity! Also Clay,do you have your properties in an LLC…

  35. Worst case scenario is the company that has the stock goes bankrupt and the worst case scenario is that your house get burned or your house becomes a grow op. The scenarios you gave isnt the worst.

  36. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to teach others. I watch a lot of your videos. Great content!

  37. Hi, I'm curious. Let's say they pay for couple of years but then stop and get foreclosed. Are they entitled to the appreciation if any? I think in NY if there is a capital gain, it belongs to them, not to the lender. I maybe wrong.

  38. I'm currently reading a book titled "Getting Started in Real Estate Day Trading" by Larry Goins. Day Trading…perfect for you. Lol

  39. I don't think what you're doing is dumb by any means. If anything, I think it's pretty cool that you're in a position to give someone that may have had a hard time in the past a chance to redeem themselves own. Granted, they're paying a higher interest rate but if I were in your shoes and the borrower eventually paid off the note I think I would be pretty happy for them. I do have a question and I apologize if you've covered this before but with the varying income streams how do you handle taxes at the end of the year? TurboTax is cool and all but I don't know if it's that cool.

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