Our 10 Reasons for Homesteading
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Our 10 Reasons for Homesteading

Today we are talking about our 10
reasons for homesteading and Mr. Jay has joined me again, thank you. Hello. And so
thank you to Ben and Meg at the Hollar Homestead for nominating us to do this collaborative challenge. I love the way you use the word ‘thank you’. I’ll say thank you, Mr. Jay suffering because I’ve dragged him into this, you’re alright. Yeah I’m fine Your’re alright aren’t you? Yeah. Good. Okay we’re not going to mess around any longer because we’re very good at messing around. Yeah and the battery will run out if we mess around too much. We’ve got a list, which she’s now making sure you can hear by
banging it against the microphone. Okay, well first of all we didn’t choose to
homestead, we we fell into it really, didn’t we? Yeah, we were looking for a house, we’d
been living together for a period of time, two and a half to three years, whatever it was,
in a rented house which they, sort of, kept saying they might sell and it was
costing stupid amount of money in rent and we had some big life changes
including, actually me being made redundant and Liz walking out of her job!
But hey, but we got into a situation where we could actually afford to buy a
house for various reasons. And we were actually looking for quite a while
before we had the money and we were very definitely wanting a place in a village
with facilities, with shops, detached, it had to be detached and it had to have walking
distance to the shops, and have public transport links and it had have a
medium-sized garden so that Liz could do a bit of fruit and veg and you know blah
blah blah. And then we came and looked at this place. And everything changed. We drove down and Liz wanted to buy it
before we even got through the gate, because she’s an impulsive little whatsit
sometimes. And I mean, yeah it was stunning. When we arrived we looked
around, it was a beautiful day a couple of years ago. It’s not anymore. It’s even more stunning
now. It is, you’re right! And I insist that we actually came back and had a second
viewing before we put an offer in, because first viewing, yes you fall in
love with the place, second view you go and find out all things you don’t like
about it. And we did find some things we didn’t like about it, but not enough not
to buy it, so we bought it and of course, it came with 3/4 of an acre of paddock.
And so when we were in the interim, between putting the offer in and
actually moving in, which lasted a bit longer than it should have done, again for
assorted reasons, Liz started planning to grow a few of veg and a
couple of… it was going to be two three beds of veg and a couple of beds of
fruit, wasn’t it? Yup. And maybe have a couple of chickens.
And then thought ‘but we’ve got all of that space, might as well use it.’ So she ended up with
this huge, I don’t know where it is now, but she ended up this massive great
piece of paper which filled the living room in the old house, filled the
floor there. With the whole thing plotted out of, you know, 300 fruit beds and 7,000
vegetables plots. He exaggerates a little, but only a little. donkeys and pigs
and geese, yuk, and all the rest of it and fundamentally actually, that is
what we’ve done gradually, yeah. it’s happened. So yeah we did it by
accident rather than by design. Yes So our number two reason for
homesteading is health reasons. Now in yesterday’s vlog I talked about
some physical and some mental health issues that I’m struggling
with. Since I’ve known Liz, she has, as she explained in the vlog, she’s had her
health issues. And one thing that is very important there is have a project. So
when we were first together she would have a project for a period of
time, but then it ended and then I’d see a dip in her mental health levels. This
is a project that doesn’t stop so whenever she’s feeling a bit ‘ I can’t
be bothered’, I give her a kick up the bum. That’s my job and and then, you know,
she has to get on with it because that is the nature of running a smallholding.
you need to go out and look after the animals you need to go out in all
weathers and, yeah, pin things back down or dig things. Rescue stuff that’s been
blown across the field and things. Yeah but it’s been very good for
her mental health, and actually for your physical health as well. Yes, yes it has, and so this lifestyle the ability to produce our own food has had
a really positive impact on our health, would you not agree?
Yeah and also because we’re no longer… and a lot of these reasons are
interlinked, we’ll be talking about the same thing so apologies for that… but a lot
of the fact that we don’t have to pay a ridiculous mortgage or a
ridiculous amount of rent, so we don’t have to we don’t have to fund that, we
have to fund someone else’s income by paying that amount of rent, which, from
a health perspective, means a much less stress and also that means that in order
to pay the bits we have to pay. you know, council tax and insurance and utility
bills, I can now work part-time and that’s been good for me, because it means
I’ve got things I can do elsewhere, you know, with the rest of my time. Speaking of which, that leads into number three which is the odd
yeah because time is the biggest most valuable resource you’ve got yeah
absolutely so much more our time is ours to decide what we want to do with it and
our children are grown up and left home and have children of their own so
although we have grandparenting duties every now and then and the hardly duties
are though they’re great server room and they it does mean we lot of time for
ourselves which means that we can not only can I’ve been finding the
smallholding I can spend time doing my other hobbies and mr. J works part-time
there’s some stuff on the smallholding and and also can do your hobbies yeah
actually I’m an ama I’ve been radio presenting for more years than I care to
admit I speak coming up to 40 years actually
agree and I now present a couple of programs on a variety of internet radio
stations every week so I’ve got time to prepare those and record those and send
them off and deal with publicity about them and I’m also helping a couple of
other people by producing their shows because they don’t have the kit to do it
and I know what I’m doing you’d speak with of the razor blade and
splicing tape you know back in the elbows so yeah I’ve got time to do that
without it meaning burning the candle at both ends
yeah that’s really important to us right which is very important I’m looking out
there and producing our own food and has has an impact on our next on our next
thing which is our control over our intake and so this is what we’re eating
and had just how we’re consuming and so yeah we can go on comedy yes no we can’t
go her in coffee did so yes so we find that there’s a definite improvement in
both of our health actually since we’ve been and since we’ve been growing and
eating organically and that includes our as much of our fruits we can most of our
own veg but certainly all of it and our own meat
so we we’re eating our chickens and ducks but we’re having to buy in and all
the things that we can’t grow so yeah and some of that is done through you
know through me earning a living and through selling various bits and pieces
and some of it’s on a trade basis yeah we’ve you know we swap bits four bits
there’s nothing on what a bit of bartering but also because of being
involved with a small holding fraternity we’ve also got to know people who are
raising organic meat of other varieties than we do so we can buy some from their
more barter with them yeah so it’s definitely improved things okay and some
number where are we number five on our list is and because we like a challenge
so yes there’s been a very steep learning curve this to say the least and
I grew up in the countryside and you spent a lot of your more teenage years
in the countryside number no you grew up in the countryside I didn’t move to the
countryside until I was 18 and then I left as quickly as I could and I came
back when I was 21 and decided London was just too noisy and too smelly okay
so we both spent some time in the country but not in a rural life like
this one and and some of us have spent more time living in an urban environment
than others and city boy Munich and so so though
we’ve got some we have some basic DIY skills and our garden for the last 30
something years and I have those skills but I haven’t seen the chicken clothes
up until well until those one arrives actually and could you yes holiday on a
chicken phone got it this place doesn’t smile a little bit as
much good I am you sure yes I haven’t gone noseblind you’re alright so yes so
there’s that masses of skills that we have had to learn and we’ve learned them
really quickly and then we discover actually to be fair because there’s a
lot of things that you talked about the DIY skills are things I haven’t done for
25 years and the first time you try and chisel something ours goes completely
wrong but then I think no I know where I went wrong there should have got someone
else today yes so yes it’s been it’s been a really good challenge in terms of
learning new things and softs been challenging in its challenged our
patience it’s charged one of our patients is anyway what happened only
pager retired from medical interviews and yes so it’s it’s challenged our our
endurance and our patients and our skill levels but most were still alive and and
it actually to know is challenged our relationship a few times doesn’t it for
years and and I think I’m hoping he’s going to note on I say this I think
actually it’s made us stronger as a couple I think it’s made of stronger
ascent so a couple of what I can because like okay okay where
what’s filling here number six independence ah as well
independence from each other it gives us a bit of space hmm I mean yeah well
that’s very important in any relationship is that you actually have
space to be yourself as well as being you know space to being part of us as
much as we have just become the Howard and Hildur of Wellington boots and you
know we’re not we’re not two peas from the same pod we’re two different people
we have different interests and it’s like my mum used to say about her and my
dad they rub along very well they rubbed along very well and they love with us
and they you know they start off at the same point in the morning and they
diverge as the day went along doing their different things and eventually
the tracks came back together and they end up in the same place yeah so it’s
been yeah been good for that and number seven is wealth or a lakh barrels bring
out the begging bowl okay when we when we bought this place we put just about
our every last bean into buying it and we chose time being a more valuable
resource than hard cash so we don’t necessarily measure our wealth in how
much is in the bank that other people’s it by other people to here and but but
we are as you said in you know we’re we’re rich in in numerous other ways
that are necessary in monetary and this lifestyle supports all of those number
eight security – no rent if you don’t have to pay rent
we don’t have the risk of if you know if I get laid off from this particular job
which I hope I don’t by the way boss if you’re watching I don’t have to then see
how good grief I can’t can’t pay the rent we’re going to get kicked out or I
can’t play them all bitch we’re going to lose the house and that is a massive
weight off the shoulders yeah so that’s actually it’s one of the
biggest biggest things about this place is that we have that security yes of
tenure it was it was horrid in our on our previous home because the nun lady
did make it really clear that she would be putting the place on the market at
some point and as I was getting more and more ale and the thought that we would
have to just pack up in the middle of all that was would we do away and in the
end that’s exactly what we did but we’d already got somewhere and we had that we
had a month of of notice period to actually move out while they were doing
big work to the house so they could say yeah number nine a heritage yes because
where none of us as young as we used this place was a small holding it was
set up as a small holding in the 1930s and originally came with ten acres which
is now privately rented not probably rented rented by the council and no
longer part of our land unfortunately probably just as well actually we
because it would be too much for us to manage any so there was an element when
we were first thinking about growing our own fruit veg and a couple of chickens
and maybe maybe add a call to although of bringing bringing this back into what
it was set up for which was to sustain life sustained scene of grow fruit
invasion and and and be a livelihood for somebody and
to an extent is your livelihood so that’s I’m sports Hills yes so that is
the heritage element of it would this place was it small holding it become a
paddock for animals which is great absolutely wonderfully was that he was
doing the job and it was well looked after and the house was amazing but
putting it back to to use as a working living smallholding was something that
felt by the right thing to doing it did number-10 environment power to the
people of the town to the planet both of us but most especially mr. Jay has a wee
strong feeling that we should be doing everything we can to support and protect
our environment so not not just not just in this house and not just our immediate
grounds but on a wider level and everything that we can do here that will
promote and support and do our bit I has got to help yeah I mean if we can reduce
the food – that’s good if we can reduce our reliance on fossil
fuels that’s good I spent a long time promoting
alternatives to car transport and you have people being more environmentally
friendly and one of the wines I used to users you know we’re not beating me over
the who are the let whether lettuce and saying don’t use your car sell it but do
you actually have to drive 300 yards down the shop to buying the milk and
that’s the thing is we can all do a little bit and all those little bits add
up and if we can all make things a little bit better around us then
gradually it there’s the whole ripple effect
and those ripples become waves yep absolutely
so there we go and the number 11 do you give her something to blog about another
project so yeah those are 10 stroke 11 reasons for homesteading and we’re not
going to nominate anyone in particular what we are going to do is say to any of
our friends if you would also like to share your reasons for homesteading we’d
really like to hear them Oh open that’s not on fine master what
you need to sit forward – it’s like so that you look bigger they see you’ve
done it again you sat backwards Lyra so you look faster arrive at thinner
I can’t look fatter can you move your chair for decided that yeah see that sliding you yeah it’s been in a like me
an orchid silence

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